Tea Parties in America / Mainstream media types are convincing themselves that TEA Party Day rallies in over 2,014 cities are not worthy of coverage.

Tea Parties in America

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By Judi McLeod  Wednesday, April 15, 2009

imageNews for the newsmakers on T-Day:  No one expects you to cover Tea Party Day in America.

Between sips of latte in the “newsrooms” of America on April 15, mainstream media types are convincing themselves that TEA Party Day rallies in over 2,014 cities are not worthy of coverage.

There’s the First Dog and Michelle’s false eyelashes more worthy to report on.

Long gone are the days when erstwhile editors with pencils tucked behind their ears yelled “Stop the Presses!” That’s because the presses ground to a tortured halt years before the mainstream media ever climbed right into the tank with a guy called Barack Obama.

“The mainstream media have not covered today’s TEA Party rallies because they are fearful that coverage would hurt President Obama and the liberals’ chances of getting a $1-trillion tax increase passed,” says Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman of the American Family Association.

How can the mainstream media possibly “hurt” a president who (a) trashes his own country every time he’s abroad, (b) sees a new America that is neither Christian nor Judeo, and (c) runs an administration that sees returning war vets as dangerous right-wing agitators?

More accurately put, it is Obama who keeps shooting himself in his right foot and a mainstream media who keep trying to give him the spin to look like he’s not hobbling along White House corridors with frisky “Bo”.

The good reverend cites Leslie Marshall, a nationally syndicated liberal radio host, who said outright, “The mainstream media are not covering the rallies because they’re not worthy (italics mine)of coverage.”

In our throwaway society, the taxpaying citizens of countries don’t matter much anymore.

In a world gone ga-ga over “The Messiah’s picture”, the mainstream media no longer gets the big picture.

“How about that! Small rallies in 10 cities protesting the war get extensive coverage, but the biggest tax protest in the history of America is ignored! says Wildmon.

News of the rallies will be reported where it matters most–where people read the news. That is on Internet websites like MichelleMalkin.com and the Drudge Report.  Professor of Organizational Leadership at Colombia University David Buckner had not even picked himself up off the FoxNews floor when Drudge had his fainting spell posted online yesterday.

Here’s how it works for the more archaic mainstream media.  Newspaper subscribers who want to read what happened today will have to wait until tomorrow for hometown coverage on page 82. With FOXNews checking in throughout the day, by tomorrow any news the print media comes up with will be stale anyway.

Malkin and Matt Drudge don’t have to fight their way through unions, bureaucracy, or editorial board meetings that put most reporters into a deeper sleep.  They will have the news posted to the Internet as quickly as “The One” makes faux pas without his TelePrompTer.

Then there’s FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and hardworking bloggers who get to the news.

Mainstream media doesn’t get it.  They’re still out covering the small rallies in 10 cities protesting the war.  Mainstream media loves the Moonbats even though they lost their biggest battle on a blustery March 17, 2007.

That’s the day when a loudly heralding mainstream media, predicted that hundreds of thousands would descend upon Washington to desecrate the war memorials.  Jane Fonda and a gaggle of Hollywood celebrities would be there to meet the Moonbats on what was to be the 40th anniversary of the Mother of All Protests.

All the Moonbats really wanted was to desecrate Washington war memorials and abuse the memories of the brave Fallen.

The hundreds of thousands promised never happened.  Fonda was a no-show and the big talking Hollywood celebrities, who were supposed to lend her moral support, left Cindy Sheehan out in the cold on her own.

No one that day laid a finger on the cherished war memorials.  Finding themselves outnumbered by the other side for the first time in 40 years, the Moonbats departed the scene taking a skulking media with them.

They weren’t chased away or threatened with violence.  It was worse.  They were stared down by a group of ordinary patriots, known nobly to this day as The Gathering of Eagles.  Veterans joining up from as far away as Hawaii, left the capitol knowing that the war memorials stand for what they always stood for, time immemorial, the heroes who are fallen soldiers.

“God blessed The Gathering of Eagles.  They did it!” trumpeted Canada Free Press.

And on April 15, 2009 in Obama’s Nation the mainstream media will be bringing up the rear on the day when ordinary Americans waved Old Glory in more than 2,014 cities.

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