Common Purpose: “Re-Engineering” UK For A New World Order

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Brian Gerrish, is a former naval officer and anti-submarine warfare expert, who, together with colleagues throughout the country, has conducted detailed research into ‘Common Purpose’, a mysterious collective which seeks to by-pass the British democratic system by setting up unelected quangoes with extreme European federalist agendas. According to Gerrish, there is now almost no strata of the BBC, NHS, local government, police forces, regional structures, armed forces, government departments, communications media and industry, which has not in some way been infiltrated or influenced by Common Purpose and other related initiatives designed to weaken British sovereignty and increase outside control.

Brian Gerrish states: ‘The power of the state has grown dramatically in the last ten years. Spending on Quangoes is now five times greater than the defence budget. To whom or what is this new army of officials loyal? Is there a common ideology driving the transformation of the police forces, public services, local councils, public/private partnerships and other agencies, many of whose officers are members of the ‘Common Purpose’ organisation?’

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