The Current Economic Crisis Is A Fake

By Dylan Eleven

The current economic crisis that’s being called a global financial catastrophic event is the end of a 100 year pyramid scheme by the fed.  It is the end of the fractional banking reserve model that is collapsing, as they knew it would from the day of inception, 97 years ago.  The politicians have put the gas peddle to the floor to bring about the financial collapse sooner than later with their recent bailout moves.  And they are using this event to put in place a global dictatorship.  The New World Order has been given an additional name, Global Governance.

The actual physical depression is a fake. The contrived depression is a paper loss farce. In. 3D reality, out in the real world, there is no actual problem. There is no shortage of resources.  If all the money in the world disappeared, we would be just fine.

The concept of economics is game, not unlike monopoly. It has rules to be followed and everyone plays the game the same way. But what they don’t explain is that it is just a game. To put it into its real context, here is an example for you;  Can you imagine going over to a friends house and you start playing the game monopoly. Your friend tells you that this is not a game, it’s for real, and you have to play for the rest of your life. You have to be stressed about it if your not doing very well. You can’t actually eat unless you have the monopoy money to back it up. You can’t live in a home either without the monopoly game allowing it. You have to go to work every day to earn your monopoly money. And to top it all off the banker has it set up that he controls the amount of monopoly money going around.  He keeps it that he has the most monopoly money always.  Your life is enslaved because of his structure. Oh yes one more thing. The people who run the game have their own set of rules that allows them to cheat every step of the way.

Well I don’t think anyone would be going over to that kids house, wanting to play monopoly. Do you? Wake up world! We are just playing an exact replica of that corrupt monopoly game but it’s called economics. Stop playing the game. We all need to raise our voices and say ‘wait a second, this is a game? Is there a better way? Yes there is, there’s abundance, there is enough to go around, we can all live in abundance?.   Excellent. I choose that instead!’

Profit based economy = Game of scarcity = Favors the few in control

Resource based society = Reality of abundance = We all win.

Besides, poor miss-management is nothing new. How well off do you think the population of the planet was before the current economic meltdown. Over 50% of the planet lives on less than a dollar per day.  People are starving to death every day.  We had a true crisis well before this Monopoly game bullshit. And it could have been solved easily then. But is wasn’t.

The real truth is we have enough technology, manpower and resources to feed, house and educate, the entire population of the planet without needing money at all.

Its time we all woke up and stopped playing a stupid, corrupt and meaningless game of the few.

Dylan Eleven