An Explanation Of The Truth For Spiritual Development And Healing | Quantum Physics Explained

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An Explanation Of The Truth

This is the explanation of the truth, for spiritual development and healing.

For those seeking spiritual development; this information is the science behind God / Unitive Consciousness / Love / Universe / Energy.  (All these words mean the same thing. You are god, you are one with everything else, you are consciousness, consciousness is at the ground of all being, both mind and matter. You pick the word you like the most, for me I like unitive consciousness.)  Science first separated us from unitive consciousness and now we have proven that old science to be wrong, this new understanding of science proves what we have all known, it proves our connection.  By learning the truth, if you are under the illusion of disconnection, you will be reconnected.  You will find all the answers to the universe, without a doubt.

For those seeking healing; I provide an explanation of the truth, an understanding of your connection (your spiritual development), information on specifically how quantum healing works from a scientific point of view with years of research to back it up and 1,2 or 3 quantum healing sessions.  Healing is done by intention and reconnecting to the quantum energy field or zero point field, where the information to maintain health is stored.  This is what we do in the quantum healing sessions.  Connection and Intention from yourself or a healer creates health – improved order – Illness is a disturbance in the quantum fluctuations of an individual. Healing is a matter of reprogramming individual quantum fluctuations to operate more coherently. Healing is also seen as providing information to return the system to stability. Healing and reconnection are done by quantum healing sessions and by knowing the truth. The truth is that we are all one consciousness. Consciousness is at the ground of all being, the ground of both matter and mind (both of which are possibilities of consciousness) we are the whole, we have never been separate. Separateness is an illusion, disease is an illusion. Empowered with the truth you can choose wellness over illness, wholeness over separateness.


An Explanation of the Truth

Contents Page

Divided Into Sections

Section #

1. Introduction

2. Spiritual Development

and for those also seeking healing and/or information, an understanding of how it works, an in depth look at quantum physics and a strategy for positive health…

3. A big picture view of all types of medicine.

4. Five bodies of consciousness

5. Integral Medicine – A paradigm shift in medicine

6. Quantum Physics – A view of the truth, quantum thinking.

7. Quantum Physics – Gifts to medicine; downward causation, discontinuity, and non locality.

8. Tangled Hierarchy.

9. Creative Insight – A quantum leap

10. Quantum Gifts to Medicine, Health and Healing Summary

11. Tantra, Transcendence to the Universal (Quantum) Self

12. Chakra Medicine

13. Quantum Mind Body Medicine

14. Quantum Healing

15. Visualizations

16. Quantum Insight

17. Creativity Process

18. Quantum Healing and Vital Body Disease

19. Unconditional Love + the supramental body

20. Strategy for Positive Health

21. Healing Sessions 1, 2 or 3

22. Healing Session notes

23. Quantum Leap, you acceptance of healing and closing thoughts.


Section 1.


The revolution has started, at the frontier of science are new ideas that challenges everything we have been told about how we define ourselves and how the world works.  Science that proves what religion has always stated, we are more than just flesh and bones.  For a number of decades years respected scientists have been carrying out well-designed, experiments whose results challenge current biology and physics. These experiments lay the foundation of our new understanding of how the universe works with one central organizing force that shapes our bodies and the rest of the cosmos.

These discoveries show that at our most elemental, we are not a chemical reaction, but an energetic charge.  All living things are a coalescence of energy in a field of energy connected to everything in our universe.  This energy field is the engine of our being and our consciousness.

This field of consciousness is responsible for our minds highest functions, the information source that governs the growth of our bodies and is a blueprint of the world for all time, past, present and future.  The field is the force (as star wars put it) that must be tapped into to heal. The only fundamental truth, is our relationship with it.  The only reality is the field of consciousness.

Prior to this revolution, biology and physics have been forged by views of Isaac Newton – the father of classical physics.   Everything we believe about our world and our place in it takes its ideas from ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Newton’s views from the 17th Century.  They form the backbone of modern science and conventional medicine.  Theories that state that all elements of the universe are self contained and separate from each other.  These views created a world of separateness, Newton described a material world in which individual particles of matter followed certain laws of motion through space and time – the universe as a machine.  This law abiding world was a lonely and desolate place.

Newton had removed God and life from the world of matter, and us and our consciousness from the center of our world.  Newton’s vision tore us out from the fabric of the universe.

Enter Charles Darwin and our self image grew even bleaker with the theory of evolution, a life of random, predatory, purposeless and solitary.  You are no more than an evolutionary accident.

These theories led to a technological mastery of our universe but on a spiritual and metaphysical level, they have led to the most desperate and brutal sense of isolation.  They have not got us any closer to understanding of our being, how we think, how life begins, why we get ill, how a single cell turns into a fully formed person, or even what happens to human consciousness when we die.

This world view of the separate is now being put in the trash where it belongs with the discovery of quantum physics and the zero point field. When the pioneers of quantum physics, in the early part of the 20th Century looked into the very heart of matter, they found that the tiniest bits of matter weren’t even matter, not even a set something, sometimes one thing and sometimes something different.  Even stranger they were often many possible things all at the same time. Most significantly these subatomic particles had no meaning in isolation, but only in a relationship with everything else. The universe is a dynamic web of interconnection.  Things once in contact remained always in contact through all space and time. If electrons were connected everywhere at once, this implied something profound about the universe.

In the early days of quantum physics all the loose strands were never tied up into a coherent theory.  Quantum physics was reduced to an extremely successful tool of technology, vital for making bombs and electronics. The philosophical implications were ignored.

Until a small band of scientists wanted a better answer to many of the larger questions.  Several thought about a few equations that had always been subtracted out in quantum physics  The Zero Point Field – an ocean of microscopic vibrations in the space between things.  If the Zero Point Field were included in our conception of the most fundamental nature of matter, they realized, the very underpinning of our universe was a heaving sea of energy – one vast quantum field, where everything is connected to everything else.

Human beings (as they discovered) like all living things are packets of quantum energy constantly exchanging information with this inexhaustible energy sea. The most crucial aspect of biological process was the weak radiation that living things emitted. Information about all aspects of life, from cellular communication to the vast array of controls of DNA, was relayed through an information exchange on the quantum level.  Thinking, feeling – every higher cognitive function – had to do with quantum information pulsing simultaneously through our brains and body. Human perception occurred because of interactions between the subatomic particles of our brains and the quantum energy sea.  We literally resonate with our world.

These discoveries challenged the most basic laws of biology and classical physics.  What was discovered was the key to all information processing and exchange in our world, from the communication between cells to perception of the world at large. These discoveries gave answers to some of the most profound questions in biology, about the very key to life itself.

This science has proven the existence of the life force flowing through the universe – the collective consciousness – the holy spirit.  This proved the effectiveness of alternative medicine, prayer (or positive intention to heal) and the existence of life after death.  This science is the science of religion.

Unlike the world view of Newton and Darwin, these discoveries are life-enhancing, that can empower us with the implications of order and control. We are not simply accidents of nature.  There is purpose and unity to our world and our place in it.  We have an important say in it. Human beings are not separate from each other. We can take back our rightful place, in the center of our world.

It is time to dismiss the teachings of classical physics and biology, namely:

The human being is a survival machine largely powered by chemicals and genetic coding.

The brain is a discrete organ and the home of consciousness, which is also largely driven by chemistry – the communication of cells and the coding of DNA.

Man is essentially isolated from his world, and his mind is isolated from his body.

Time and space are finite, universal orders.

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light.

These ideas, the bedrocks of physics and biology – what conventional society is based upon, are wrong.  Here is the correct ideas;

The communication of the world did not occur in the visible realm of Newton, but in the subatomic world of Werner Heisenberg.

Cells and DNA communicate through frequencies.

The brain perceived and made its own record of the world in pulsating waves.

A substructure underpins the universe that is essentially a recording medium of everything, providing a means for everything to communicate with everything else.

People are indivisible from their environment.  Living consciousness is not an isolated entity.  It increases order in the rest of the world.

The consciousness of human beings has incredible powers, to heal ourselves, to heal the world – to make it as we wish it to be.

We are far more impressive than evolutionary happenstance or genetic survival machines.  There is a unified intelligence that is far grander than Darwin or Newton had imagined, a process that is not random or chaotic, but intelligent and purposeful.  A dynamic flow of life, order triumphed.

Science no longer reduced us our lowest common denominator.  It now helps us take a final evolutionary step in our own history by at last understanding ourselves in all our potential.

In this discussion and healing sessions, I will help you re-connect to the wholeness.  To find the truth.  I will educate you on how to take a quantum leap and choose wellness.  I will explain the science, how it works and how thought manifests reality.  We will look at quantum physics compared to conventional physics and explain why a paradigm shift in thinking is needed both in medicine and the world at large.  I will explain the concept of Integral Medicine – one that includes all types of medicine  I will also provide a strategy for positive health.  For those seeking healing I will follow this discussion with the first quantum healing session.  All of this will initiate your healing process and assist you in your quantum leap.


Section  2.

Spiritual Development

(this section is still under construction)

Universe means One

Holy means whole, connecting to the holy spirit is to feel your connection…

Touch the hand of God – Phi Ratio


Section 3.

All of the Different Types of Medicine

By taking a look at all the types of medicine we are able to see the big picture.  Once known we will be able to facilitate a paradigm shift in medicine by implementing an integral approach.


Conventional medicine with a materialism foundation.  Based upon the premise that disease is due to either; external toxic agents, (bacteria/viruses) or to the mechanical malfunctioning of an internal organ of the physical body.

In allopathy, cure is affected mainly by treating the symptoms of disease until they disappear, via drugs, surgery or energy radiation.

Conventional medicine is based upon classical physics (explained in section 6) and upward causation theory:





Cells (including neurons)






Elementary Particles and their Interactions


Alternative to conventional medicine, (non-conventional), can be divided into 3 categories:

1. Mind over Body

2. Life Force

3 Non Physical Spirit

1. Mind over Body

Mind (not brain) Medicine.  Mind causes disease and mind heals; for example, mental stress – cure is to correct the problem with the mind, so that it will correct the physical.

2. Life Force

Life force is the causal agent behind healing.  Subtle (quantum) energy is not a bi-product of material chemistry.  Instead it is the movement of a vital world. (subtle/vital energy)

Chinese and Indian medicine fall into this category.  The Chinese view is disease is due to imbalances in the patterns of energy (Chi-life force).  Acupuncture corrects Chi flow imbalances.  Herbs are also used.

Indian medicine is Ayurveda.  Disease is caused by deviations in Doshas, taking the body away from its base levels.  Massage, herbs and cleansing techniques affect cure.

Homeopathy is the concept that like cures like.  Cure is administered in much diluted forms.  So diluted that there is no physical presence of the substance being administered.  It is the essence or energy force that is important, not the potency.

3. Non-Physical Spirit, Quantum healing.

Non-physical spirit (god, unitive consciousness) healing is affected by tapping into consciousness, the field, the quantum energy, the unlimited ground of all being, with unlimited possibilities to choose from and allowing consciousness to heal.  This can be done in 2 ways;

1. Self Healing: Where you are the only one involved,  and

2. Other Person Healing:  Healing with you and another (healer).  This is the type of healing that I do.


Now that we have seen all of the types of medicine, lets look at the Human Five Bodies of Consciousness.  We take a look a all of the aspects of ourselves to better understand the need for an integral approach to medicine that addresses each of the five bodies.  We will then look specifically at the concept of Integral Medicine.


Section 4

The Five Bodies Of Consciousness

The Physical – Hardware, where representations are made by the subtler bodies.

The Vital – Carries blueprints of biological functions, that are then represented in the physical as different organs.

The Mental – Which gives meaning to the vital and the physical of which the brain makes representations.

The Supramental Intellect – Which provides contexts for mental meaning and the vital functions and associated feelings, and the laws of physical movement.

The Bliss Body (Spiritual) – The quantum self. Unlimited ground of being, with unlimited possibilities, in which the other four compartments exert progressive limitations.


Section 5.

Integral Medicine

Integral medicine is based upon a paradigm that most diseases occur simultaneously in more than one of the five bodies of consciousness.  However disease may originate in one level and spread to the other levels.

The goal of integral medicine is not to treat disease by treating one level only (the material) as in allopathy, but to target as necessary, all of the movements of all five bodies of consciousness as the field of healing.

Specifically, both the mind and the vital energies are accepted as places where disease can originate and healing may take place.  Healing at a higher plane of consciousness heals the lower planes automatically, although it takes time.

Naturally the crude and invasive techniques of the physical body medicine, at least in part, (where time is not of immediate importance, e.g. emergency surgery) give way to subtler techniques.

In Integral Medicine; Illness and disease are clearly distinguished from each other.  The idea of self healing is accepted as part of the potency of downward causation (discussed later in section 7) of consciousness.  Other healing is accommodated as an example of non-locality (also discussed in section 7).  Physicians, become co-healers with the patient (discussed in section 8, tangled hierarchy) as it is understood that their intention can affect their patients outcome.  This is the concept of Integral Medicine.


Now it is time to look at the science of the truth, the science of consciousness, Quantum Physics.  We will also look at all aspects of integral medicine are proven using Quantum Physics.


Section 6

Quantum Physics

A view of the truth, quantum thinking

There are 2 types of Physics; Classical or conventional and Quantum Physics.

1. Classical Physics:

All movements are material movements and are determined by physical laws and the initial values of position and velocity of the material objects concerned.

All interactions are local – coming from the vicinity with help of signals traveling through space and taking a certain amount of time.

All movements are continuous.

2. Quantum Physics

The word Quantum when related to physics is defined as discrete quantity.

In quantum physics objects are described as waves of possibility that can be at two or more places at once.  Where it will manifest is not determined by any physical law or algorithm.

In quantum physics objects, unlike classical physics, there are non-local connections that allow signal-less instantaneous communication to exist in addition to local connections.

Discontinuous “quantum leaps” are allowed in addition to continuous movement.

Quantum Collapse: Objects are calculated as waves of possibilities. It is observation by an observer that precipitates a definite event out of the various possibilities.  Thus the visionary window opens: the possibilities are possibilities of consciousness to choose from:  when consciousness chooses an actual event, consisting of a subject looking at an object precipitates collapse.  Simply put – quantum collapse means the change from possibility into actuality.

Consciousness is a the ground of all being.  Material possibilities are possibilities of consciousness itself.  They are not outside consciousness, not separate from consciousness.  When consciousness converts these possibilities in a collapse event of actual experience, some of the possibilities are collapsed as physical and some as mental.

Consciousness is seen as the mediator between mind and body.  And now room is made for mind body healing and other person healing (healing practitioner using non-local connections) in which a proper role is given to consciousness (the causal agent of downward causation) and to mind (from which meaning comes) in relation to the physical body and its healing.


Section 7

Three Gifts of Quantum Physics

1. Downward Causation

2. Non Locality

3. Discontinuity

1. Downward Causation

Conventional medicine is based upon upward causation (as discussed in section 3, elementary particles > atoms > molecules > cells and neurons > brain > consciousness). Quantum physics is based upon Downward Causation. Placing consciousness at the ground (start) of all being, instead of at the end as in upward causation. Quantum objects are waves of possibility, spreading out (not in space-time) but in the realm of possibilities (potentia). When we look (make a measurement) the wave of possibility collapses, what was spread out before (in possibility) becomes localized in actuality as a space time event, what was many faceted in potentia takes on one manifested facet.

1. A quantum object expands as a wave of possibility when nobody looks.  This movement is continuous and is determined by quantum math.

2. When we look, the possibility wave discontinuously collapses. This discontinuous movement is acausual and is not determined by math or algorithms.

The event of collapse of the waves of possibility are the results of conscious choice, downward causation. The choice of downward causation is free, unpredictable.  Due to elementary particle interactions gives us possibilities; it takes non-material consciousness to cause collapse, to choose actuality from possibility.  The collapse is the causal power of downward causation.

2. Discontinuity

An electron (for example), orbiting an atomic nucleus, (like the planets orbiting the sun) is continuous.  Discontinuous movement is one electron jumping from one atomic orbit to another.  The electron never going through the intervening space.  It disappears from one orbit and re appears in the other.  This is called a Quantum Leap. Quantum objects are superposition’s of possibility waves, which develop in time in 2 ways (as noted previously) continuous until measured, they collapse (downward causation) discontinuously, from spread out wave to localized particle, from multifaceted to one faceted all in one spontaneous acausual step.

Brain and Mind:  When consciousness simultaneously collapses; the brain and the mind, first the brain makes a map or representation of the mental meaning.

Consciousness and its possibilities of mental meaning and those of the material brain


Quantum Collapse

/                          ..

Manifest Mental Meaning           Manifest Brain Representation of mental meaning


Vital and physical bodies:  When consciousness simultaneously collapses; the vital and physical bodies, the physical makes representations of the vital morphogenetic fields, which themselves correspond to specific vital functions, these representations are the various organs in our physical body that carry out the particular vital functions associated with the vital blueprint.

Consciousness and its vital and physical possibilities


Quantum Collapse

/                         ..

Vital Body                       Physical Body

Vital blueprint of the organ and our feeling of it.           |           Physical organ at a chakra

As stated in the movie the secret, the law of attraction states that if you choose or think good, and feel good, the universe will provide good.

3. Non Locality

The theory of relativity states: all signals that communicate action from one body to another, must travel within the speed of light (300,000 kms per second).  Instant action at a distance cannot happen according to the theory of relativity.

Quantum collapse can be non-local and yet not violate the theory of relativity because it takes place outside of space time.  The possibility waves of 2 correlated parts of a system reside in the realm of potentia, outside space-time.  When they are connected, on collapse, the actual correlated events discontinuously manifest in space-time.

The quantum non-local connection lies outside of space time; this quantum connection leads us to a signal-less communication, and thus no violation of the theory of relativity is involved.

Distance healing- quantum objects can influence on another at a distance without exchanging signals, by virtue of their quantum non-local connection.

This is continued in page 2

Please see blog section;

An Explanation Of The Truth (page 2)

An Explanation Of The Truth (page 2)

Section 7 continued.

Psychophysical Parallelism

Consciousness contains four compartments of possibilities:

1. Intellect, 2.Vital, 3. Mental,  4.Physical

With quantum collapse:

Discontinuous non-local collapse

The possibilities manifest as the:

Supramental Intellect Body, Vital Body, Mental (mind) Body, and Material Body

Unlike upward causation (matter > consciousness) Consciousness is at the ground of all being. Matter, vital energies, mental meaning and supramental archetypes are all quantum possibilities of consciousness. We do not choose in the ordinary state of consciousness (ego), but in an non-ordinary state of consciousness, unitive, non-local, or cosmic consciousness, a state in which we experience ourselves as one with everything else.

In an event of a quantum collapse, what we experience as subject-object awareness, subject experiencing an object separate from it.  Past experiences can cloud our cosmic nature to an apparent individuality, the ego, via conditioning.

Here is some quantum yoga to bring you back to union (the meaning of the word yoga). This is great for mind, body and spirit:

Q.  How do we manifest our potential for downward causation? For example, how does 2 requests such as 2 people at a traffic light, wishing for a green, who gets priority?

A.  Unitive consciousness can choose objectively.  What’s best for future outcomes, who’s next in turn, who is in more of a hurry…etc. Because consciousness is one, universal.

The word universe actually means one.  To prove you are one with the universe, to prove you are made up of the stuff of the stars, to prove our connection with everything, to prove this to yourself, to touch the hand of god.  Take a look at your own hand and discover the phi ratio.

The phi ratio is 1 to 1.6.  If the first measurement represents 1, then the next will be 1.6 times its size.  Your tip of your finger, the first section is 1 then the next is 1.6, and if that one is 1 the next is 1.6.  Then look at your entire finger as one, the palm of your hand is 1.6.  The hand is 1 then the forearm is 1.6.  and so on.  All of our body is based upon the phi ratio.  Which makes a spiral mathematically, just like our heart, a spiral.  When you flush a toilet, spiral, whirlpools, tornadoes, you name it, all spirals. Wave patterns come in Phi ratios.  Plants grow in phi ratios. And to finally prove you are linked to our universe, the distance of each of the planets is  perfect phi ratio to the sun and to each other.  To touch the hand of god, imagine that the sun is at the tip of your finger, the first planet it the first joint, the second the second, and so on.  You can actually map out the universe to scale using your arm as a reference point.  Everything in our universe has the same formula.  We are all one, we are all connected.

The word universe means one.  The word consciousness is a singular, to which there is no plural.  Our individuality is an illusionary epiphenomenon of experience.

So can we choose health over disease?, Can we heal ourselves using the power of downward causation?, can we heal others using non-locality and intention?

Yes we can!.  Provided we develop the ability of transcending the ego and rising to unitive consciousness.

This is what we do in our quantum healing sessions.  You can do this too, by simply feeling for it.  Connecting to it.  You have already started the process by simply understanding how it works, the door is opening.

Healing is a choice. Even western conventional medicine accepts this concept.    In addition to choosing health, patients responsibly follow up with action of suitable lifestyle changes.  Choose to change your lifestyle to be a positive one from all aspects.  No stress, good nutrition and so on.  A positive social environment is also a must, thoughts radiate through the universe, positive only from this day forth!  A quantum leap!  Studies have been done on thoughts radiating into water, (video on ) clearly showing the effects of pure positive thought creating a beautiful structure in the water, and negative thoughts disrupting the water into chaos and disarray.  We are mostly water, so obviously these effects would have a great impact on our physical bodies.  Positive social environment from now on, that means family members are to surround you with positive thinking, movies you watch, what you read all must be of a positive nature.  Also don’t get caught up obsessing over your disease, by focusing on it you will bring more of it.  By taking a quantum leap away and never thinking about it again, you will be rid of it.

Taking Responsibility

You do the healing in addition.  Don’t just rely on others.  Become your own master.  Be.   The biggest untapped resource for a patient is their ability to heal themselves.

If you doubt the power you have is strong enough to heal, realize that disease is an illusion caused by your mind and body not at ease, your choice, in a negative way, this is something you are creating. Your power is creating it.  Know that positive power is 10 times stronger than negative. Simply choose to stop creating negative thoughts and choose to think positively, know that you can simply choose health, just switch your focus and believe in consciousness, become whole, reconnect.

The Law of Attraction States:

Choose good +

Feel Good =

Its all Good

To say:

I can be well again (Possible)

I will be well again (Probable)

I am well again (Being Well)

Take A Quantum leap In thinking


Section 8

Tangled Hierarchy

A new paradigm shift in medicine and a new paradigm shift in the doctor patient relationship is based upon tangled  hierarchy.

Tangled Hierarchy:  Before measurement (collapse), the object/stimulus and the observers brain must be represented by waves of possibility. Without the brain, there is no collapse, and  no awareness, no subject and no agent of downward causation; but without collapse, there is no actualized brain.  Therefore it is circular, co-dependant.

The experiencing subject and the experienced objects co-create one another.  The subject sees the object as separate from it.  (self reference) But it is only in appearance.  The truth is that consciousness creates both subject and object.  Both brain and object are collapsed in the same event.

The downside is that we don’t realize that our separateness is illusionary, arising from a tangled hierarchy in quantum measurement, quantum collapse.  Quantum measurement involving the brain is tangled hierarchy (simple hierarchy is one controlling the other, but not the other way around).  We gain the capacity for self-reference, the ability to see ourselves as a “self” experiencing the world as separate from us, but we loose the understanding of our connection, the true reality.

A healer practices tangled hierarchy in their relationship with their patients.  Both patient and healer, dictate and both listen.  Most conventional doctors do not.  They dictate and the patient listens.  The patient does not feel part of the process, which as discussed previously is leaving their biggest resource untapped, themselves.

Intention from both doctor and patient must be in alignment as they are connected a tangled hierarchy.  Intention heals.  The intention of the healer is as important as their medicine.  For example, a busy doctor who wishes his patient would cancel their appointment so they can take in 18 holes on the golf course, a doctor who doesn’t like a particular patient – a doctor that believes there is no hope for the patient – all these examples may have a very negative effect on the patient’s outcome. The most important treatment any doctor can give is to hope for the health and well being of the patient.

With a healing practitioner, you and the healer become a self referential unit.  This unit enables you together to take creative quantum leaps of healing.


Section 9

Creative Insight ( A Quantum Leap)

Creative insight is sudden and discontinuous.  A quantum leap, a discontinuous leap of thought without going through the intermediate steps.  Unconscious processing produces a multitude of possibilities; insight is the collapse of one of these possibilities (the new  one of value) to actuality.

Quantum healing is the result of connection to the quantum energy field, quantum leaping to unity consciousness, and a reprogramming of the quantum fluctuations of the patient by a creative quantum leap or by a healers downward causation facilitating the quantum leap.


Section 10

A Summary

Quantum Gifts to Medicine, Health and Healing

1. Quantum Physics allows us to understand all the disparate philosophies of the various schools of medicine.

2. Quantum Thinking enables us to develop a useful classification of disease and healing.

3. Quantum Physics shows clearly that we can choose between disease and healing.  We can exercise this choice once we get the hang of quantum leaping to unity consciousness, the quantum self.

4. Quantum Physics enables us to understand; spontaneous healing (instances of quantum creativity). Distant Healing  (quantum non-locality).  Self and other person healing along with spiritual healing ( as downward causation with pure intention).

5. Quantum Physics clarifies the role of allopathic medicine in integral healing.

6. Quantum Physics gives clear guidelines for the doctor patient relationship (tangled hierarchy).

7. Quantum Physics clarifies and explains eastern medicine, (Chinese and Indian), chakra medicine, homeopathy and mind body medicine.


Section 11

Tantra, Transcendence to the Universal Quantum Self

The goal of tantra is to transcend the ego-character to wake up to the universal self, (quantum self).  When this transition takes place at the vital level, the conditioned movement is redirected through a new channel, and the chakras open up along with the pathway of this new channel.  This is wholeness, the meaning of “holy” and the ultimate goal of healing and spiritual development.


Now we know this goal, and have an understanding of quantum physics, lets look further into how quantum physics relates to health and healing


Section 12.

Chakra Medicine

Chakras are points in the physical body where we feel our feelings, which are movements of vital energy at the chakras (which give you feelings).  Chakra medicine looks at health as normal movement of prana, and disease as abnormal movement of prana and its correlation at each of the chakras.  Excessive movement of energy, at a chakra or un-natural lack thereof, stagnancy or blockages.

Root Chakra: Constipation, piles, colitis, diarrhea

Sex Chakra:  Vaginitus, impotence, prostate disease, female reproductive  disease.

Navel Chakra:  Irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, peptic and gastric ulcer, liver disease, hiatal hernia.

Hear Chakra: Heart disease, immune system disease, cancer (because cancer cells are abnormal cells and should be eliminated by the immune system) (it can spread once developed and become related to other chakras).

Throat Chakra:  Thyroid over activity, or under activity, asthma, soar throat, ear disease.

Third Eye: Migraine and tension headaches, eye disease, sinusitis.

Crown Chakra:  Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, mind-brain disease such as depression or schizophrenia.

Chakra medicine consists of complementary: the treatment of the physical symptoms (through allopathy) and pranic imbalances (through, ayurveda, Chinese medicine, or homeopathy) with psychological work on the mindset and psychic healing through direct pranic infusion by a pranic healer to the affected chakras.

The quantum healing sessions I do, provide this pranic healing.  I can make specific attention to the related chakras that may be of concern.


Section 13

Quantum Mind-Body Medicine

Quantum mind body medicine is not a consequence of mind over body, but of consciousness over body.  Both mind and body are quantum possibilities of consciousness.

In an event of collapse of the waves of possibilities, consciousness uses the mind to give meaning to some of the physical actualities collapsed.  A part of the collapsed physical actualities (the brain) also makes a representation of the mental meaning. If the meaning of the mind gives for an otherwise meaning-neutral stimulus, is disharmonious, taking you away from ease, disease may result.  Dis-(the body not at )-ease.  Don’t let stimuli take you away from ease.

Consciousness too has the capacity to change the mental meaning, so healing is also within its purview.   This is called Mind-Body Healing.

Mind is a quantum system, there are 3 ways we can process our mind; 3 qualities of mind:

1. Fundamental Creativity: The ability for quantum leaping from known contexts of mental meaning.

2. Situational Creativity: The ability to create new meaning from a combination of known contexts.

3. Conditioning: Using known mental meaning.

How the mind causes or avoids disease:

How the mind reacts to stress producing agents determines whether their effects are going to be, adverse or otherwise.

Your mind affects your brain, with which it is correlated via consciousness.  Your brain is connected to your immune system via the movement of neuropeptides.  In this way, your mind, via the brain, can affect your immune system.

It is the conditioned you, who assigns meaning to stimuli and chooses to bury an unpleasant stimulus in your unconscious.  You have the choice to come out of the conditioned cocoon.  Choose to think, react and act differently to stimuli.  Your unconscious will follow.

Unpleasant thoughts trapped in your unconscious must be collapsed to move on and free the body from the vital imbalances. (can be done with quantum thinking, visualizations, and are often released in our healing sessions)

It is best to avoid the mentalization of feelings, putting meaning to feelings.

The best strategy for a healthy mind-body relationship is to see the positive side of everything.  Develop this and it will help you surrender the ego and make room for the quantum self.

(example the story of the Kings right hand man)

Quantum physics can easily explain the techniques of mind body medicine;

The power of positive thinking, hypnosis and biofeedback, releasing memory, chakra psychology, meditation, yoga, Christian science and faith healing.


Section 14.

Quantum Healing

1. Other Person Healing: Quantum nature of healing of a patient by another. Quantum Non-Locality.

2. Self Healing: Quantum nature of self healing. Quantum Leaps

“If a patient can promote the healing process from within, that would be the cure for cancer. ” Deepak Chopra

Healing is self discovery.  If the mind can discover that all disease is illusion, the healing would follow.

Fundamental in mind-body healing (again not brain healing) is downward causation:  A thought, an emotion, a belief initiates the healing process.  Be it coming from yourself and/or a healer.

The intermediatory is consciousness.  Both physical and mental objects are quantum possibilities within consciousness, then consciousness can simultaneously and non-locally collapse the possibilities of a correlated body and mind to create the actual event of its experience.

Consciousness simultaneously recognizes and chooses the context-changing thought of your self-healing (from all quantum possibilities) along with the brain state that has the new neuropeptide molecule that will initiate a communication to the immune or endocrine system, leading to a healing.

The Healing Power of Consciousness:

Consciousness has the pre-requisite wisdom (in it’s supramental compartment) the mechanism (choosing new context for mental processing of the meaning of emotions) for cure.

The memory of the field of consciousness has all the healing information, it also has the power to discover what is needed (the power of making the quantum leap of insight) and it has the power to manifest the insight, but unblocking vital feeling at the appropriate chakra, unblocking the vital program, and thus also unblocking the correlated physical organs which revives proper organ function.  A sort of reprogramming the system, a re-boot, to bring the quantum fluctuations into order, or coherence with the healthy quantum field.

Mind body healing requires creativity of mind.  Creativity is acausual but it is also true that engaging in the creative process in its four stages helps creative acts.

4 Stages of the Creative Process:

1. Preparation

2. Incubation

3. Insight

4. Manifestation with insight

We are already in the process in this discussion, and patients already have the mechanism for healing, which they need to discover and manifest.

Once you discover you will believe, and if you believe you will discover.

1. The first step then in such a creative question then is Preparation. Research disease, see how stress, lifestyle, rushing and hurrying, expression of emotions…. all things that take the body from ease, causing dis-ease.

The purpose of the preparation stage is to slow down the mind and to create an open, receptive mind, which is the essential first step towards any creativity.  (this discussion is part of the preparation stage)

2. The next stage: The patient try’s new (to them) techniques of mind body medicine.  In this stage of creativity we use unlearned stimuli to generate uncollapsed possibility waves of the mind and the supramental, we don’t choose among the possibilities. This is unconscious processing.  Processing without awareness.  The mental imagination of healing gives way to unconscious processing, opening an new vista of possibilities.  (again we are doing this in this discussion, by understanding it is possible and how it works, we open the possibility that it will work, a new vista of possibilities for consciousness to choose from) Soon a seemingly simple trigger precipitates the quantum leap of insight.

Simultaneously, the new supramental context and the mental gestalt that represents it, appear manifest in conscious awareness.

3. The insight leads to the corrective contextual shift in how the mind handles emotions.

4. Manifestation of the insight begins at once:  Freed from the shackles of menatalization, feelings and the vital blueprints become functional once again, leading (sometimes automatically) to healing at the correlated organ concerned.


Section 15


A visualization is a mental imagination of healing, (as just discussed).  Many patients such as cancer patients have successfully used quantum healing through visualizations.  This is a great way to initiate the creativity process for quantum leap.

One healer Adam, has written a series of very good books called dreamhealer on the subject of quantum holograms and visualizations.

One example of a persons visualizations:  After finding a mass on their thymus connecting to the aorta, this person spent a week at Carl Simonton’s healing center, (preparation stage), imagined sharks eating the cancer as recommended (incubation stage).  But towards the end of the week they had an extremely vivid, spontaneous vision that was not on the program (insight).  This person saw a mass on thymus as a piece of ice, that just started to melt in these big amazing drops.  They knew instantly the drops were tear drops. Through their whole life, stress, loss, they had never been able to cry (uncollapsed emotions).  Now they had the collapse needed, it was melting away the oppression they had been feeling.  The emotion was suddenly available – they felt powerful.  (manifestation with insight).  The mass was gone the next time they checked 4 months later.

Clearly the persons experience released the depression of the emotions accumulated throughout a lifetime. A sudden unexpected quantum leap.


Section 16

Quantum Insight

A spontaneous remission, in this way of looking at things, responds to creative insight, when we are able to choose the healing path out of myriad possibilities generated by unconscious processing.  The choosing is the work of unitive consciousness in its quantum self.

Spontaneous healing of cancer (for example) is caused by quantum insight.  To see the dynamic role insight plays – look deeper into what is involved in the cases of cancer and cure.  (preparation stage).

There is always pressure on the cells of our body to become malignant, a condition in which they don’t die at the expected time, do not stay in the same place, and in general do not conform to cellular laws of behavior.  But malignant cells are only the seeds of cancer, they do not represent cancer.

Malignant cells distinguish themselves by displaying abnormal antigens “not me” on their surface membranes.  So the immune system, who’s job it is to distinguish “me” and “not me” can recognize them and get rid of them.

Cancer becomes reality only when for some reason this normal immune system function is inadequate (due to physical or vital defect) or suppressed. (remember that disease is an illusion).  The spontaneous healing of cancer is due to the sudden onset (starting the process) of such a dynamic surge in the immune system activity.  That cancerous growth is gotten rid of within days or even hours.

For example: suppose the immune system inadequacy or suppression is due to faulty mental processing.  Excessive mentalization and intellectualism is taking its toll.  A quantum leap to the supramental is accompanies by a shift in the processing of mental meaning:  This frees the blockage of feelings at the heart chakra, this then can have the desired effect on the immune system, in the form of reactivating its vital program of getting rid of cancerous cells with such vigor as to effect very rapid healing.


Section 17


The final stage of the creative process of quantum healing is manifestation.  Manifestation is not complete with only the reactivation of vital blueprints (that are needed for the normal functioning of the organ/s involved).  After the remission has taken place, the patient has to bring to manifestation some of the lifestyle changes that are commensurate with the shift of context in the mental processing of feelings if the remission is to be stable and permanent.

Once unitive consciousness gives you a fresh start, be sure to honor it with continued movement away from your previous situation.


We have looked at Quantum Healing in general and Quantum healing, mind body, now lets look at:


Section 18

Quantum Healing

and Vital Body Disease

Once the vital functions are built into the physical body hardware, the organs, we forget the supramental contexts (the contexts of the vital functions) and the vital blueprints that are needed to make the programmed organs and keep them running.  When we deal with the conditioned programmed movements of a living organ, people can do this healthily without being aware of consciousness, the programmer.  But if something goes wrong with a program, we need to become aware of unitive consciousness.

There are 3 underlying causes for organ dysfunction:

1. The cause can be at the mental level

For example; Mental suppression of feelings at the heart chakra may cause the suppression of the immune system program and may cause cancer.  Cure: Quantum mind body healing.

2. The cause can be at the physical level.

A defect of the representation-making apparatus of the body.  Cure: Can be cured at the mental or vital levels by curing them first, which in turn effects change in the physical level.

3. The third possibility is that the vital blueprints, in our example, of the immune system programs, no longer work, because the contextual environment of the physical body has changed.  This we have to invoke new vital blueprints for the same vital functions for coping with the new context.

But for this we need the guidance of the supramental which is the reservoir of the laws of vital movement and vital functions.  There is a probability distribution full of healthy vital blueprints that consciousness can use to make a representation of the same vital function.  All of the healing information is stored in the field, by accessing this (as in our quantum healing sessions) we can allow consciousness to choose the correct vital blueprint out of all blueprints available.

We use the quantum leap of creativity to the supramental to choose a new vital blueprint to make form that fits the new context.  This new vital blueprint enables the creation of new programs to run the physical organ level or even the rebuilding of the organ itself to carry out the required vital function.

Quantum healing involves creativity of the vital body.  To create a plan of action for healing ourselves based upon this idea use the following creative process to take a diseased vital body from disease to healing:

Preparation is needed as many people do not have access to their vital body movements, let alone taking quantum leaps from the vital into the supramental.   (More rigorous preparation is needed than in mind body healing).

The purpose of the preparation stage of the creativity process in quantum healing of vital body disease is to develop purity of intention of healing (a burning question at the vital feeling level), to slow down the vital body, which has to heal, and to create an openness and receptivity towards feelings.

There are techniques of slowing down vital body energy flow, pranayama exercises developed in ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />India, tai chi movements from China, for example.

How do we open up at the feeling level of our being?  Through intimate relationships with burning questions. One such relationship is this one between you and I.  Being around someone who is open fully in these areas, is always a good thing, add our conversation regarding the truth, enlightenment of the truth, and the creativity process we are on in this discussion.  Quantum leaps are bound to happen.

At the next stage, the patients try various techniques (new to the patient) of vital body medicine:  Acupuncture, chakra medicine, other person (healer) healing, such as our quantum healing sessions, and homeopathy.   This is the state of unconscious processing in which we use unlearned stimuli to generate uncollapsed possibility waves, at the vital level and supramental (which guides the vital) levels, but we in our ego, don’t have the ability to choose among the possibilities.  That is why we get out of the way.  In my healing sessions I am simply a conduit, connecting you to the supramental consciousness field.  I have the intention to heal and request this from consciousness, which will choose between the possibilities.

We wait for the supramental intelligence to descend and create the same kind of revolution at the feeling level as the creative insight at the mental level does for mental thinking.  The net effect of the quantum leap, the revolution, will be coming into existence of new vital blueprints to help consciousness rebuild the diseased organ and programs for its carrying out of the vital functions.

Choose Good > Mental Level


Feel Good > Feeling (vital) Level


Its All Good > Quantum Leap, the supramental consciousness will provide it.


This is continued in page 3

Please see blog section;

An Explanation Of The Truth (page 3)

An Explanation Of The Truth (page 3)

Section 19

Unconditional Love and the Supramental Body

Unconditional love is a context, an archetype, that resides beyond the vital body and the mind, it is an element of the supramental body.

Developing unconditional love requires a quantum leap from the vital-mental into the supramental.

Love is the prime signature of supramental intelligence.  Supramental intelligence is a domain of consciousness containing the laws and archetypal contexts of physical, vital and mental movements.

Quantum leaps are an open doorway.  When one engages in a creative process or engages in the exploration of love within a tangled hierarchal relationship to foster, the quantum leaps to the supramental, then one is no longer at the doorway, one has entered the domain of the supramental intelligence.

And when these quantum leaps occur in an easy sort of way, without effort, as appropriate, one is established in supramental intelligence.

I am established in this domain, as you can be too.  You have the power, that is not in question.  The correct question for you is;

If you have a disease (your body not at ease), instead of giving it a negative meaning, can you give it a positive meaning?

Take responsibility for the disease and ask; why did I create this disease for myself?  What do I want to learn from it?  Consider it the first step to your healing, now that you are aware of it, rather than the first step to a negative outcome.

The Chinese character for crisis means both danger and opportunity.  In disease most people only see the danger – danger of suffering, or danger of even death.  Suppose instead that you see it as an opportunity to probe deeper into yourself,, into your supramental domain of consciousness.

Don’t just see the negative, if you do it will become your focus, and eventually will lead you down that path.  Instead take the opportunity to see the positive and focus on the positive, which, due to this focus, will become your path to positive health.

We must re-establish (re-connect) congruence.  So that the mind, the vital energies, and the physical representations act in  congruence.  How do we do this? = The Supramental Intelligence.

Search for supramental intelligence n the creativity of the vital-physical domain for the objective of spiritual growth, not just for healing.  Learn the truth, realize it, believe it, feel it, know it.

You a being of light

You are enlightened (knowing you are a being of light)

You know the truth, that we are all connected

You know the essence of spirituality, a perfect field of energy

You are connected

You are healed



The word healing has the same etymological root as “wholeness”.  Or Holy.  The holy spirit refers to unitive consciousness. Healing in the ultimate sense is achieving wholeness.  All suffering comes from ignorance, ultimately.  The ultimate disease, the root disease, is the illusory thinking that we are separate from the whole, (ignorance).

Most problems in today’s world are also caused by this illusion of separateness.  Truly enlightened beings are aware of our connectedness and act accordingly.  A we teach the truth, we lift others from ignorance both spiritually and in healing, which are one and the same.

To heal the disease of separateness is to realize that we are the whole, we have never been separate, that the separateness is an illusion.

After one has healed oneself thusly, one can heal others.

Healing and spiritual development is accomplished by knowing the truth.  That spiritual human is already perfect.  Know this and you are healed. You are well.


An Explanation Of The Truth (Page 4)

Section 20

A Strategy For Positive Health

Physical Body Health


>Nutrition – Vegetarianism


>A regular check up

Vital, Mental, Supramental and Bliss Body Health

>Avoid mental and vital pollution (avoid negative thoughts and emotions)

>Fresh food has more vital energy than stale food.

>Vegetarianism is best for both physical and vital body nutrition levels.  Eating the meat of an unhappy and fearful animal of negative vital energy (angry beef) can only bestow you with negative vital energy; anger, fear, lust, insecurity and competitiveness.

>Entertainment which provides laughter and joy is to be preferred.

>Hatha yoga postures and breathing exercises (pranayama)

>Tai Chi, Akido

>One or more of each should be engaged with a relaxed non hurried mind.

>Relax and slow down, paying attention to your inner space of vital energy is the objective.

>Mental body exercise is concentration (for example repeating a mantra)  This is something you can practice at work or do concentration meditation as in transcendental meditation.  Which can be tiring, you can alternatively try the ‘do-be-do-be…’ style.  This do-be-do style will get you in the flow experience of the quantum self, when quantum leaps to the supramental are likely to happen.

>This is the exercise of the supramental

>Flow meditation, practicing the presence of god (unitive consciousness) to gain enlightenment.

>Feel for it, stretch it, play with it.

>Do a body awareness.  Bring the energy down the body, then bring love energy to your heart, once you feel the energy in your heart, diffuse your attention (like, from focused eyes to soft eyes).

>Since our feelings are related to the functioning of the programs that run the organs, as the vital blueprints begin to run smoothly, there will be an unblocking of the feeling at the appropriate chakra, corresponding to what was once the diseased organ.

>This unblocking of feeling at a chakra comes with such force that it is called an opening of a chakra.  For example: if cancer at the vital level is healed this way, the heart chakra will open.  And indeed, this is like the samadhi or “ah-ha” experience of inner or outer (mental) creativity.  It is transformative.  If the heart chakra opens this way, your heart is open not only for romantic love but to universal compassion.

> The final stage of the creative process is manifestation.  As in mind-body healing, manifestation is not complete with only rebuilding of the physical representation (software) needed for proper functioning of the organs involved.  After remission takes place, the patient has to try to bring to manifestation the transformative universal compassion towards all.  Enlightenment is knowing the truth, seeing the light (seeing we are beings of light), knowing we are all one, connected and universal.

>When the supramental heeds your call and teaches you a new trick, trust the lesson, and try to live it all the time.

>Live in flow: let some of your attention go to peripheral activities going on around you, sounds, sights, let it become a flow between this and your soft attention at the heart (being).

>Worldly choices grab the attention from of all the chakras but never the heart.

>Live your life in flow.

>Be creative as it is important for your mind to not always process only those thoughts that everyone else is processing.

>For the bliss body, The best exercise is creative sleep.  For the lazy person just sleep.

>Being in the company of people with little or no separateness from the whole is very important if you are serious about good positive health.

>Eat a vegetarian diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables

>Drink plenty of water

>Do everything slowly

>Have a lot of relaxation time, including sleep

>Have creative enterprises in life

>Live life in the state of joy


>Think positively, feel good and it is all good.


Summary of our Discussion

You know the truth, that we are all one consciousness, and that consciousness is at the ground of both mind and matter.  We choose our reality and create it right before our eyes.  The power is, has been and always will be; within you to choose health and wholeness over separateness and disease.   Just remember you are whole.  You are one with the unitive consciousness.  You have already taken several quantum leaps, your mind has been expanded to understanding what scientists have been searching for years.  Take the necessary quantum leaps you  need to become whole and don’t look back, there is no need, you are perfect.

I have given this information to you so you may review it any time you wish.  I highly recommend you read the books outlined on my website. Specifically, The ..:namespace prefix = st1 ns = “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags” />Quantum Dr, The Field and the Reconnection. Which will go into greater detail, showing the specific scientific data behind all that I have discussed here with you today.

I bring this to you to heal and to provide you with the truth of the universe, for your own spiritual development.  I also provide quantum healing sessions, and can help you every step of the way on your journey to be healed and become whole, which is the ultimate goal of healing.  To reconnect.

You may contact me, refer my services and pass this information on to others.  (Please note that all information is copyrighted by the individual authors and any reproduction for the purpose of making money must be cleared through the individual publishers.)

Quantum Healing Session (page 5)

Quantum Healing

Session 1

These are my notes, the procedure I take in each healing session. They are listed here for you to understand what to expect, to remember what I was doing in our session, and for you to use to heal if you would like to.  Remember that this is simply one way to heal. The modality you use is not important, you could use energy work of any kind, prayer, pipe ceremonies, it does not matter, as long as your intention is to heal, and you ask for the assistance of a higher being, you will heal others.


·Offer healing to patient (silently or out loud)

·Healing is the choice of the supramental, it knows exactly what needs to be done, it has the required healing information.

·Request that consciousness provide a healing, request the quantum field access the information required for this persons healing, and provide it to them.

·The healing as it comes, in whatever form, is permission being granted, acceptance.  Accept the healing.

·Bringing light, giving information, teaching truth, reconnecting strands (DNA)

·Reconnecting Strings

·I am a master, enlightened and connected

·Reconnecting patients to the unitive consciousness, the quantum self.

·Connecting to the supramental for new vital blueprints for the vital body and new mental contexts for the mental body, initiating quantum leaps to health.

·Healing is reconnection to wholeness

·A removal of the block that is keeping the patient separate from the perfection of the universe.

·Healer is not in the way, step aside ego and connect, let the universe, the unitive consciousness do the healing.

·I am simply a conduit to allow the patient to connect with the unitive consciousness.  The unitive consciousness does the healing. It has the required information and can communicate it to the patient.

·Intention is to heal.

·Neither the patient or the healer have an attachment to outcome, client simply be happy, relax and observe.  Healer be happy, play listen, stretch, swirl whatever feels right.

·Remain childlike

·The world is my office, I can do the healing anywhere and from any distance.  From one to three feet (as in sessions where I am in the same room) to distance healing anywhere on the planet.

·Don’t interpret, don’t analyze, just be, and know that you carry the gift of healing, (we all do).

·Simply let the energy flow into them.

·Maintain a healthy state of detachment.

·Do not get into a major discussion of their specific illness, it will just provide unnecessary focus on the disease itself, rather than moving away from it toward health.

·This is not ongoing therapy > Healing can be instant, often in the first seconds of the first session. Some choose to have a second or third session, for their own benefits and enjoyment.  But no more than that is needed.

·The patient is comfortable, preferably laying on their back or sitting.

·Have them focus on relaxing and just being open and receptive.

·To notice their body and tell me what they noticed after the session.

·If there is something they really want to tell me (so they don’t have to focus on remembering it during the discussion) that is fine, I will jot it down but then keep going.

·Completely relax don’t worry about gas gurgles, they can be one of the registers.

·Activate hands

·Rub hands together then separate 1/2 inch, Nameste (we meet where we are all one)

·Amplify by opening arms to the canopy of the sky and invite the healing chi/energy/consciousness of the universe.

·Relax hands, focus attention, bring attention (energy) into hands,

·Start with a ping pong ball, then slinky, beach ball, then feel all over arms.

·Feel for it, feel it, stretch it, play with it,

·Circles, swirls pull, push

You have now activated your hands, (note. If you want to activate someone else’s hands to this energy, then at this point, simply place your hands about a foot apart with their hands between them.  Continue to play, stretch, swirl…  When they feel it, they have found it.  They are connected), now the your hands are activated, you can include another person in the flow of energy between you and the universe.

·Allow 1 foot to 3 feet on average, alternating between 3” and 3′.

·The further out the stronger, not the other way around.

·Moving along the body wherever you feel like, start wherever.

·When working specifically with the charkas start with the crown to root.



·There is no interference > every thing is connected > front or back.

·Do what feels right.

·Right hand senses, knows what left hand is doing (Connection point).

·Each hand independently flows and can be aware of what other hand is doing.

Listen with hands: May feel: Bubbles, water, sparkles, dryness/heat/cold/all 3. pulling, pushing, throbbing, electricity, magnetic attraction or repelling, air density changes, breezes (cool), expansion, space suit or air suit.

Watch for registers: REM, breathing changes, swallowing, tears, laughter, finger movement, head rotation, body movements, stomach gurgling.

·Let things take their course

·The patients interpretation of the session is not my responsibility

·Keep moving

·Omni directional connection points

·A multi-tiered, reciprocal, dynamic feed back system

·Interacting with patients – you are your instrument

·Get out of the way

·Transcend ego

·Remain in awe, be in the state of joy, be childlike

·Play, stretch, circles…while your interest is in that area.

·When interest changes > move on (when registers are present themselves, remain interested.)

When you feel the session is complete (most of the time aprox 45mins) Touch the patient on the third eye and say the session is complete.

Tell the patient to take their time to open their eyes but remain sitting or laying down.

Tell them I would like to ask the about their experience;

“What was your experience?”

“What do you recall?” > Keep to the facts, I felt this, I heard that

Let the patient talk, don’t ask leading questions

“What else do you recall about _________?”

When you have all the information about that ask

“What else do you recall?”

When you have all the answers for the patient to “what else” questions, then ask questions related to the five senses;

“Was there anything else you saw, heard, felt, smelled or tasted?

“Did you feel me actually touch you anywhere?” “If so please show me how and where”

Keep discussion on what they actually experienced in the session

Don’t get into an interpretation of what happened at this point.

Every second a patient spends on discussing interpretation, the patient can

forget something that actually occurred in the session.

Don’t share any of my stories at this point either.

Maintain a poker neutral expression to not lead the patient.

Write down all notes on the session note pages.

Client/Patient Information

Mr. Mrs. Ms





Condition Prior

1 Day after

1 Month after

3 Months

6 Months

1 Year

Session Notes

Session 1DateTime StartedTime Finished

During the session:


Things felt:


Post session feedback:

Session 2DateTime StartedTime Finished

During the session:


Things felt:

Post session feedback:

Session 3DateTime StartedTime Finished

During the session:


Things felt:


Post session feedback:

Session closing thoughts

By accepting your healing you are accepting the truth.

By accepting the truth you are accepting your healing

The truth is we are all whole, we are all connected

The truth = enlightenment = spiritual development = healing

We have never been separate

Dis-ease and separateness are an illusion

Your previous illusion, that is no more

You are connected

You have taken a quantum leap

You have been reconnected to the unitive consciousness,

You have been healed

New blueprints have been downloaded

Your physical representation will follow immediately, it will only take time.

Don’t look back

Don’t worry about slipping back because no one can take the truth away, now you know.

Move forward

Move in a positive direction

Stick to the strategy for healthy living

Follow up with lifestyle changes

Live, love and be happy

Live in the state of joy

Be well and whole

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