Constitutional Law Expert: “It Appears the ‘Yes We Can’ Means ‘Yes We Can Do Most Anything That We Want’ When it Comes to Unlawful Programs.”

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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley is slamming the Obama administration on its continuation of Bush spying policy:

In yet another break with its campaign promise to fight to restore civil liberties and privacy, the Obama Administration has made a breathtaking claim of state secrets to block a public interest organization from suing the government for illegal surveillance. There is not a scintilla of difference in the legal position of President Obama and the position of President Bush in trying to quash any effort to challenge unlawful surveillance by the government. It appears the “yes we can” means “yes we can do most anything that we want” when it comes to unlawful programs.

Here is Turley talking with Keith Olbermann:

I voted for Obama, and had high hopes that – as a former constitutional law teacher – Obama would restore the Constitution and rule of law in America. I am sorely disappointed.

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