A real bailout plan, that is 100% guaranteed to work in one day!

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OK, so there has been a few dollars thrown in buckets to bail out the billionaires. What about giving the rest of us a real bail out too.

1. I formally propose each citizen of the world present and future gets 1 million dollars. Tax free, interest free and with no obligation to pay it back at all. A gift. Just like the bailouts the big banks and brokerage firms have received.

Now that is a stimulus package that would actually work 100% guaranteed. That would get us out of any slump in one day, not years.  Want spending? well that would create Spending with a capital S.

All the companies that would be born, all the houses bought, cars, boats, you name it. 100% guaranteed to work. First time.

And if anyone has the gall to suggest that this should not be done, I ask why not?, the government and fat cats are doing it for themselves. With a plan that we have to pay for. A plan that will further enslave us for an eternity. A plan that will not work in our best interests, because it is specifically designed not to.

The government lie is exposed. Borrowing from the fed is not the way to go. There is a better simple way for us to actually benefit.

And If anyone is thinking, prices would rocket, what about inflation, it would be chaos! Thats the lie they want you to believe.  The solution to that problem is very simple. There is one condition on getting the money; prices as they are today are fixed. If you own a grocery store, you cant jack up the price of a thing. Otherwise the value of the million dollars plus all the other money would be diminished for us all.

The alternative is we continue with the governments solution to combat inflation, keep us poor to keep inflation down.

I like my solution better, don’t you?

I say get to printing every man woman and child one million dollars and you will see a transformed society of joy and fun. Instead of your war and needless poverty. How dare you. Wake up and make this a fun life for us all. Its only bits of paper after all.

Oh yeah. Two more things;

2. An actual bank credit crisis solution that would work in one press of a button; all debt is deleted. Instead of giving the banks billions to sort out the credit crisis, the banks have to hit the delete button. In exchange they can make loans on a non-fractional reserve system.

3. And finally the fed should be a printing press, on a salary. Money is printed, allocated, and does not have to be given back to the printing press. That’s for making money, not taking money. No more slavery to the fed, end the fed, the fed is dead!

Its as easy as 1,2,3!

Who’s with me?

Dylan eleven

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