The Hijacking of Our Movement and the Next Wave of Patriots

Daily Paul
Thursday, April 9, 2009

Like many of you I get the sense that our movement is being hijacked. Over the last couple of years, as our numbers grew and our influence increased, I’ve often wondered how the establishment would try to take down our movement. Would they demonize the patriots in the media like they did in the 90’s? Would they try to infiltrate our movement and set up their own false leaders from within like they’ve done with other political movements? I’ve been waiting to see what the establishment would do because I knew that day would come. They can ignore us for only so long. Well, it appears they are taking another route by attempting to co-opt the movement, keep people locked into left right politics, and water down the message of liberty.

I went to the Orlando Tea Party a few weeks ago. I was really encouraged to see thousands of people show up to protest the bailouts and stimulus packages. I came away from the event discouraged, though. It was essentially an Obama bash fest. Most of the people there were Republicans that seemed to have short memories. I guess they forget that it was their man George Bush that started all of this mess. They spoke of liberty and the Constitution, but they didn’t seem to know what it all meant. Then there is Glenn Beck. We’ve all watched with suspicion the “awakening” of Glenn Beck. Is this a move by the establishment? Sean Hanity, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin, and Newt Gingrich are now jumping on the Tea Party bandwagon. It seems apparent that this is a move by the right to hijack the message of liberty and steer it into a dead end.

The more I ponder this move by the establishment, the more I come to realize that they are making a huge mistake. THEY ARE DELIVERING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE INTO OUR HANDS! If Glen Beck’s message really is controlled, then they make a huge mistake by letting him bring up subjects like FEMA camps, globalism, and the gold standard. As people look into these topics on their own, they awaken and start the strange journey down the rabbit hole. As they do independent research on the internet, they arrive at sites with links to other liberty sites. These are OUR websites! This is OUR message. We OWN the message. We dominate the market so to speak. There are thousands and thousands of liberty websites, thousands of YouTube videos, and thousands of liberty minded folks on social networks. The establishment might own the airwaves, but we own the internet.

The problem with trying to control the message of liberty is that you can’t. Once you learn the message of liberty, your world view completely changes. By simply studying the intent of the founders and what rights really are, you awaken to the fact the left/right paradigm is false. You also start to quickly realize that the media is controlled. Once you are awake, you can never go back to sleep.

The first big wave of our movement was the Patriot Movement back in the 80’s and 90’s. The second big wave came with Ron Paul’s presidential run (that’s how many of us got involved.) Folks, like it or not, Glen Beck’ audience and all those that are attending the Tea Parties are the next surge of our movement. There are millions of people that are fed up with the government. They are awakening to the fact that our Federal government no longer represents them. These people are looking for answers. They are looking for something different.

Unfortunately, these people are still locked into the false left/right paradigm. We need to “co-opt” the “co-opt” attempt. We need to steer these people in the direction of true liberty. I think the most important thing we need to do is to grow our movement. They are open to our message. We have a fantastic opportunity to swell our ranks. I don’t know if we’ll have another shot at this. The attempt by the establishment to steal our movement could go either way, but if we do nothing, I know which way it will go.

This is what I’m doing. I think the Tea Parties next week are the perfect opportunity for us to spread the liberty message. We can make a lot of converts there. I plan to go to my local Tea Party, not as a protestor, but as a promoter. While all of the newbies enjoy the event and shake their fists at Washington, I’ll be working the crowd. I’m going to hand out literature and DVD’s. I’m also promoting the event locally. I’ve been on local message boards and tomorrow I start my leafleting campaign. To prevent this from becoming a Republican event, I’m making it clear on the handouts that this event is for all Americans and that both parties are to blame.

I’ll close with a really cool quote I saw here on the DailyPaul:

“I simply do not understand why so few comprehend that the greatest weapon against the tyrant is the truth. Their method of control is through knowledge. They need us to believe the lie. Once we know the truth the lie loses it’s power, turns to dust and blows away.”

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