Government, Hackers, Cyber 9/11 false flag attack, email and instant message “instant revolution!”

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By Dylan Eleven /

I read an article this morning regarding hackers who had breached the air traffic control.  My first  thought it would probably not be hackers, that would just be playing into the governments hands with this new cybersecurity bill.

My next thought was it could be a false flag attack by the government, designed to scare people into letting the governemnt control the internet.  It would not surprise me if we see lots of these from the government in the near future.   They want the internet controlled so they can program it to be a propaganda machine and remove our abilty to freely communicate the truth.  They also want the ability to shut it down completely, If we become too connected and revolt.

Revolution is so simple with the use of the internet.  We would simply have to send an text message, to every email address, cell phone and home address something like this:

“The truth is we are all slaves to a corrupt few.  We as a planet, together, at the exact same time, reject the present control system.  We are united and are now free from being told what to do by the few.  Your first rule of divide and conqor has been broken.  We are the masses and we are now united and we are now free.

We will choose what we want to do, we will choose our planetary systems, not you, the corrupt few.

Our next step is to have a series of global conversations to decide the path we all want.  A simple way to get started would be to begin with the first 20 most wanted items of every person on the planet.  This can be simply done by way of a poll, majority rules.  And then we make it happen.  We  keep the collective conversation going by using polls on a website to have masses vote on our path, step by step, as we create a society designed by the free, for the free.

Text back: YES if your in:), or NO if your not:(”

The power of unity is the most important aspect of the internet.  We have never achieved a global conversation in history. Why is that?  Its because the first rule of any rulers  has been, divide and concour.  They dont want us to talk to eachother as a whole.  We could easily get very orgainzed and revolt.   It could be done so simply, this afternoon!.  Spread this message to everyone on the planet.  Then just implement our utopia.  Simple.

The government realizes we are close to a global conversation, realizing the power of such unity.  They will use hackers to try to scare the planet so they can police the net.  We need to focus our efforts, don’t give them what they want.  Expose the fake  hackers for what they are, government hackers.   Don’t let the net be destroyed by a cyber 9/11.

If it was hackers, they are just giving the governemnt what they want. Message to all real hackers out there.  We are in a time where any hacking of government or banking systems would give the government the excuse they need to take control or even shut down the internet.  Please focus your efforts on keeping the internet free and alive.   Take a time out on hacking for the sake of us all.  If you want to focus your genius efforts in a direction that will help humanity, start coming up with hacking ideas that will accomplish some of the following ideas:

  • Global conversation, start with instant revolution,  instant untity, no wars, just the masses saying no, followed by 20 questions, as listed above
  • Find ways to stop the government from shutting down the net
  • Expose every government move against our privacy
  • Expose all fake hacks
  • Find ways to protect privacy for us all
  • Ways to get messages of unity and truth out to the masses
  • Ways to strengthen the internet.

The net was built by hackers, computer guys in a room at the military, they gave us a tool for freedom and  unity. Lets help keep it going and out of the control of the government.

Hackers of the world unite!

And for the rest of the people on the planet, don’t fall for false flag hacking!  and send this message out there!  Lets get this 20 questions and global conversation going.  To read more on the 20 question concept read THIS article.