Article / Shift into conciousness of the now / Author of Truth 11

Deal with today NOW!

Shift into consciousness of the now.
Live in the now.
Act in the now and from now on always with every action, act in the now
Always choose an action that is in the good of all in the universe for the now and for the future
Make the right choice in the now and each time you are in the now, make the same choice
Dont put off your choice of, only good, ever. Dont ever put off the now.
Live and love in the now and protect the future nows by committing your every choice to being a positive one
Only good
– If we all choose correctly from now on
– It will instantly become our reality
– Choose only good and we will only have good
There are many beliefs and many religions, many languages and many colors of skin, but many believe in the same simple goals and principles. A common thread of happiness for them and their loved ones. If we globally choose to only do things that we will all benefit from. Everyone will achieve this goal.
There is only one sun, moon and earth we live on and immediately under. There is only so much water and one ozone – in our immediate lives – so all live as one, in peace under the same stars and on the same ground. Please.

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