Pandemics, Politics, and Preparedness / Biden revealed to the public what the government wanted kept under wraps.

Biden revealed to the public what the government wanted kept under wraps.

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By George Potts Thompson Sunday, May 3, 2009

In less than one week.  America went from “Dancing With the Stars” to “Twelve Monkeys.” We can speculate how and why this FLU suddenly “appeared” out of nowhere.  We will not likely determine anytime soon whether this was a natural event, or caused by mankind either accidentally or deliberately.

What is readily apparent is that it is a dangerous disease thanks to an unlikely source:  Vice President Joe Biden.  Biden didn’t make another one of his famous “Gaffe’s”  Biden IS the Vice President.  He was briefed on the best information available to CDC.  Biden knew how bad this can possibly get, but just couldn’t keep his big mouth shut.  Biden revealed to the public what the government wanted kept under wraps.

Given the musings of Rahm Emanuel “Never Let a Good Crisis go to Waste” and Obama’s schooling and embracement of Saul Alinsky’s Far Left political strategy, this Pandemic will likely be seen as an opportunity to push through legislation and policies which would otherwise never get passed.

Things like nationalization of the US Health care System is likely to be first, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is already using the disease to push legislation through the House.  If this goes to a World Health Organization Level Six Pandemic, lots of Extra-Constitutional Draconian limits on personal Liberty will be implemented whether they are legal or not.

Control of the Dissemination of Medications by National Command Authority has already occurred.  All stocks of Tamiflu are under control of the National Guard according to CNN’s Barbara Starr.  Limits on public gatherings are possibly next ( Goodbye “Tea Parties” ).  Travel Restrictions,  Disruption of the Food, Fuel, Water Purification and the Power Distribution Networks are a possibility if too many of those skilled workers fall ill, or are ordered to stay home to prevent the disease from spreading.

Meantime we are still permitting more infected Mexican Nationals from entering the US hundreds of US public schools here are now closed.  The Administration is making it clear that there really IS no border with Mexico any longer, even in the face of a Public Health Emergency.

Our enemies are also watching all of this with great interest looking for a chance to exploit us in a time of weakness and confusion.  This apparently doesn’t bother President Obama, as he is utterly clueless when it comes to recognizing REAL threats.  He must truly believe he can charm or “Enchant” the sworn emeies of freedom into becoming his friends.  If he shows them that he means them no harm, well then we can unilaterally disarm and all this War on Terror silliness will be history.

President Obama, and his DHS Secretary instead see Veterans, NRA members, and Tea Party attendees as more dangerous than Osama Bin Ladin, Mahmood Ahmadinejad, or Obama’s new “Comrade,” Russian Prime Minister Medvedev. The Attorney General doesn’t want Americans to possess firearms, but is considering releasing some of the Guantanamo terrorists onto American Streets and hand them welfare checks to get a good start here.

These people have a worldview which ignores real threats, yet creates imagined ones out of the average American citizenry who are not “Fellow Travelers” of the Far Political left.

What this boils down to in the end is that you and yours are pretty much on your own now.  Let that sink in.  Nobody is coming to save you.  Your trust should be in God, and your own self reliance.

It is unlikely that if a General Quarantine is imposed that the government will be coming to your door three times a day to deliver you food, water, medication, or anything else. They couldn’t even handle ONE American City after Katrina, how will they handle a FLU as bad as the one in 1918?

The function of the Federal Government is no longer to be the servants of the American People.  The Federal Government and its employees now exist to serve and protect  themselves FIRST.  The American people are WAY down the list if they are even on it at all anymore. The Tamiflu is under lock and key because “First Responders,” health care workers, and government employees will get them FIRST.

Just accept it, and move on.  You exist to fund them, their policies, and their bloated salaries whether you like it or not.  They don’t care about you or your families or they’d have closed that Southern Border a week ago.

Their priorities are to protect themselves via Continuity of Government, expansion of an expanding, dependent welfare state, and the likely integration of Canada, Mexico and the US as they will present this as the “only solution” to the Housing, Banking, Credit, Auto Manufacturing, eventual dollar devaluation via inflation and now the Pandemic “Public Health Crisis” which may tank an already teetering economy.

We intend to discuss at length what is necessary to have so as not to be dependent on the unreliable authorities, or be forced to go without in ANY Emergency not just this one. But if you are still watching Dancing with the Stars or Flip this House, and sitting in your home with only three day’s supply of food in your pantry?

You may be whistling past the Graveyard…. literally.

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