WeAreChange Ohio Confronts Soledad O’Brien about Bilderberg

Friday, May 15, 2009

WeAreChange Ohio confronted Soledad O’Brien of CNN at the University of Cincinnati, where she was addressing a public audience. When asked about why O’Brien and CNN have not covered the Bilderberg Group, she stated that world policy meetings do not transpire behind closed doors. This bald-faced lie goes against the incontrovertible evidence that business leaders, political figures, and members of the press have been meeting at Bilderberg conferences since 1954.

During her prepared remarks, O’Brien defended the bankers on Wall Street, revealing that she is merely a smooth-talking propagandist for the corporate criminals of the Establishment. Without a hint of irony, O’Brien said that there was no divide between Wall Street and Main Street, even as $12.8 trillion dollars of taxpayer money is being funneled to the most wealthy banking institutions of the world.

O’Brien went into a brief interlude in the middle of her speech in which she said that Hurricane Katrina “illuminated” the social conditions in New Orleans. She ultimately went on to use solar imagery a total of three times, each time in reference to the deaths in the Crescent City. The second instance in which she used this astro-theological motif was when she stated that the rising sun revealed the corpses that were floating around the submerged city. The third time included a reference to FEMA and the use of GPS equipment to tag the dead bodies, which she stated were evident during the morning sunrise.

Ostensibly, this elaborate theme was used to illustrate the media’s ability to facilitate social justice. O’Brien may try to portray herself as a friend to the general populace, but as with the rest of the corporate press, she has knowingly glossed over the ways in which private interests work to crush the middle class and mass murder the Third World.

Tellingly, towards the end of her appearance at the University of Cincinnati, she told the students that they should be active in the public sector even if what they do is wrong. The question remains: in this instance, does the word “wrong” mean “incorrect,” or does it denote “Evil?”

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