South Park tells the truth about Obama

Dylan Eleven |

Kudos to the Southpark team  for speaking the truth (as always).  Season 13, Episode 2 right at the beginning there is a poster of Obama with the banner change written under his face. In red paint written under is WHEN?.


Cartman says:

“The city isnt was it used to be.  It all happend so fast, everything went to crap.  It’s like everyones sense of morals just disappeared.  The bad economy made things worse. The jobs started drying up, then the stores had to shut down.  Then a black man was elected president.  He was supposted to change things… he didn’t.”

Also check out season 12, episode 12, “About last night”.  How Obama is in power to rip off the Hope diamond…. He certainly has stolen hope from the world.

We can still hope, hope for a better government.  One not filled with NWO liars.

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