What Do the Khmer Rouge, Pinochet and Bush Have in Common?

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The prison chief for the brutal Khmer Rouge regime is finally on trial for torture and murder.

The Spanish judge who investigated and charged Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet for war crimes has his eye on – and may prosecute – Bush Officials for torture.

Now, one of the lawyers pushing for prosecution has advised Douglas Feith to “get a good lawyer“.

And next week, the Senate Armed Services Committee will release new details on the Bush administration’s role in torture.

What is the legal basis for prosecuting Bush administration lawyers for torture?

As I wrote in 2005:

Even the lawyers and other people who aided in the [torture] effort may be war criminals; see also this articlethis one, and this press release.

The Khmer Rouge, Pinochet and Bush administration officials have a lot in common: they are all war criminals who escaped justice for too long. And if the Spanish judge carries through with his investigation, they will all end up being convicted criminals.

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