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Black Book System The black book system assists people in understanding, planning and achieving their goals, in the most efficient and successful way. The whole system is written here, there are no tapes to buy and no classes to attend. The system is designed to download your thoughts to free your mind, brainstorm all the components of each equation to clearly see the forest for the trees, figure out the best formula for success, build a fluid plan that is the perfect approach for you, and implement it with ease. All with a built in daily reward system, that keeps you excited, committed and fully charged every step of the way. I have built this system over the past 15 years and have used it daily in business management and planning, portfolio and financial planning, economic and political planning and in every aspect of my personal life. The system works in 3 areas: 1. Brainstorm and download Brainstorm all of the components of the equation/s. Free up space in your mind by downloading your thoughts, which allows you to focus on each task at hand, rather than having to keep an eye on the big picture all the time. This makes multiple subjects and multiple tasks easy to manage. 2. Build your fluid plan When you can see the forest for the trees, all of the components downloaded in front of you, you can effectively plan your approach, monitor your activities and keep yourself on track. 3. Reward Activity The system embodies the concept of rewarding yourself for each step taken, rather than waiting for the end result to feel accomplishment. This is an important factor for your mental health, and will directly effect the level of your success, especially when taking on long term or seemingly difficult activities. Each component, each step, each activity is part of the whole, and although you may not have achieved the last part of the goal, you have taken the next step and checked off the next activity, something that should be rewarded. In fact you should feel the same reward as the end goal achievement would provide, simply because you will achieve that goal if you keep going like you are. Reward yourself for getting that part done. Such positive re-enforcement refreshes and refuels your mind. The next day you know you can start out with a full tank, a goal and the knowledge that you can achieve that goal today. The mind is clear, refreshed and can focus on each task with the same exuberance and vigor, from the first activity to the last. Life is all about the journey, not just where you end up. Everyone should enjoy the journey, every day, knowing you will get where you want to be, in fact you are there right now, because you are on the right track, so feel good right now.. You Can Do Anything The system also shows you that you can do any task, no matter how difficult or lengthy it may be. No matter how far fetched the end goal may seem to you, if you break it down into its components and attack each one individually, you can achieve anything, and I mean anything, let me illustrate this point: Question: Do you think that you could swim across the Atlantic Ocean? Most people would probably say: “No, that’s impossible, it’s too far”. Yet it is physically and mentally possible. The easy part is the physical; the harder part is the mental aspect of such a task. The secret to success is in how you break down the task and your focus on each component, rather than just the end goal. This is important for the physical side and essential for mental aspect. Let me explain how to swim across the Atlantic Ocean, physically and more importantly mentally; You start off at one side of the Atlantic ocean with a boat along side you, that stays by your side as you swim for the whole trip. The boat is filled with a few of your friends or family, and ton of supplies. You swim for however long you want to, an hour, two, five, whatever you feel like, and when you get tired, the boat stops, you get in and rest, eat, sleep, drink, chat with your friends, etc. When you are ready, you get back in to the Ocean and swim for however long you wish, and keep doing that all the way. That’s the easy part. The hard part would be the mental thought of swimming such a great distance if you focus on your end goal (the other side) the entire time only, and don’t reward yourself at all until you get there. Most people would go crazy. “Its so far, my goal, I can’t swim that far, its seems such a daunting task”. The key is to only focus on the next stage of the journey. You get into the water with the idea that you are going to swim for as long as you want, just a few hours, and that its what you focus on. When you complete that stage you reward yourself, you say “I did it, I completed my goal for today and I am happy in knowing that I am one step closer to my end goal”. This is the secret, this is how you should treat any goal, many of us do not reward ourselves until a goal has been completed. The problem with this is that it could be years until that goal has been completed. Many wait until retirement to reward themselves. Not a gratifying way to live your life, nor a healthy way. Life is about the journey, you need to break down your goals, reward yourself along the way, and enjoy the ride. The System Step 1. Black Book Purchase a plain black sketch book, hard cover, with nothing but plain pages inside. (You can change the book colour obviously, or just use plain paper… whatever, you wish, the idea is; blank pages kept together in one place. Step 2. Big Picture Brainstorming: At the beginning of the book, put your name in the middle of two open pages, circle it and then start thinking about all the things in your life that are important to you and write down the title of that subject, somewhere on the page around your circled name in the middle. . Things you want, things you don’t want, things you want to do, things you are doing, your job, your life partner, your kids, hobbies, finances, projects, vices, you name it, if it is in your life or you want it to be, put it down. Step 3 Subject Titles Pick one of the subject titles, and turn a few pages and write it in the middle of the first blank page. Leave a few pages and put another title, and keep going until every section of your life, has a space allocated for it. Step 4 Subject Brainstorming Around the subject title in the middle of the first page, start writing down everything you can think of about that subject. One title only for the thought. A pro, con, a thing to fix, likes, dislikes, ideas, to do’s, you name it, download all thoughts on the subject in title form. Step 5 Subject Titles Then start to organize that subject. Take a title that is surrounding your subject, and put it at the top of a blank page. For example: If the subject was Health and my thoughts were Exercise, Diet, Vices, Mental Health… etc. Take one; (Exercise) and put it at the top of a blank page, after the brainstorming page. Do this for all words around the subject. Now you have your name at the beginning of the book with all subjects that are related to you, written around it. With each subject broken down into all its components and each component at the top of a page. Now you can focus on that page. Step 6 Planning and implementation Start to organize and plan out your steps: For example: In the Health section, page title: Exercise 1. Build this plan 2. Get some books or look up exercise on the internet 3. Read the books / study the information 4. Research Gym’s 5. Look at alternatives 6. Join gym 7. Decide on an exercise plan 8. Go for the first time 9. Go for the second time and so on…. Step 7 Reward each step accomplished Don’t worry about how many activities you get done, pat yourself on the back and feel good that you did the activities in your plan today and that was your goal. The Key To Success The key to the success of this system is looking at it each and every day. Devote some time in the morning or evening, to review each section, reward yourself what has been done and decide upon your next step. Before you know it, you will have achieved your goals and were happy every step of the way. Be sure to evaluate your plan every so often, to make sure you are still on track and that you are on the right track

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