“extremist and anarchist” violence will be used by police as an excuse to attack non-violent demonstrators.

Anarchists Plot Mayhem for the G20 in London

Kurt Nimmo
March 30, 2009

According to the Independent, “extremist and anarchist groups” are handing out literature ahead of London’s G20 summit instructing demonstrators on how best to confront and attack the police.

The online pamphlets suggest certain groups are advising their followers on how to beat the police should things turn rough. One document, called “Guide to Public Order Situations”, explains how to breach lines of riot police using a “snow plough” human formation; throw rape alarms to make it hard for the police to give orders; resist baton and horse charges using nets; and “de-arrest” seized protesters.

featured stories   Anarchists Plot Mayhem for the G20 in London
Anarchists plan to attack police in London and thus discredit legitimate protests aimed at the global bankers and their engineered economic crisis.

“We want to see resistance on the street on Wednesday. If the police are ready for you, go and fight them. If they’re not, give them a surprise,” a supposed anarchist told marchers at Hyde Park.

“G20 protesters are circulating detailed pamphlets advising people on how to win street battles against riot police and what to do if arrested,” write Jerome Taylor and Kunal Dutta, “The vast majority of protests are likely to be peaceful but the Metropolitan Police claims extremist and anarchist groups might resort to violence.”

In other words, “extremist and anarchist” violence will be used by police as an excuse to attack non-violent demonstrators.

MP George Galloway accused the London Metropolitan Police of engaging in “a deliberate conspiracy to bring about scenes of violent disorder” during Bush’s visit in June of 2006. In a letter to the Home Secretary, Galloway detailed incitements that an officer made towards police and how the man encouraged other protesters to charge baton-wielding officers and hurl projectiles at them. “Several protesters were kept in custody and were later charged with offenses including affray, violent disorder, assaulting police and possession of an offensive weapon,” Steve Watson wrote at the time.

Police instigated “anarchist” violence is a favored tactic of governments around the world. In December of 2008, a Greek television show revealed how Greek police posed as anarchists and destroyed property.

In 2007, agents provocateurs attempted to incite violence in Montebello, Canada, during a peaceful protest against a Prosperity Partnership summit. A video and photographs later revealed the so-called anarchists were wearing the same military boots as the police.

Other documented instances of agents provocateurs used against peaceful protests occurred in Seattle in 1999 at the World Trade Organization meeting, at the WTO protests in Genoa, Italy, and during protests in Miami in late November 2003.

featured stories   Anarchists Plot Mayhem for the G20 in London
Italian police featured stories   Anarchists Plot Mayhem for the G20 in London
Italian police “beat the shit” out of protesers as suggested by former Italian President Francesco Cossiga.

Last year, former Italian President Francesco Cossiga said the Italian government should deal with widespread demonstrations by students and teachers over a cut in state funding of education by “beat the shit out of the protesters.” Cossiga is one of the founders of the Operation GLADIO covert intelligence unit. GLADIO has a long and sordid history of blowing up train stations and engaging in random murder and blaming the violence on leftist political groups.

The reason for this staged violence “was quite simple,” explained GLADIO agent Vincezo Vinciguerra in sworn court testimony. “They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security. This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened.”

In likewise fashion the G20 — shorthand for the finance ministers and central bank governors of the leading 20 world economies — may need to portray overwhelmingly peaceful protesters opposed to the policies of IMF, World Bank, the European Central bank and other bankster dominated criminal organizations as violent terrorists.

In order to fill London’s streets with police and impose a state of “heightened security,” British authorities on Monday said they questioned five people suspected of possessing bomb-making equipment, according to the UPI. “Officers, acting under the Terrorism Act, said their raids turned up real weapons, fake weapons and materials espousing ‘political ideology’ during a house search, the Daily Mail said.”

“Britain already is at a ’severe’ level of alert, meaning security officials believe an attack is highly likely. Bankers are being warned to dress casually — to deflect populist anger aimed their way — and luxury hotels are securing their perimeters for fear they could be targeted,” reports the Associated Press.

Michael Clarke, the head of London’s Royal United Services Institute think-tank, said small terrorist groups may use the cover of planned protests by environmentalists, anti-war protesters and labor unions to mount an attack… Following November’s seaborne attack on Mumbai, India’s financial center, extra patrol boats will guard the steel gray waters of the River Thames, and police frogmen will scour the river’s length for floating bombs.

In December, former Pakistani ISI chief Hamid Gul told Alex Jones he believes the Mumbai attacks were an inside job along the lines of the 9/11 inside job. “Gul joins a raft of former government officials and intelligence heads in questioning 9/11, the most recent of which was former Italian President Francesco Cossiga, who last December said that the attacks were carried out by elements of the CIA and Mossad,” writes Paul Joseph Watson.

Cossiga should know. As noted above, he is one of the founders of the GLADIO terrorist group.

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