The truth of the financial crisis and a real stimulus package that would actually work.

Dylan Eleven /

The reality of the banking crisis is they leveraged the loans using the fractional reserve banking system to falsely inflate the money supply. Its like a pyramid scheme. For every deposit, they can create 9 times that deposit in loans. If the loans start to fail, and they had 1:1 deposits for loans, the system would not crash. Instead they created money from thin air, and when it starts to crash, the whole thing collapses like a house of cards. It is a direct responsibility of the banks and the fed, how they did loans. The spending part is what kept the economy going for so long. Even if the spending had been the same, with a non-fractional reserve system, they economy would not crash. Now poeple don’t spend and they cant pay, plus the interest on the deficit has grown to the point it cannot be paid. The pyramid scheme is coming to an end and as with any pyramid scheme, the numbers make no sense at the end of the cycle, the ones at the end of the scheme get screwed. They new this would happen 97 years ago, when they started the sceme.

The reality is the plan they have to fix the problem has nothing to do with recovery. They are basically giving debt to each individual instead of financial help. They are giving the money to the corrupt banking institutions and it is disappearing at an alarming rate. The current course they are taking is hurting the economy instead of helping. It is robbing the taxpayers and enslaving them for generations to come.

To date it amounts to about $50,000 per person in the US. That was given to corrupt, failing institutions and has to be paid by every man, woman and child. A real stimulus would be, instead of charging us all with $50,000, they gave every man woman and child, $50,000 to spend, free of charge, with no need to pay it back. Just like they are doing to the banks. If they gave us all $50,000, there would not be a car on the lot for sale. Housing markets would boom. Malls would be packed, the economy would go crazy. At worst case people would spend at least some of it. Everyone would benefit. Now that is a stimulus package.