Zeitgeist Movies In Full / 1. Zeitgeist, 2. Zeitgeist Addendum, 3. Zeitgeist Movement Orientation Guide

I highly reccomend you watch all three movies.  In order.  These movies in my opinion are the most important movies of our time.

1. Zeitgeist

2. Zeitgeist Addendum

3. Zeitgeist Activist Orientation Guide

4. And being released in October 2010: Zeitgeist III

All movies can be downloaded direclty and saved in dvd format for free on the Zeitgeist movement website listed below.  I urge you to visit the Zeitgeist web site for a huge amount of information, and you can join the Zeitgeist movement.  Information on the Venus Project is also on these sites.




I would like to congratulate and thank all who are involved in these movies and projects.  Peter Joseph, Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows and all others involved and everyone who are members of the Zeitgeist movement.

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