Ron Paul: Neoconservatives backing Obama’s foreign policy

Stephen C. Webster
Raw Story
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ron Paul: Neoconservatives backing Obamas foreign policy ronpaulrevolution

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In a little noticed editorial yesterday, Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul fired a shot across the bow of every progressive activist in the U.S., a great many of whom are supporters of President Barack Obama.

Oh, you didn’t hear about this? I couldn’t be any less surprised.

Published to the Campaign for Liberty Web site, the editorial takes up a favored issue for liberty-leaning Republicans: the Budget. Congressman Paul’s message on money is quite unlike any of his Republican colleagues and quite the opposite of the Obama administration’s. Naturally, he predicts unprecedented spending will trigger dire consequences.

But that’s nothing exactly new from Paul, per se. What caught my eye was paragraph three, which reads:

Some may notice that the neo-conservatives who masterminded the policy of global interventions are not complaining about the level of military and foreign spending. This is because rather than drawing down our costly interventions, Obama is largely staying the course on these issues. In fact, this week a group of leading neoconservatives met to discuss how best to support the President on foreign policy! I am disappointed and concerned that, in spite of a change in leadership, we will remain the policeman of the world, placing ourselves at grave danger in many ways.

Paul, who has always struck me as one of the few genuine, honest politicians out there, has a gigantic following. In a sense, he represents many, many more people than just members of his district. He’s like the Republican Dennis Kucinich, calling for a return to principles and his party’s original grand ideas.

And he’s got a lot of friends on the Left: people who otherwise fundamentally disagree with Libertarian philosophies of governing, but nonetheless recognize the obvious truths littered throughout his every speech. For crying out loud, HBO’s most favored liberal, none other than Bill Maher, absolutely loves the guy. And from what I’ve gathered in my time as an associate editor for Raw Story, so do many of you guys.

Now, it’s your turn to sound off. I want to hear it from you on two points …

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