Waiting for ‘Change’

Waiting for ‘Change’


A homeless person standing at a street light, waiting for the next set of cars to stop.  Waiting for “Change”.

Is this the change we expected?  Is this the change we were promised?  Is this the change we deserve?  Is this the change we accept?  …No its not.

Economic collapse, fake stimulus packages, corrupt bailouts, and general robbery of the American people, has left everyone further in debt, with an economy evenworse than before.  Wow, that was a complete failure, blatent robbery, outrageous rip off.  And has done nothing to help the actual economy, spending is at all time lows, jobless rate increasing daily, and banks still going to go bankrupt.

If they actually wanted to improve the economy, to really give us a break and phyisically help us, (as they falsely stated they were going to do).  Instead of giving us a debt of about $30,000 per man, woman and child, – to supposedly fix the economy -.  Why did they not just give us $30,000 per person, and we do not have to pay it back, just like the banks have done for themselves.

Imagine if everyone got $30,000, chances are some of the population would spend even just a little of that money, cars would be purchased, an iPod or two.  That would create spending.  That would stimulate the economy.   But why stop there, why don’t they instead of printing fictitious monopoly money for themselves and enslaving us to it.  Why not print every man woman and child, 1 million dollars each.  Inflation is fixed by law and everyone gets a real million dollars, to invest, spend, save you name it.  That is an economic stimuls package, guaranteed to work, overnight, the first time.

Dylan Eleven / www.Truth11.wordpress.com

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