Obama to Ensure Constitutional USA Does Not Return

Big Brother Obama is affecting to destroy the USA’s Republic

Obama to Ensure Constitutional USA Does Not Return

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By Sher Zieve Friday, May 1, 2009

About a week ago, I wrote a column that included a long laundry list of what Big Brother Obama is affecting to destroy the USA’s Republic and why he and the Left must do so.  Note:  The underlying reason was and is to seize and retain—at all costs to humans living within the USA—power over We-the-People.  It seems almost impossible to keep up with the presidential usurper Obama’s actions but, I’ll continue to attempt to do so for as long as is possible.

Today, we have Obama taking over the US banks which maintain 2/3 (that’s two-thirds folks!) of the USA’s assets.  He is putting them through his own personal “stress tests” to ensure that they will not and cannot meet his parameters—so that Obama and his fellow anti-USA and globalist buddies will be able to control ALL of America’s funds.  No longer being affected under the cloak and dagger of night, this atrocity is being completed in front of us all.  So, now he will own the banks—take that Hugo Chavez!  Obama will also soon own US car companies—outright.  Under his pretense of it’s “the taxpayers that will own the auto companies” and his less than truthful statement “I don’t want to run auto companies” he is taking them over in order that he and his United Auto Workers union can and will soon run them.

Note:  Handing the keys for General Motors and Chrysler over to the UAW is political payback for its support of Obama during the 2008 presidential election.  We-the-People no longer matter.  At best, Obama considers us pests and nuisances; at worst opposers to his pretender-to-the-throne status.  In fact, We-the-People can go pound sand—or eat cake!  Besides, dismantling and destroying the country appears to have become the most recreational and fun activity Obama, his minions and adherents have ever had.  And his plans include recreating it so that it will never be able to be resurrected as a democratic republic again.  Observation:  That also means the liberties and freedoms will no longer be applicable—as Obama’s plans include making the US Constitution irrelevant in favor of international law.  Don’t think it can happen?  It’s already in process.

Note:  On Thursday’s Rush Limbaugh show, Rush said referencing Obama’s many unconstitutional actions “He can’t do that.” Unconstitutional, legal or not, he’s doing it Rush.  And as Obama continues to seize all of the assets of the American people and more and more power over them, the hammer and sickle of Obama’s totalitarian state will soon be directed at anyone who dares to oppose him and his policies.  When I wrote of Obama being the American Stalin and his election to the presidency of the United States of America ensuring that US citizens will not be able to vote him out of office, I was dead-on serious.  Do you see it now?

As his latest Pièce de résistance, Obama has made the decision—unilaterally we assume—to trade US sovereignty for a high seat position on the UN Human Rights Council.  One of the things Obama is said to be offering is the relinquishing of US citizens’ parental rights to international bodies.  WND reports that if Obama is allowed to hammer his plan through, parents will no longer have control over their own children—the state, Obama and other countries will.

Left unchecked, Obama’s unrelenting frog-march of the USA and its people toward and into oblivion—until all of us have been successfully retrained or exterminated—will be a fait accompli.  His annihilation of the USA will be complete.  It IS coming.  All one need do is read the histories of the rise of other world dictators—before history books have been completely rewritten to reflect only leftist ideologies—to clearly see it.  Those of you who voted for Obama need not even admit it.  All you need to do to begin your own redemption is to work with the real freedom-loving people.  But, sooner or later you’ll have to face it—you’ll eventually have to admit what you’ve done to yourselves.

*Usurper:  One who seizes and holds (a position, office, power, etc.) by force orwithout legal right: The pretender tried to usurp the throne; [or in this case the presidency of the USA]

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