Article / The Enslaved Human Race / Dylan Eleven

The Enslaved Human Race We are slaves to society, slaves to the few who control the society; the masses are sheep being herded by greedy evil people, who put themselves over the masses. We are slaves that are forced to work in jobs that most people hate, just to pay the bills of society, the taxes and unreasonable amounts for things are keeping us in slavery. Debt is one of the worst forms of slavery. They give you credit freely so you can buy the things you want, yet it ends up costing you double the amount for the items due to the interest charges. The banks and credit card companies are happy as they make money, but we become slaves to our possessions; the possessions end up possessing our time and energy. We have to work just to pay the debts, most dont reduce the debts they just pay the minimum and are forever enslaved to paying for their things. Your stuff owns you, not the other way around. Consumerism fueled by commercials keeps us buying and keeps us working to pay for things. Keeps us enslaved to our purchasing desires that are implanted in our heads by those selling the products. We are enslaved by consumerism. We are slaves to stuff.

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