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Welcome to   An alternative media and news site.  Dedicated to the truth, true journalism and to the truth movement.  The articles, quotes, books and movies are all freely provided here for one reason; to let everyone know the truth about our universe so everyone may be free of propaganda and make informed decisions about the world around them.

The mass media provides an untruthful reality to brainwash the masses.  Independent media sites like are a growing source of information that is based upon reality and fact.  Not political control and deceit.  This site does not make money at all. It does not charge for advertising or for content.  There is no money drives or requests for donations.  The motivation of this site is to enable the population to see the forest for the trees and to wake up everyone to the reality that we are being controlled by an evil few.  Wars are being waged, millions of innocent lives are taken for profit and greed.  Starvation, poverty, economic collapse, all controlled stages of a stupid world game played by a cabal of corrupt fascists that have been in power for too long.

The truth will set us free, because we are imprisoned and enslaved to a corrupt system that relies on illusion and lies.  The power of programming and propaganda forged over thousands of years, is instantly lost forever, once the truth is known. We have been slaves for thousands of years.  Once in physical bondage, then econ

omic slavery and finally their plan is totalitarian fascist control with perpetual mass genocide in the name of eugenics and the fake war on terror.

The time has come to switch the global understanding of our reality.  We must expose the puppet masters to free the masses from their grip. This time we are in is very exciting due to the fact that

more people know the truth today than ever before, and this tyrannical reign can finally come to an end.  With the power of the internet, email and activism, the truth movement is spreading, and the corrupt, evil, war mongering, genocidal few that are in power now, are loosing their grip on the world because people are learning the truth and doing something about it.

The truth will enlighten, inspire, awaken, and unite us.  United we are unstoppable.  Their first order of business was divide and conquer, so ours must be to learn the truth and unite.  We out number the new world order millions to one. Its time we realized our power of strength in numbers. The power of their propaganda is instantly lost once the truth is known, add the strength of unity and we can bring utopia to planet earth as a collective.  We can communicate as a collective and decide what is best for us all, we can abolish the structure that breeds corruption where the few decides what is best for the many.  And forge a system of self-government where the masses decide what is best for the masses.

Please do your part and assist the truth movement.  Email links to articles, share directly from the article.  Tell others about and sites like Truth11 so they can find out what is really going on.  The Truth Will Set Us Free.

Empowered With The Truth, United We Stand For Peace, Freedom, Health And Happiness For All

Writer and Truth11 Editor

Dylan Eleven


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