Venus Project / Zeitgeist Addendum

-Bernard Lietaer, Founder of the EU Currency System
“My name is Jacque fresco. I’m an industrial designer and a social engineer. I am very much interested in society, and developing a system that might be sustainable…for all people.
First of all, the word corruption is a monetary invention…that aberrant behavior…behavior that’s disruptive to the well being of people. Well, you’re dealing with human behavior, and human behavior appears to be environmentally determined, meaning, if you were raised by the seminal Indians as a baby, never saw anything else, you would hold that value system.
And this goes for nations; it goes for individuals; for families… they try to indoctrinate their children to their particular faith and their country, and make them feel like they’re part of that. And they build a society, which they call ‘established’. They establish a workable point of view, and tend to perpetuate that. Whereas, all societies are really emergent, not established. And so, they fight new ideas that would interfere with the establishment.
Governments try to perpetuate that which keeps them in power. People are not elected to political office to change things… they are put there to keep things the way they are. So you see, the basis of corruption is in our society. Let me make it clear. All nations then, are basically corrupt, because they tend to uphold existing institutions. I don’t mean to uphold or downgrade all nations, but communism, socialism, fascism, the free enterprise system and all other sub-cultures are the same… they are all basically corrupt.

The most fundamental characteristic of our social institutions is the necessity for ‘self-preservation’. Whether dealing with a corporation, a religion. or a government, the foremost interest is to preserve the institution itself.
For instance, the last thing an oil company would ever want is the utilization of energy that was outside of its control, for it makes that company less relevant to society. Likewise, the cold war and the collapse of the Soviet Union was, in reality, a way to preserve & perpetuate the established economic and global hegemony of the United States…similarly religions condition people to feel guilty for natural inclinations, each claiming to offer the only path to forgiveness and salvation.

At the heart of this institutional self-preservation lies the monetary system, for it is money that provides the means for power and survival.

Therefore, just as a poor person might be forced to steal in order to survive, it is a natural inclination to do whatever is needed to continue an institution’s profitability. This makes it inherently difficult for profit-based institutions to change, for it puts in jeopardy not only the survival of large groups of people, but also the coveted, materialistic lifestyles associated with affluence, and power.

Therefore, the paralyzing necessity to preserve an institution, regardless of its social relevance, is largely rooted in the need for money, or profit.


‘What’s in it for me’, is the way people think. And so if a man makes money selling a certain product, naturally he is going to fight the existence of another product that may threaten his institution. Therefore people cannot be fair and people do not trust each other. A guy will come over to you and say, “I’ve got just the house you’re looking for”.
He’s a salesman. When a doctor says ‘I think your kidney has to come out’, I don’t know if he’s trying to pay off a yacht, or that my kidney has to come out- it’s hard in monetary system to trust people.
If you came into my store and I said this lamp that I’ve got is pretty good, but the lamp in the next store is much better, I wouldn’t be in business very long. It wouldn’t work… If I were ethical, it wouldn’t work. So, when you say industry cares for people… that are not true. They can’t afford to be ethical. So your system is not designed to serve the well being of people… if you still don’t understand that, there would be no outsourcing of jobs… if they cared about people. Industry does not care. They only hire people because it hasn’t been automated yet. So, don’t talk about decency and ethics… we cannot afford it and remain in business.
It is important to point out, that regardless of the social system, whether fascist, socialist, capitalist or communist, the underlying machanism is still money, labor and competition.
Communist China is no less capitalistic than the United States. The only difference is the degree by which the state intervenes in enterprise.
The reality is that “monetary-ism”, so to speak, is the true mechanism that guides the interests of all the countries on the planet.

The most aggressive and hence dominant variation of this monetary-ism is the free enterprise system. The fundamental perspective, as put forth by early free market economists, like Adam smith, is that self-interest and competition leads to social prosperity, as the act of competition creates incentive, which motivates people to persevere.

However, what isn’t talked about is how a competition-based economy invariably leads to strategic corruption, power and wealth consolidation, social stratification, technological paralyses, labor abuse, and ultimately a covert form of government dictatorship by the rich elite.
The word corruption is often defined as moral perversion.
If a company dumps toxic waste into the ocean to save money, most people recognize this as corrupt behavior. On a more subtle level, when WalMart moves into a small town and forces small businesses to shut down, for they are unable to complete, a gray area emerges…. For what exactly is Walmart doing wrong? Why should they care about mom and pop organizations they destroy. Yet, even more subtly, when a person gets fired from their job, because a new machine has been created which can do the work for less money, people tend to just accept that as ” the way it is” not seeing the inherent, corrupt inhumanity of such an action.
Because the fact is, whether it is dumping toxic waste, having a monopoly enterprise, or downsizing the workforce, the motive is the same.- profit. They are all different degrees of the same self-preserving mechanism, which always puts the well being of people second to monetary gain. Therefore corruption is not some byproduct of monetary-ism… it is the very foundation. And while most people acknowledge this tendency on one level or another, the majority remains naïve as to the broad ramifications of having such a selfish mechanism as the guiding mentality in society.

“Internal documents show that after this company positively, absolutely knew that they had a medication that was infected with the Aids virus, they took the product off the market in the U.S. and then they dumped it in France, Europe, Asia and Latin America. The US government allowed it to happen…. The FDA allowed this to happen and now the government is completely looking the other way. Thousands of innocent, hemophiliacs have died from the aids virus. This company knew absolutely that it was infected with Aids. They dumped it because they wanted to turn this disaster into a profit.”

” So you see, you have built in corruption. We are all chiseling off each other, and you can’t expect decency in that sort of thing.


And feeling that, they don’t know who to elect. They think in terms of a democracy, which is not possible in a monetary based economy.
If you have more money to advertise your position… the position you desire in government, that isn’t a democracy. It serves those in positions of differential advantage… so it is always a dictatorship of the elitists- the financially wealthy.


It is an interesting observation to note how seemingly unknown personalities, magically appear on the scene as presidential candidates. Then, before you know it, somehow you are left to choose from a small group of extremely wealthy people, who suspiciously have the same broad social view.
Obviously, it’s a joke.
The people placed on the ballot are done so because they have been pre-decided to be acceptable by the established financial powers who actually run the show.

Yet, many who understand this illusion of democracy, often think: if only we could just get our honest, ethical politicians in power, then we would be okay. Well, while this idea of course seems reasonable in our established oriented worldview, it is, unfortunately, another fallacy. For, when it really comes down to what is actually important, the institution of politics, and thus politicians themselves have absolutely no true relevance as to what makes our world and society function.

“It’s not politicians that can solve problems. They have no technical capabilities. They don’t know how to solve problems. Even if they were sincere, they don’t know how to solve problems. It’s the technicians that produce the desalinization plants. It’s the technicians that give you electricity…that give you motor vehicles, that heat your house… and cool it in the summertime. It’s technology that solves problems, not politics. Politics cannot solve problems, because they are not trained to do so.

Very few people today stop and consider what it is that actually improves their lives. Is it money? Obviously not… One cannot eat money or stuff money into their car to get it to run… is it politics? – All politicians can do is create laws, establish budgets and declare war. Is it religion? Of course not…. Religion creates nothing except intangible emotional solace for those who require it.

The true gift that we have as human beings have, which has been solely responsible for everything that has improved our lives… is technology.


What is technology? Technology is a pencil, which allows one to solidify ideas on paper for communication. Technology is an automobile, which allows one to travel faster than feet would allow. Technology is a pair of eyeglasses, which enables sight for those who need it.

Applied technology itself is merely an extension of human attributes, which reduces human effort freeing humans from a particular chore or problem. Imagine what your life would be like today without a telephone… or an oven… or a computer… or an airplane. Everything in your home, which you take for granted, from a doorbell to a table to a dishwasher, is technology, generated from the creative, scientific ingenuity of human technicians… not money, politics or religion…These are false institutions.

And writing your congressman is fantastic. They tell you to write your congressman if you want something done. The men in Washington should be at the forefront of technology. The forefront of human study… the forefront of crime… all the factors that shape human behavior. You don’t have to write your congressman…. What kind of people are they that are appointed to do that job?
The future will have great difficulty…
And the question that is raised by politicians is ” how much will a project cost?” The question is not “how much will it cost?” – “Do we have the resources?” and we have the resources today, to house everyone, build hospitals all over the world, build schools all over the world, the finest equipment in labs for teaching and doing medical research. So you see, we have all that, but we are in a monetary system, and in a monetary system- there’s profit.

And what is the fundamental mechanism that drives the profit system, besides self-interest? What is it exactly that maintains that competitive edge at its core. Is it high efficiency and sustainability? No. That isn’t part of their design. Nothing produced in our profit-based society is even remotely sustainable or efficient. If it was there wouldn’t be a multi-million dollar a year service industry for automobiles, nor would the average life span for most electronics be less than three months before they are obsolete.
Is it abundance? Absolutely not… Abundance, as based on the laws of supply and demand, is actually a negative thing. If a diamond company finds 10 times the usual amount of diamonds during their mining, it means the supply of diamonds has increased, which means the cost and profit per diamond, drops.

The fact is, efficiency, sustainability and abundance are enemies of profit.
To put it into a word., it is the mechanism of SCARCITY that increases profits.


“What is scarcity? Based on keeping products valuable. Slowing up production on oil raises the price. Maintaining scarcity of diamonds, keeps the price high. They burn diamonds at the Kimberly diamond mines- they are made of carbon-it keeps the price up.”

So then, what does it means for society when scarcity, either produced naturally or through manipulation, is a beneficial condition for industry?

It means that sustainability and abundance will never ever occur in a profit system, for it simply goes against the very nature of the structure. Therefore, it is impossible to have a world without war or poverty, it is impossible to continually advance technology to its most efficient and productive states … and most dramatically, it is impossible to expect human beings to be behave in truly ethical or decent ways.


People use the word instinct. Because they can’t account for the behavior. They sit back and they evaluate, with their lack of knowledge, and they say things like: ” Humans are built a certain way, greed is natural thing”…as though they worked for years on it… and it’s no more natural than wearing clothing.

What we want to do is to eliminate the causes of the problems. Eliminate the processes that produce greed and bigotry and prejudice and people taking advantage of one another, and elitism. Eliminating the need for prisons and welfare. We have always had these problems because we have always lived within scarcity and barter and monetary systems that produce scarcity.

If you eradicate the conditions that generate what you call socially offensive behavior, it does not exist. A guy says: “well isn’t that inborn”? No it’s not.

There is no human nature, there’s human behavior, and that’s always been changed throughout history. You’re not born with bigotry and greed and corruption and hatred. You pick that up within the society.

War, poverty, corruption, hunger, misery, human suffering will not change in a monetary system. That is- there will be very little significant change. It’s going to take the redesign of our culture, our values, and it has to be related to the carrying capacity of the earth. Not some human opinion or some politician’s notions of the way the world ought to be… or some religious notions of the conduct of human affairs.

And that is what the Venus Project is about.


The society that we’re about to talk about is a society that is free of all the old superstitions, incarceration, prisons, police, cruelty and law. All laws will disappear. And the professions will disappear that are no longer valid, such as stockbrokers, bankers, advertising, gone forever. Because it’s no longer relevant.

When we understand that is it technology, devised by human ingenuity, which frees humanity and increases our quality of life, we then realize that the most important focus we can have, is on the intelligent management of the earth’s resources, for it is from these natural resources we gain the materials to continue our path of prosperity.
Understanding this, we then see that money fundamentally exists as a barrier to these resources for virtually everything has a financial cost. And why do we need money to obtain these resources? Because of real or assumed scarcity. We don’t usually pay for air and tap water, because it is in such high abundance, selling it would be pointless.

So then, logically speaking, if resources and technologies applicable to creating everything in our societies, such as houses, cities and transportation, were in high enough abundance, there would be no reason to sell anything. Likewise, if automation and machinery was so technologically advanced, as to relieve human beings of labor, there would be no reason to have a job… and with these social aspects taken care of, there would be no reason to have money at all.

So the ultimate question remains? Do we on earth have enough resources and technological understanding, to create a society of such abundance, that everything we have now could be available without a price tag and without the need for submission through employment?

Yes we do. We have the resources and technology to enable this at a minimum, along with the ability to raise the standard of living so high, that people in the future will look back at our civilization now, and gawk at how primitive and immature our society was.

What the Venus Project proposes is an entirely different system that’s updated to present day knowledge.

We have never given scientists the problem of how do you design a society which would eliminate boring and monotonous jobs, that would eliminate accidents in transportation, that would enable people to have a high standard of living. That would eliminate poisons in our food… give us other sources of energy that are clean and efficient. We can do that out there.


The major difference, between a resource based economy and a monetary system, is that a resource based economy is really concerned with people and their well-being. Where a monetary system has become so distorted that the concerns of the people are really secondary, if they are there at all. The products that are turned out are for how much money you can get. If there is a problem in society and you can’t earn money from solving that problem, than it won’t be done. A resource-based economy is really not close to anything that’s been tried. And with all our technology today we can create abundance. It can be used to improve everyone’s lifestyle…abundance all over the world, if we use our technology wisely and maintain the environment.

It’s a very different system and its very hard to talk about because the public is not that well enough informed as to the state of technology.

[TITLE: The Venus Project: ENERGY]

At present, we don’t have to burn fossil fuels. We don’t have to use anything that would contaminate the environment. There are many sources of energy available.

Alternative energy solutions pushed by the establishment, such a hydrogen, biomass and even nuclear, are highly insufficient, dangerous, and exist only to perpetuate the profit structure that industry has created. When we look beyond the propaganda and self-serving solutions put forth by the energy companies, we find a seemingly endless stream of clean, abundant and renewable energy for generating power.

Solar and wind energy are well known the public, but the true potential of these mediums remains unexpressed. Solar energy, derived from the sun, has such abundance, that one hour of light at high noon, contains more energy than what the entire world consumes in a year. If we could capture .01 of a percent of this energy, the world would never have to use oil, gas or anything else. The question then is not availability, but the technology to harness it, and there are many advanced mediums today, which could accomplish just that, if they were not hindered by the need to compete for market share with the established energy power structures.

Then there is wind energy. Wind energy has long been denounced as weak and, due to it being location driven, impractical. This is simply not true. The US department of energy admitted in 2007, that if wind was fully harvested in just 3 of America’s 50 states, it could power the entire nation.
And then there are the rather unknown mediums of Tidal and Wave Power. Tidal power is derived from Tidal shifts in the ocean. Installing turbines, which capture this movement, generates energy. In the United Kingdom, 42 sites are currently noted as available, forecasting that 34% of all the UK’s energy could come form tidal power alone. Wave Power, which extracts energy from the surface motions of the ocean, is estimated to have a global potential of up to 80,000 TWh a year, This means 50% of the entire planet’s energy usage could be produced from this medium alone.
Now It is important to point out that tidal, wave, solar and wind power requires virtually no preliminary energy to harness, unlike coal, oil, gas, biomass, hydrogen and all the others.

In combination, these four mediums alone, if efficiently harnessed through technology, could power the world forever.

That being said, there happens to be another form of clean, renewable energy, which trumps them all- Geothermal Power.

Geothermal energy utilizes what is called heat mining, which, though a simple process using water, is able to generate massive amounts of clean energy. In 2006, an MIT report on geothermal energy found that 13,000 zettajoules of power are currently available in the earth, with the possibility of 2000 zj being easily tap-able with improved technology. The total energy consumption of all the countries on the planet is about half of a zettajoule a year. This means about 4000 years of planetary power could be harnessed in this medium alone. And when we understand that the earth’s heat generation is constantly renewed, this energy is really limitless and could be used forever.
These energy sources are only a few of the clean, renewable mediums available, and as time goes on, we will find more.
The grand realization is that we have total energy abundance, without the need for pollution, traditional conservation, or, in fact, a price tag.


And what about transportation? The prevailing means of transportation in our societies is by automobile and aircraft, both of which predominantly need fossils fuels to run.
In the case of the automobile, the battery technology needed to power an electric car that can go over 100 miles an hour for over 200 miles on one charge exists, and has existed for many years. However, due to battery patents controlled by the oil industry, which limits their availability, to maintain market share, coupled with the political pressure from the energy industry, the accessibility and affordability of this technology is limited.
There is absolutely no reason, other than pure, corrupt profit interest, that every single vehicle in the world could not be electric and utterly clean, with zero need for gasoline.
As far as airplanes, it is time we realize that this means of travel is inefficient, cumbersome, slow, and causes far too much pollution.

This is a Mag Lev train. It uses magnets for propulsion. It is fully suspended by a magnetic field, and requires less than 2% of the energy used for plane travel. The train has no wheels, so nothing can wear out. The current maximum speed of versions of this technology, as used in Japan, is 361 miles per hour. However, this version of the technology is very dated.

An organization called ET3, which has connections with the Venus Project, has established a tube based maglev that can travel up to 4000 miles per hour, in a motionless, frictionless tube, which can go over land, or underwater. Imagine going from LA to NY for an extended lunch break…. Or from Washington DC to Beijing China in 2 hours. This is the future of continental and intercontinental travel. Fast, clean, with only a fraction of the energy usage we use today for the same means.
In fact, between maglev technology, advanced battery storage, and geothermal energy, there would be no reason to ever burn fossil fuels again. And we can do this now, if we were not held back by the paralyzing profit structure.

Now America is inclined towards fascism. It has a propensity by its dominant philosophy and religion, to uphold the fascist point of view. American industry is essentially a fascist institution. If you don’t understand that, the minute you punch that time clock, you walk into a dictatorship.
Were given notions about the respectability of work. And I really look at as being paid slavery.
You’re brought up to believe that you shall earn you living by the sweat of your brow… that holds people back. Freeing people, from drudgery, repetitive jobs, which make them ignorant. You rob them. In our society, that is a resource-based economy, machines free people. You see, we can’t image that, because we’ve never known that kind of world.


If we look back history, we see a very clear pattern of machine automation, slowly replacing human labor. From the disappearance of the elevator man, to the near full automation of an automobile production plant, the fact is as technology grows, the need for humans in the work force will continually be diminished. This creates a serious clash, which proves the falseness of the monetary based labor system… for human employment is in direct competition with technological development. Therefore, given the fundamental priority of profit by Industry, people, through time will be continually laid off and replaced by machine.

When industry takes on a machine, instead of shortening the workday, they downsize, you lose you job, so you have a right to fear machines.

In a high technology, resourced based economy, it is conservative to say that about 90% of all current occupations could be phased out by machines… Freeing humans to live their life without servitude… for this is the point of technology itself. And through time, with nanotechnology and other highly advances forms of science, it isn’t far fetched to see how even complex medical procedures could be performed by machines as well. And, based on the pattern, with much higher success rates than humans get today.

The path is clear… but our monetary based structure, which requires labor for income, blocks this progress, for humans need jobs in order to survive. The bottom line is that this system must go, or we will never be free and technology will be constantly paralyzed.
When you have machines that clean out sewers, it frees a human being from doing that. So look at machines as extensions of human performance.

Furthermore, many occupations today will have simply no basis to exist in a resourced based economy…such as anything associated the management of money, advertising, along with the legal system itself. For, without money, a great majority of the crimes that are committed today would never occur. Virtually all forms are of Crime are a consequence of the monetary system either directly, or by neurosis inflicted though financial deprivation. Therefore laws themselves could eventually become extinct.

Instead of putting up a sign: ‘drive carefully, slippery when wet, put abrasive in the highway, so it’s not slippery when wet. If a person gets in a car and they’re drunk and the car oscillates a great deal, there’s a little pendulum that swings up and back, and that will pull the car over to the side… not a law, a solution. Put sonar and radar in automobiles, so they cant hit one another. Man-made laws are attempts to deal with occurring problems, and not knowing how to solve them, they make a law.

In the United States, the most privitazed, capitalist country on the planet, it should come as no surprise that it also has the largest prison population in the world…growing every year. Statistically, most of these people are uneducated and come from poor, deprived societies. And contrary to propaganda, it’s this environmental conditioning which lures them into criminal and violent behavior. However, society looks the other way in regard to this point.

The legal and prison systems are just more examples of how our society avoids examining the root causes of behavior. Billions are spent each year on prisons and police, while only a fraction is spent on programs for poverty, which is one of the most fundamental variables responsible for crime to begin with.
And, as long as we have an economic system, which prefers and in fact creates scarcity deprivation, crime will never go away.

If people have access to the necessities of life, without servitude, debt, barter, trade… they behave very differently. You want all these things available without a price tag. Now then, ‘you gotta have a price tag, what will motivate people… if man gets everything he wants he will just lay around in the sun’. This is the myth they perpetuate. People in our culture are trained to believe that the monetary system produces incentive, if they have access to things, why should they want to do anything. They will lose their incentive. That’s what you’re taught to support the monetary system,

When you take money out of the scenario, there would be different incentives, very different incentives.

[FRESCO:] When people have access to the necessities of life, their incentives change…what about the moon and the stars. New incentives arise… if you make a painting that you enjoy. You will enjoy giving it to other people, not selling it.


I think most of the education that I’ve seen today is essentially producing a person for a job… it is very specialized. They are not generalists… people don’t know a lot about a lot different subjects. I don’t think you could get people to go to war if they knew a lot about a lot of things. I think education is mostly rote and they’re not taught how to solve problems… they are not given the tools, emotionally or within their own field, of how to do critical thinking. In a resource based economy the education would be very different.

Our societies major concern is mental development… and to motivate each person to their highest potential. Because our philosophy is, the smarter people are the richer the world, because everybody becomes a contributor.

The smarter your kids are, the better my life will be, because they will be contributing more constructively to the environment and to my life, because everything that we devise within a resource based economy, would be applied to society. There would be nothing to hold it back.

TITLE: Civilization

Patriotism, weapons, armies, navy…. All that is a sign, that we are not civilized yet. Kids will ask their parents ‘ didn’t you see the necessity of the machines? Dad, couldn’t you see that war was inevitable when you produce scarcity? Isn’t it obvious? Of course, the kid will understand, that you were pinheads… raised merely to serve the established institutions. We’re such an abominable, sick society, that we wont make the history books, they will just say that large nations took land from smaller nations, used force and violence. You will get history talked about as corrupt behavior all the way along, until the beginning of the civilized world… that’s when all the nations worked together. World unification… working toward for common good for all human beings, and without anyone being subservient to anyone else. Without social stratification… whether it is technical elitism, or any other kind of elitism, eradicated from the face of the earth.
The state does nothing, because there is no state.

The system I advocate, a resource based global economy, is not perfect, it just a lot better than what we have. We can never achieve perfection.


The social values of our society, which has manifested in perpetual warfare, corruption, oppressive laws, social stratification, irrelevant superstitions, environmental destruction, and a despotic, socially different, profit oriented, ruling class, is fundamentally the result of a collective ignorance, of two of the most basic insights humans can have about reality… the EMERGENT and SYBIOTIC aspects of natural law.

The Emergent nature of reality, is that all systems, whether it is knowledge, society, technology, philosophy, or any other creation, will, when uninhibited, undergo fluid, perpetual change. What we consider commonplace today, such modern communication and transportation, would have been unimaginable in ancient times… likewise, the future will contain technologies, realizations and social structures, that we cannot even fathom in the present. We have gone from Alchemy, to chemistry…from a geocentric universe, to a heliocentric…from believing that demons where the cause of illness, to modern medicine. This development shows no sign of ending, and it is this awareness that aligns us and leads us on a continuous path to growth and progress. Static, Empirical knowledge does not exist…rather it is the insight of the emergence of all systems, we must recognize. This means we must be open to new information at all times, even if it threatens our current belief system and hence, identities.

Sadly, society today has failed to recognize this and the established institutions continue to paralyze growth, by preserving outdated social structures. Simultaneously, the population suffers from a fear of change as well, for their conditioning assumes a static identity, and challenging ones belief system, usually results in insult and apprehension, for being wrong is erroneously associated with failure.

When, if fact, to be proven wrong should be a celebrated, for it is elevating someone to a new level of understanding, furthering awareness. The fact is, there is no such thing as a smart human being, for it is merely a matter of time, before their ideas are updated, changed or eradicated. And this tendency to blindly hold on to a belief system, sheltering it from new, possibly transforming information, is nothing less than a form of “intellectual materialism”.

The monetary system perpetuates this materialism not only by its self preserving structures, but also through the countless number of people who have been conditioned into blindly, and thoughtlessly upholding these structures, therefore becoming ‘self-appointed guardians of the status quo”. Sheep, which no longer need a sheep dog to control them, for they control each other by ostracizing those who step out of the norm.

This tendency to resist change and uphold existing institutions for the sake of identity, comfort, power and profit, is completely unsustainable and will only produce further imbalance, fragmentation, distortion and invariably, destruction. It’s time to change.
From hunters and gathers, to the agricultural revolution, to the industrial revolution, the pattern is clear. It is time for a new social system, which reflects the understandings we have today.
The monetary system is a product of a period of time where scarcity was a reality. Now, with the age of technology, it is no longer relevant to society; gone with the aberrant behavior it manifests.

Likewise, dominant worldviews, such a theistic religion, operate with the same social irrelevancy. Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, and all of the others, exist as barriers to personal and social growth, for each group perpetuates a closed worldview…and this finite understanding that they acknowledge is simply not possible in an emergent universe.
Yet, religion has succeeded in shutting down the awareness of this emergence by instilling the psychological distortion of Faith upon its followers, where logic and new information is rejected, in favor of traditionalized, outdated beliefs.

The concept of god is really a method of accounting for the nature of things. In the early days people didn’t know enough about how things formed… how nature worked…so they invented their own little stories… and they made god in their own image… a guy that gets angry; when people don’t behave right, he creates floods and earthquakes… and they say it is an act of god.

A cursory glance at the suppressed history of religion reveals that even the foundational myths themselves are emergent culminations, developed through influence, over time.
For example, a cardinal doctrine of the Christian faith is the death and resurrection of Christ. This notion is so important, that the Bible itself states: “And if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain”(1 Cor 15:14).
Yet, it is very difficult to take this account literally for, not only is there no primary source denoting this supernatural event in secular history, awareness of the enormous number of pre-Christian saviors who also died and were resurrected, immediately puts the story in mythological territory by association.

Early Church figures, such as Tertullian, went to great lengths to break these associations; even claiming that the devil caused the similarities to occur… stating in 2nd century:
“The devil, whose business is to pervert the truth, mimics the exact circumstance of the Divine Sacraments. He baptizes his believers and promises forgiveness of sins…he celebrates the oblation of bread, and brings in the symbol of the resurrection. Let us therefore acknowledge the craftiness of the devil, who copied certain things of those that be Divine.” Tertullian, (155 – 222 AD , CHAP. XL.- THE PRESCRIPTION AGAINST HERETICS. )
What is truly sad however, is that when we cease the idea that the stories from Christianity, Judaism and Islam, and all the others, are Literal History, and accept them for what they really are, which are purely allegorical expressions, derived from many faiths…we see that all religions share a common thread, and it is this unifying imperative that needs to be recognized and appreciated.

Religious belief has caused more fragmentation and conflict than any other ideology…Christianity alone has 34,000 different sub groups( Source: World Christian Encyclopedia)
The bible is subject to interpretation. When you read it you say: ‘ I think Jesus meant this… I think jobe meant that… oh no- he meant this’… So you have the Lutheran the Seventh-
Day-Adventist; the catholic. And a church divided, is no church at all.
(echo ” and a church divided is no church at all)

And this point on division, which is a trademark of all theistic religions, brings us to our second failure of awareness. The false assumption of separation, through the rejection of the symbiotic relationship of life.

Apart from the understanding that all natural systems are emergent, where all notions of reality will be constantly developed, altered and even eradicated, we must also understand that all systems are, in fact, invented fragments, merely for the sake of conversation, for there is no such thing as independence in nature. The whole of nature is a unified system of interdependent variables, each a cause and a reaction, existing only as concentrated whole.

You don’t see the plug connected to the environment, so it looks like we’re free, wondering around. Take the oxygen away, we all die immediately; take planet life away, we die, and without the sun, all the plants die. So we are connected.

We really must take into account, the totality. This isn’t just a human experience on this planet, this is a total experience and we know we cant survive without planet and animals; we know we can’t survive without the four elements, you know. And so, when are we really going to start taking that into account. That’s what it is to be successful. Success depends on how well we relate to everything around us. I am very aware of the fact that my grandson cannot possibly hope to inherit a sustainable, peaceful, stable, socially just world, unless every child today growing up in Ethiopia; in Indonesia, in Bolivia; in Palestine and Israel… as has that same expectations. You gotta take care of the whole community, or you are going to have serious problems. And now we have to see that the whole world is the community. And we must all take care of each other that way, and it’s not just a community of humans beings… it is a community of plant and animals and elements, and we really need to understand that. That’s what is going to bring us joy too… and pleasure. That’s what’s missing our lives right now. We can call it spirituality… but the fact of the matter is, joy comes from that…bliss of connectness.
That’s our God spirit… that’s that side of ourselves that really feels it… you can feel it deep inside you… it is this amazing wonderful feeling and you know it when you get it. You don’t get it from money. You get it from connection.

Now if that isn’t a Hazard to this country. How are we gonna keep building nuclear weapons, you know what I mean! What going to happen to the arms industry, when we realize we are all one?! It’s gonna fuck up the economy! The economy that’s fake anyway! ( echo x 4)
Which would be a real bummer… you can see why the government is cracking down, on the idea of experiencing unconditional love.


Once we understand that the integrity of our personal existences are completely dependent on the integrity of everything else in our world… we have truly understood the meaning of unconditional love. For love is extensionality…and seeing everything as you and you as everything, can have no conditionalities…. For, in fact, we are all everything at once.

[George Carlin]
If it’s true that we are all from the center of a star, every atom in each of us from the center of a star, then we’re all the same thing. Even a coke machine or a cigarette butt in the street in Buffalo, is made out of atoms that came from a star… they have all recycled thousands of times, as have you and I. And therefore, its only me out there, so what is there to be afraid of? What is there that needs solace seeking? Nothing. There is nothing to be afraid of because it’s all us. The trouble is we have been separated by being born and given a name and an identity and being individuated. We have been separated from the oneness and that’s what religion exploits… that people have this yearning to be part of the overall one again. So they exploit that. They it god and they say he has rules… and I think that’s cruel. I think you can do it absent religion.

An extraterrestrial visitor examining the difference among human societies would find those differences trivial compared to the similarities. Our lives, our past and our future are tied to the sun, the moon and the stars…We humans have seen the atoms which constitute all of nature and the forces that sculpted this work…and we, who embody the local eyes and ears and thoughts and feelings of the cosmos, have begun to wonder about our origins…star stuff contemplating the stars, organized collections of ten billion billion billion atoms, contemplating the evolution of nature, tracing that long path by which it arrived at consciousness here on the planet earth…Our loyalties are to the species and the to the planet. Our obligation to survive and flourish is owed now just to ourselves but also to that cosmos ancient and vast from which we spring. We are on Species. We are start stuff harvesting starlight.
It is time to claim the unity, our outmoded social systems have broken apart …. And work together to create a sustainable global society, where everyone is taken care of and everyone is truly free.
Your personal beliefs, whatever they may be, are meaningless when it comes to the necessities of life. Every human being is born naked, needing warmth, food, water, shelter… Everything else is auxiliary. Therefore, the most important issue at hand is the intelligent management of the earth resources. This can never be accomplished in a monetary system, for the pursuit of profit, is the pursuit of self-interest and therefore imbalance is inherent. Simultaneously, politicians are useless, for our true problems in life are technical, not political. Furthermore ideologies that separate humanity, such as religion, need strong reflection in the community in regard to its value, purpose and social relevancy. Hopefully, through time, religion will lose its materialism and basis in superstition, and move into the useful field, of philosophy.

The fact is, society today is backwards, with politicians constantly talking about protection and security, rather than creation, unity and progress.
The US alone now spends about 500 Billion dollars annually on defense… that is enough to send every high school senior in America to a 4 yr collage.

In the 1940s, the Manhattan Project produced the first true weapon of mass destruction. This program employed 130,000 people at an extreme financial cost.

Image what our life would be like today, if that group of scientists instead of working on a way of killing people, worked on a way to create a self sustaining, abundant world. Life today, would be very very different, if that was their goal.

Instead of weapons of mass destruction…It is time to unleash something much more powerful… Weapons of Mass Creation. Our true divinity is our ability to create, and armed with the understanding of the Symbiotic connections of life, while being guided by the emergent nature of reality, there is nothing we cannot do or accomplish.

Of course, we face strong barriers, in the form of established power structures that refuse to change.

At the heart of these structures is the monetary system. As explained earlier, the fractional reserve policy is a form of slavery through debt, where it is literally impossible for society to be free. In turn, free market capitalism in the form of free trade, uses debt to imprison the world and manipulate countries into subservience to a handful of large business and political powers. Apart form these obvious amoralities; the system itself is based on competition, which immediately destroys the possibility of large-scale collaborations for the common good, hence paralyzing any attempt at true global sustainability.

These financial and corporate structures are now obsolete and they must be outgrown.

Of course, we cannot be naïve enough to think that the business and financial elite are going to subscribe to this idea, for they will lose power and control. Therefore, peaceful. Yet highly strategic action must be taken. The most powerful course of action is simple. We have to alter our behavior to force the power structure to the will of the people.

We must stop supporting the system.

The only way the establishment will change, is by our refusal to participate,
…while continuously acknowledging it endless flaws and corruptions.

They’re not going to give up the monetary system because of our designs and what we recommend. The system has to fail, and people have to lose confidence in their elected leaders. That will be a major turning point, if the Venus project is offered as a possible alternative. If not, I fear the consequences. The trends now indicate that our country is going bankrupt. The probability is, our country will move toward a military dictatorship, to prevent riots and complete social break down. Once the US breaks down, all the other cultures will under go similar things.
As of now, the world financial system is on the brink of collapse, due to its own shortcomings. The comptroller of currency stated in 2003 that the interest on the US national debt will not be affordable in less than 10 years. This theoretically means total bankruptcy for the US economy. And it’s implications for the world, are immense.

In turn, the fractional reserve based monetary system is reaching its theoretical limits of expansion and the banking failures you are seeing are just the beginning. This is why inflation is skyrocketing, all debt is at record levels and the government and fed are hemorrhaging new money to bail out the corrupt system. For, the only way to keep the banks going is by making more money… the only way to make more money is to create more debt and inflation. It is simply a matter of time before the tables turn and there is no one willing to take new loans, while defaults grow, as people are unable to afford their current loans. Then the expansion of money will stop and contraction will begin on a scale never before seen, ending a century long, pyramid scheme. This has already begun.
Therefore, we need to expose this financial failure for what it is, using this weakness
to our advantage.

Here are some suggestions:
1) Expose the Banking Fraud. Citibank, and JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America are the most powerful controllers within the Corrupt Federal Reserve System. Its time to boycott these institutions. If you have a bank account or a credit card with any of them, move your money to another bank. If you have a mortgage, refinance with another bank. If you own their stock, sell it. If you work for them, quit. This gesture will express contempt for true power behind the private banking cartel, known as the Federal Reserve. And create awareness about the fraud of the banking system itself.

2) Turn off the TV News. Visit the emerging, independent news agencies on Internet for your information. CNN, NBC, ABC, FOX and all the others, present all news, pre-filtered to maintain the status quo.
With 4 corporations owning all major media outlets, objective information is impossible. This is the true beauty of the Internet and the establishment has been losing control because of this free flow of information. We must protect the Internet at all times, as it is truly our savior right now

3) Don’t ever allow yourself, your family, or anyone you know… to ever join, the military. This is an obsolete institution, now used exclusively for maintaining an establishment that is not longer relevant. US soldiers in Iraq, work for US corporations, not the people. Propaganda forces us to believe that war is natural, and the military is an honorable institution. Well, if war is natural, why are there 18 suicides every single day by America veterans, who have post-traumatic stress disorder? If our military men and woman are so honored, why it is that 25% of the American homeless population are