Ron Paul On Secession / Defines principle as an American tradition


Monday, April 20, 2009

The Congressman discusses the fact that the right of secession is an American tradition and not “unpatriotic” or “treasonous” as the media has portrayed it.

Defines principle as an American tradition

Steve Watson
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Texas Congressman Ron Paul appeared on CNN’s Morning America today to defend the right of secession as an American tradition amid a growing media misrepresentation of the concept as unpatriotic.

“I think the biggest surprise to me was the outrage expressed toward an individual who even thinks along these lines,” The Congressman commented.

“I heard people say this was treasonous and this was un-American, but don’t they remember how we came into being? We used secession, we seceded from England.” Paul said.

The Congressman explained that just because people are talking about the principle of secession, that doesn’t mean that they are calling for it.

“It’s a very good principle, it’s a principle of a free society and it’s a shame we don’t have it anymore.” Paul said

“I argue that if we had the principle of secession our Federal government wouldn’t be as intrusive into State affairs, and to me that would be very good.”

The subject hit headlines last week when Texas Governor Rick Perry raised the prospect of Texas seceding from the union.

Critics have charged that Perry is exploiting the burgeoning States rights’ movement for his own political ends.

Turning to the economy, the Congressman was also asked whether select banks turning over record profits was an indication of the success of the bailout policy, to which he replied:

“If a gangster steals money and he’s successful you don’t celebrate! This is just going to make the people angrier.”

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