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The meaning of life is not money
So why is it due to economic society we are forced to devote so much time and energy to it. If it is not what life is all about then why don’t we just do away with it. Throw caution to the wind and say fuck it. Every thing is free. And lets all spend our days and nights on this earth doing what we want and spend quality time on things like… our families. Etc.
The critics will come out of the woodwork and say, “ah yes but, then no one will want to work at jobs they dont like, who will run the McDonalds for 6 bucks an hour, it would be chaos”.
I say, that’s fucking right. Who wants to work that job anyway, the only difference is now we are forced to, to pay the MAN (government included) to build their nests.
Instead the use of money, some people having control over the few, you would have a society that if you wanted something – you would have to give something fair in return for it.
For example = if you want that house in the city, swap with yours by the beach to a guy looking to move to where you are now.
If you want someone to build you a car, you may have to cut his or his employees grass and shovel someones driveway for 5 years to get it.
He in turn who builds cars gets all his employees free services and goods for every thing they need.
It can work. The reason the simple way of fair barter and exchange is not used more today is not because it is wrong. Its because it is not good for the MAN.
The MAN, once again in my opinion represents anyone who puts profits over good, such as the government, the corporate world, and money hungry individuals that are in control of the MANY.
If the critics pipe up again and say “but if its all free, then everyone would only choose the best. The best food, the best medical service, the coolest, fastest and safest cars, parachutes on your airplane’s, no starvation…”
No shit…. that is what we all deserve anyway.
Money is the only thing stopping all of that becoming a reality for every living thing on this earth. And oh yes, not just for us, for every living thing on the planet. If it was not profitable to sell papers vs. people reading it online there would be more trees.
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Out of proportion incomes and excessive living standards

The few have high incomes and great living standards, so much so that it creates a void where the many must have less income and lower standards of living. How can one human being, live in a 10 million dollar house and another has no money to eat? Capitalism at its worst, but it is more than that. In order for one to excel over another, one must have more and the other less. Great voids have been created. Why are churches in Rome covered in gold, yet there are people starving in the streets. Where you see great wealth you will see great poverty. It needs to be rebalanced.
It has been capitalism vs. communism for years. But no one has looked at a combination of both. I suggest a minimum standard of living for every human on the planet, and the ability for those to make more if they want. A combination of communism and capitalism, on that does not allow the few to ruin life for the many. (See chapter 3 – Money less Society with entrepreneur spirit)

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