KRS ONE and Professor Griff Slam Obama in New Documentary
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hip-Hop pioneer KRS ONE and former Public Enemy member Professor Griff are not convinced that President Obama will deliver the “change” he promised throughout his presidential campaign. The collaborative skepticism spawned a documentary, “The Obama Deception,” in which the two speak out about the hype surrounding the first African American President.

At the dawn of the presidential race KRS was in full support of then Senator Obama and said that his presidential win would be “great for Ameirca.” However, the rapper’s perspective has shifted and he now turns a critical eye towards Obama.

KRS’s latest point was captured when a freestyle he performed was streamed over the internet and raised questions among his fans. During the performance he asked, “in four years will we still like him, in eight years will we still hype him?” He further stated, “the new world order just put on a black face.”

According to, when the show ended he explained his apprehension and mistrust towards President Obama: “After we leave the emotionalism alone, what should we be looking out for” Just because we have an African American president doesn’t mean that he’s not going to continue the Bush agenda. I’m not dissing anybody, but a politician is a politician.”

The artist strongly believes that corporate fat cats will maintain control over Washington and the White House regardless of who sits in the Oval Office, reports

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