Obama’s International Apology Hajj /I’m going to tax the American people into third world status, and buy your friendship with gifts from the American treasury, just like I bought voters with the table scraps of others, to win the election back home. I don’t care what I have to do to that awful slave country; I am going to be popular all over the world no matter how much it costs American citizens.

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Obama’s International Apology Hajj

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By JB Williams  Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama: Dear kind anti-American world, America has been terrible for 232 years. Even my wife was ashamed to be an American until recently, last November to be specific. I’m king now, my wife is proud of American for the first time in her life, and I’m with you on the subject of “bad arrogant America” and that horrible man, George Bush. We all hate America and Bush. We can build upon this common ground.

For the first time in world history, you can now like and trust America, because I’m not George Bush. I’m going to tax the American people into third world status, and buy your friendship with gifts from the American treasury, just like I bought voters with the table scraps of others, to win the election back home. I don’t care what I have to do to that awful slave country; I am going to be popular all over the world no matter how much it costs American citizens. I’m your friend…

If international terrorists, theocratic thugs and communist dictators like you, that’s a bad thing in America

An anti-America trash talking tour might gain you rock star status in some parts of the world, but how will Americans feel about it back home? The Dixie Chicks got off easy, with smashed CDs on American streets and plummeting record and ticket sales that left them on the entertainment industry unemployment line back home. Obama may not get off that easy…

Just for the record, if international terrorists, theocratic thugs and communist dictators like you, that’s a bad thing in America. You might be the most popular US president in other parts of the world, after throwing America under the bus to gain international popularity. But that’s what cost the Dixie Chicks what was once, a very successful career.

The Problem with Populism

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Saturday shows that only thirty-four percent (34%) of the nation’s voters now “Strongly Approve” of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President, while thirty-one percent (31%) “Strongly Disapprove.”

On January 21st, his first day in office, (44%) “Strongly Approved” while only (16%) “Strongly Disapproved.” Most Americans were at least willing to give him a chance, even many who voted against Obama last November.

Thirty days later, on February 21st, Obama’s ratings had dropped from (44%) to (38%) who “Strongly Approved,” while those who “Strongly Disapprove” almost doubled, jumping from (16%) to (28%).

In less than 90 days in office, Obama’s (+28%) approval rating has evaporated, standing at a net (+3%) approval rating as of Monday April 6th.

This is the first problem with populism. When you try to pander to all points of view in a grand effort to be “popular,” your efforts to be all things to all people will end in your being nothing of any use to anyone. At best, that’s where Obama is headed.

Watching Obama’s maiden voyage into international foreign policy is like watching a five year old climb on and off the bus for his first day of kindergarten. Frightened by the new territory, uncertain about the welcome he might (or might not) receive, and anxious to make a good first impression, he does all he knows to do… and hopes to make it through the day without his first fist fight.

So, eager to be “popular,” Obama seeks a popular message for the audience at hand. Believing that the world hates America and George Bush, he attempts to set the foundation for his new friendships upon that common ground, without realizing that he is building that foundation upon ever shifting sands.

To be sure, some around the world, namely terrorists and tyrants, hated George Bush and everything America has ever been. Even some Americans, who have been trained over the years to believe that communism is a progressive idea, hate Bush and America too. This is the common belief system that leads Obama to toss the United States under the bus on foreign soil. But it will backfire, first at home, then abroad.

He wants the world to think he is “one of them.” Of course, for the average American, this means that he is NOT “one of us…”

Popularity at a Price

The Dixie Chicks found out the hard way that international popularity based upon America bashing, comes at a very high price. Sean Penn might be an anti-American icon in Europe, but he is just a sad joke in America.

Danny Glover is a famous actor known for his repeat performances in the Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon movies. He’s also a well-known traitor to American principles and values of freedom, globe-trotting to promote communism in Cuba, Venezuela, Africa, and beyond.

Obama’s momentary rock star status is based upon his willingness to use anti-American rhetoric to lure international fans and American citizens who don’t like America much. But that foundation is built upon the shifting sands of fluid international alliances, supported by a spineless national allegiance.

Destroying America is Very Popular in Some Parts

Since Obama was fraudulently elected last November, the savings and investments have lost more than 30% of their value, the dollar is in trouble and taxpayer debt, unemployment and home foreclosures are sky-rocketing. The nation has taken giant leap upon giant leap into unbridled secular socialism and Obama’s team rushes to grab control of the banking industry, the auto industry, the energy industry and the health industry.

This is all good news to many around the world who hate free-market capitalism and American prosperity and power, but love the falling sovereignty and security of the greatest nation on earth and last remaining super-power.

Freedom loving people all over the world, weep for America today. Notice that Obama is not visiting any of those nations on his whirlwind Hajj…

Obama chooses his audience very carefully. He is not drawing crowds of pro-American freedom loving capitalists. He is playing only to anti-American communist oriented thugs and theocrats in search of an American retreat from capitalism, the international spread of freedom, and the war against international Islamic terror.

Obama plays very well to America’s enemies. But how is he doing with America’s many friends?

Those Who Love America, Worry about Obama

When socialist states warn that Obama is spending and taxing too much, there is an undisguised message in that warning. Even Russia has warned, “We’ve tried that and it doesn’t work!” Clearly, Obama is too communist for the average international socialist.

In Obama brings home a mixed bag from Europe, the reliably liberal LA Times writes,

“The president accomplished less than he had hoped. The Group of 20 leaders agreed to funnel more money into the International Monetary Fund for struggling nations, but France and Germany resisted U.S. urging to increase domestic government spending in order to stimulate the economy. Supportive of U.S. efforts to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center, France nonetheless offered to take a grand total of one Algerian prisoner off Obama’s hands.”

In other words, the Obama trip was BIG on anti-American rhetoric, but well short on any real results.

For Americans who give a hoot what Istanbul thinks, Reuters reports, “President Barack Obama’s eight-day overseas trip yielded success on a top goal: signalling to the world a new US approach that breaks with the “go it alone” style of President George W. Bush.” (Note Reuters spelling of signaling…) – Obama’s “top goal” of this million dollar trip was to advise the world that George Bush was no longer president? – That the new communicator-in-chief is a communal thinker? This was the “top goal?” Talk about setting the bar low…

As even a public school third grader could have predicted, Obama’s anti-American rhetoric and empty promises garnered applause in parts of the world anxious to see America stripped of its super-power status. But when the time came for Obama to cash in on his anti-American Kumbaya Tour, the results were less than stellar… They were all but nonexistent.

Returning home with an empty bag of results, he could face an angry American mob, not at all impressed with his Dixie Chick styled willingness to talk America into the toilet. Obama’s Penn-like effort to blame America first, last and often, won little more than applause from the star-struck audience abroad.

Obama had a (+3%) approval rating before he spent several days America-bashing abroad. It will be interesting to see what that number becomes after he returns home empty handed. Like the average sniveling liberal who thinks he can buy friendship with the schoolyard bully by handing over his lunch money every day, Obama is about to learn the hard way that real friends can’t be bought. Only your enemies can be bought, and only temporarily. If you have to buy them, they aren’t your friends…

Obama returns home to explain how he lost his lunch money and still got beat up. Most Americans are proud to be citizens of the freest most prosperous and powerful nation on earth. Most see no need for Obama to apologize to the world’s thugs and theocrats, let alone give up taxpayer-funded milk money just to receive nothing in return.

The Obama press will continue to fawn over this anti-American Resident of the White House, until he reaches the low to mid twenties with a negative net approval rating. Then they will turn on him just like they did Bush, once he lost his enormous popularity following his handling of 9/11.

Like our enemies abroad, which Obama hopes will become our fair-weather friends for the next four years; his minions in the press will be friendly only up to a point. After the rhetoric fails to bring any real results and the star-struck crowds get their feet back on the ground, worsening conditions at home and abroad will leave the press anxious to turn on Obama, just as they did George Bush.

Few conservatives watch the leftist MSNBC news network, unable to stomach the anti-American rantings of talking heads like Keith Olbermann or Chris Matthews, each of whom has a child-like crush on Obama.

Still, even the MSNBC Obama public opinion poll demonstrates reality, though it will never make the top of the hour news, even on MSNBC…

With 1.8 million respondents thus far, (57%) give Obama a failing grade of either “D” or “F,” a full (43%) giving him an “F” for his un-presidential performance. (See theMSNBC poll)

Populism is akin to the 15 minutes of fame most people will experience at some point in life. It’s seldom based upon anything real, and it never lasts long. Obama’s 15 minutes are almost up! The people won’t fall for empty rhetoric forever…and they will soon tire of the anti-American sentiment.

People, who stand for nothing, will fall for anything. America’s free-fall will end the minute Americans begin to stand for something again, and not a moment before! The anti-American sentiment can only be overcome by a stronger pro-American action. Sadly, it seems that the tragedy befalling our nation will have to become “personal” for more Americans, before they will take a “personal” interest in ending this charade.

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