World War II

World War II

On December 7th, 1941 Japan attacked the American fleet at Pearl Harbor triggering our entry into that war. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared the attack was “a day that will live in infamy”. A day of infamy indeed, but not because of the alleged surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. After 60 years of surfacing information it is clear that not only was the attack on Pearl Harbor known weeks in advance, it was outright wanted and provoked. Roosevelt, whose family had been New York bankers since the 18th century, whose uncle Frederick was on the original Federal Reserve Board was very sympathetic to the interest of the international bankers, and the interest was to enter the war because as we’ve seen – nothing is more profitable for the international bankers than war. In a journal entry by Roosevelt’s Secretary of War Henry Stimson dated November 25, 1941 he documented a conversation he had with Roosevelt.

“The question was how should we maneuver them into firing the first shot… It was desirable to make sure the Japanese be the ones to do this so that there should remain no doubt as to who were the aggressors.” –Henry Stimson, Secretary of War

In the months leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt had done almost everything in his power to anger the Japanese showing the posture of aggression: he halted all of Japan’s imports with American petroleum, he froze all of Japanese assets in the United States, He made public loans to Nationalist China and supplied military aid to the British, both enemies of Japan in the war, which by the way is completely in violation of international war rules. And on December 4th, three days before the attack, Australian intelligence told Roosevelt about a Japanese task force moving towards Pearl Harbor. Roosevelt ignored it. So as hoped and allowed, on December 7th, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor killing 2.400 soldiers. Before Pearl Harbor 83% of the American public wanted nothing to do with the war. After Pearl Harbor – one million men volunteered for the war.

It is important to know, Nazi Germany’s war effort was largely supported by two organizations: one of which was called I.G.Farben. I.G.Farben produced 84% of Germany’s explosives and even the Zyklon B used in concentration camps to kill millions. One of the unspoken partners of I.G.Farben was J.D.Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company in America. In fact, the German Air Force could not operate without a special additive patented by Rockefeller’s Standard Oil. The drastic bombing of London by Nazi Germany, for example, was made possible by a $20 million sale of fuel to I.G.Farben by the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company. This is just one small point of the topic how American business funded both sides of World War II.

One other treasonous organization worth mentioning is the Union Banking Corporation of New York City. Not only did they financed numerous aspects of Hitler’s rise to power along with actual materials during the war, it was also a Nazi money-laundering bank which was eventually exposed for having millions of dollars of Nazi money in its vaults.

The Union Banking Corporation of New York was eventually seized for violations of the Trading with the enemy Act. Guess who the director and vice president of the Union Bank was? Prescott Bush, our current president’s grandfather and of course our former president’s father. Keep that in mind when considering the moral and political dispositions of the Bush family.

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