Answer 20 Questions and save the planet! A guide for a simple global revolution resulting in freedom, peace and utopia.

By Dylan Eleven / Truth11


Thank you to the individuals who created the single best communication tool, enabling the human race to speak to each-other, the Internet.    The internet, in my opinion was one of the most important creations to free the human race from slavery.

Not only is the internet an amazing tool for communication, that has connected us and given us the ability to have more people on the planet today, percentage wise and numerically,  know the truth about our world, than ever before.  The staggering rate of free communication has elevated the human race’s understanding of the true workings of our planet.   This is obviously very good for us all.


As good as it is, however I feel the internet has a greater potential benefit for us all.


In my opinion the true gift of the internet is not just the free communication of every man woman and child.  It is the ability for every man woman and child, to speak to every other man, woman and child on the planet, at the exact same time.


This is something that has never been achieved before.   A global conversation.



Think of the power of this.


As an analogy, consider this illustration;  There is 100,000 people in a room.  1 guy is killing, cheating, stealing, and demanding that many other do the same.  One guy is creating havoc for everyone else.   He dosent have a gun, he is just doing all this harm by telling other people to do it for him.  The 99,999 other people don’t like what this guy is telling them to do however they all go along with it.  The only reason they do, is because they saw a TV commercial before entering the room, stating that it was ok to do what this guy tells you to.  Follow him and do it forever.


Well, what if someone stood on a stool and asked the entire crowd a question.


“Listen up everyone!   Do we all want to do what this guy is telling us to?”…..  “NO!”

“Sorry buddy but we dont want to do this, we are not going to do this any more”.


How long do you think he would continue to force us to do it?


In one second his power has been removed.



This is what a singular conversation with everyone at the same time can do.


Now think about every person on the planet.  We all ask ourselves at one time, certain questions.  We all vote and the majority rules!…  Simple… The masses take control of themselves and stop listening to the few control freaks in power. Their power is evaporated as we are united.  Their first rule is DIVIDE and Conquer.


Their scam dosent work if we are UNITED.




Here is an example of how it could work:


Either on a website, or by email, everyone answers 20 questions.   It could be 30, or 100, whatever… The key is they are the same questions.


Everybody answers, everyone votes, the results are tabulated and the masses have spoken. We immediatly stop listening to the the corrupt few and implement the positive results we choose for ourselves…. Simple.





What would you ask, what 20 questions would you poll the planet?.




Here is an example question;


Question 1: Do you want peace or war?.  Specifically do you want for yourself or anyone you love, to get killed in a war, or be hurt in anyway?


I think you would find that every person on the planet would choose:  Peace and safety for themselves and their loved ones.   The vote would be 100% Peace.   Even the 0.00000000000000000001%, who are presently chooses war, would would not answer that question differently, as they would have to put themselves at risk and actually participate in the war, instead of having someone else do it for them.


If every person on the planet wants peace then that then why are we all fighting?  Its not because we want it, its because a few idiots tell us its necessary.  Its not necessary nor wanted.  Why are we listening to the 0.00000000000000000001% of people?  Why do they choose for the rest of us?  Its is not becasue it is good for us, or they know best for us, or they are even trying to do good for us.  Its because they told you thats the way it is.

We are spoon fed the lies of the few by the media, government, religious dogma, and by the rest of 1% that owns 90% of the wealth.  They control the media and like programming us at nausea.


So because the few have the voice, we all listen to them.  And they have control.


The power of the internet could reach its full potentinal by connecting the planets popultion with itself.  With the help of the internet we can currenlty communicate without them, truth is being told everyday, and they see that as the single biggest threat to them.  Wait until they get the planets answers to 20 questions.


Growing communication is great lets keep it up.  But singular communication is instant revolution.

There is great power in this.  If we can send a joke around the world, why not a global poll that would help us unite our efforts.


The few is beatings us becasue they are very united. The united propaganda effort by the elite few is quite staggering.  But it is built on an lie.  An evil lie.  By a few people.  Weak… Lame….People.


Imagine the power of a collective effort of the masses, built on peace, truth and freedom for all.  Far more powerful than the lame few.


The few dictators would loose control instantly.  The masses have spoken.





  1. Submit 20 questions you would ask the planet.
  2. Make it into one list.  (I’m sure the majority of the planets questions would be the same)
  3. Send the list around the world, have every man woman and child answer,
  4. Tabulate the results
  5. Implement the results

7.  Enjoy



Dylan Eleven

Writer, Teacher of the Truth,



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