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Media and Violence

The media is responsible for contributing to the carnage that is present in today’s society. They do this in several ways:
Giving ideas: How to and how not to get caught, what to do, sick ideas that people may never have thought of…
Glamorizing those responsible and their crime: The only thing the news should report if they must reports something about a crime should be as follows: For example:
“A crime against humanity today occurred at 12:45 pm. Why do people still think it is acceptable to do such a crime? The person involved was arrested and appropriately punished; our thoughts go to the victims. We hope we do not have to ever report such a thing again.” And that should be it.
Reporting Propaganda: Allowing those in control to brainwash the masses by spreading lies about events. Even though it may be learned later that the person was lying and how could the media know, the point is they reported it and helped the person achieve the desired effect at the time.
Why does the Man do this, why does the evil corporations who control the media do this. For ratings and for money. At the top of the list in importance of newsworthy stories is murder. It sells and they want to report all the meaty details. Causing problems, but who cares, they make money.
Yet another example of money = evil

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