The economy is a fake entity that enslaves us. It needs to be dropped, let it collapse, but don’t let them re package it and sell it back to us.


Dylan Eleven

Problems with the economy, banks are bankrupt, the system is failing;  I say let it fail!.  The system is a fake entity anyway, even when its working it is a fake system that favors a few.  A recent article HERE article outlines that they are trying to fool everyone and the economy will do just fine.  They are thinking it will work, because it has worked for so long.  In order for a monetary system to enslave the participants in a game, they players must be fooled into believing its real and they must not know its a game.  If they did, the enslaving power would be lost.

This is what should happen!  The lid is blown off this control system that has enslaved us for too long.   We don’t need them or their money. We certainly do not need to prop up a false entity of the economic system by further enslaving us for generations to debt and servitude.   Stimulus Package to save the economy?.  This is typical government speak.  Say one thing and do another.  Say they are trying to save us from the banks colllapse (for our good) by enslaving us for generations to come.  (which is not good for us)

The government is the biggest scam of all.   Let their system collapse, we walk away and leave them in the wind.  And we must not take their solution to this all, Government dictatorship?  martial law.  Whatever!  We can shed this economic bind that enslaves us, loose taxation and just start dealing in resources, we will instantly find there is enough resoruces to go around.  We do not need to accept any suggestions from the few in control now. They have proven to be liars cheats and murderours.  We cannot accept any thing from them any more.  Their sceme of control has been exposed and expunged, whatever scheme they try to replace it with, will be more up to date and sound great for us, but we must not fall for it again.

Drop the whole economic monetary system on the floor and walk away…. See what happens.. Will it be chaos or will it be freedom?

I think we would all get along just fine.  We are all basically fair people who can negotiage a fair trade.  I walk into a grocery store and ask the owner, what does he need in exchange for my family to have weekly groceries.  He answers a new roof on his house, I respond, no problem what colour shingles would you like?.

That doesnt sound like chaos to me.  Whats is chaotic is millions of people giving away half of that deal listed above to the government off shore holding corporation which is the IRS.  None of the money given to the IRS for income taxes pays for anyting in society.  It all goes to an offshore corporation and taxation is voluntary.  The government actually has us so brainwashed there is a saying, “there are only two things guaranteed in this world, death and taxes”   We choose life and no taxes!  That is the reality, not their brainwashed bullshit.