Homeland Security, Bush, Obama and Hitler

By Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

Does it bother anyone else that the term “Homeland Security” has been used by Nazi’s such as Bush, Obama and Hitler. Connecting the dots is very simple;

Bush = Nazi / Obama = Nazi / Hitler = Nazi

Bush = Obama = Hitler = Fascist Nazis all of them.

QUOTE:  “An evil exists that threatens every man, woman, and child of this great nation. We must take steps to ensure our domestic security and protect our homeland.”

Bush’s writers can’t take credit for that line. It is actually a quote of Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler staged an attack as well and blamed it on communist terrorists. Shortly after, he passed the Enabling Act, which completely eradicated the the German constitution, destroying people’s liberties. He then led a series of preemptive wars that were justified to the German people as necessary to maintaining HOMELAND SECURITY.

Homeland security, staged attacks, blaming terrorists, destroying people’s liberties…. Any of this setting off big alarms?

Concentration camps = FEMA camps

Invasion of Poland, France you name it… = Invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, you name it….

Hitlers Nazi Fascist Dictatorship = Bush/Obama’s Nazi Fascist Dictatorship. Same shit different year.

For all those out there who still are waiting for change.  Don’t wait too long, before you know it you will be looking back saying, wow, now I know how the Germans let Hitler do those terrible things, because the masses let Bush and are letting Obama do the exact same thing.

Not me. Not anyone dedicated to the truth.  We see the paralles, we see the lies they spew, we see the truth behind the scenes, we see the truth right out in plain view.  And our numbers are growing very quickly.  Don’t belive the hype!  Stand up now, we can make real change.