Article / Tell the Truth / Dylan Eleven

Tell the Truth Every time you open your mouth Always, every time you open your mouth, tell the honest truth as clearly as you can explain it. When everyone knows the truth they can make good decisions and everything would be done based on it true merits. Nothing could be blamed, nothing cheated, no arguments, no complaints, its all good. Try it in every situation and see what I mean, tell your kids the real reason they have to go to bed at night, rest, parents own time, parents rest, …tell your boss exactly what you want, and what you will and wont do for it…… tell your sale which is the best for them and they will always buy from you…… We will all win if we treat people as you would like them to treat you. Nobody wants to be hurt, fucked over or ripped off….. tell them to fuck off if they want it to happen to do…. If you let people get over on you once, they will do it again…. tell the truth, and fix it. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR BULLSHIT Is the only way….. Tell the truth……fuck all conventional thinking.

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