Article / Its all in the eyes / Dylan Eleven

We are beings of light.  The essence of who you are and what you are thinking is all in your eyes. You can simply look at a person right in the eyes and see what they are thinking at the time or get a first impression of them. You can tell if they are lying or recalling truth, you can tell if they are a positive person or the reverse. Some people don’t look you in they eyes, or avoid eye contact if at all possible.  If you look someone in the eyes it portrays confidence. I personally always look people in the eyes, no matter how far away they are.  You can even see a beam of light shooting from a persons eyes, enabling you to track their line of vision.  Have you ever walked into a room, have someone look at you, connect eyes and keep them connected. Feel that energy, some have to look away its so strong. All that you are, a being of light, is in your eyes.

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