The DHS Memo Is an Attempt to Politicise Law Enforcement

The DHS Memo Is an Attempt to Politicise Law Enforcement


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By George Potts Thompson  Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is far worse than you imagine.

What all of you fail to grasp was that the entire point of the DHS memo which is POLITICIZE state and local law enforcement.  That memo will be read by some big city liberal police chief, like the former Montgomery County Md Chief Moose It will give him “Probable Cause” to begin an investigation upon some schmuck who has an NRA or Ron Paul bumper sticker on their vehicle.

If that liberal police chief wants to investigate some individual for simply opposing his political worldview, he could conceivably use that DHS memo to the District Magistrate along with his “Probable Cause Affidavit” to get a search warrant, or authorization for a wiretap.

It would not surprise me to learn that Federal funding is being made available just to enlist local law enforcement to assist DHS in identifying who is a “threat”  to Obama’s nascent Regime.  I use the term “Regime”since it is beginning to behave like one rather than an “Administration.”

The FBI also began a similar policy shortly after the inauguration in the form of “Operation Vigilant Eagle” which also identified Combat Arms Veterans as potential threats.  The DHS “Memo” was not a mistake or the musings of some overly partisan employee at DHS.  It is apparently the policy of this administration to compile “Enemies Lists.”

Obama  did something similar to tip his hand when he showed up in Iraq.  A Soldier who was there said that they were asked “Who voted for The President.”  Those who did, were given digital cameras and whisked of to be with Obama.  The soldiers who did not vote for Obama were not given the opportunity to be with their Commander in Chief.  The soldier who related the story said that the digital cameras appear to be made by the same manufacturer.

This is crafting of the audience to eliminate anyone who might not applaud when Obama speaks. This doesn’t surprise me.  I saw a video about a month ago of Obama meeting a group of Marines whose response to the President was tepid at best.Their Commander was heard to apologize to the President for his Marines lack of rousing enthusiasm.

These are Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”  tactics on display   It is an attempt to turn local and state police into agents for the advancement of a Far Left Political aganda,  One which sees anyone to thepolitical  Right of William Ayers as a “Potential Threat” or “Person of Interest.”  It is Orwellian and is reminisent of police state tactics like those used in the old East Germany under the Stasi which had half of East Germany spying on the other half.  This was also standard operating procedure in Nazi Germnay and Soviet Russia.

It has ramification beside having an FBI file opened on law abiding Americans.  It can also result in law abiding people being placed on “No Fly” lists, or placed on the “Prohibited Individual” list for the purchase of a firearm.

Warnings of Obamas real radical worldview were dismissed as “Kook Theory” or the rantings of “Right Wing Extremists.” DHS has now identified what it fbelieves are the greatest threats to America.  It is not Osama Bin Ladin, the Anarchists at the G-20, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, Hezzbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, or the Muslim Brotherhood, or those Islamist Training camps in Va. and upstate New York.

No, the President and the Dept. of Homeland Security apparently views as a threat every American who voted for anyone but Mr. Obama.

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