Co-operation vs. competition / Competition is enslaving us all / Economics, slavery and the financial crisis

Dylan Eleven /

Co-operation vs. competition / Competition is enslaving us all

The human spirit will thrive with co-operation; Far more than with competition.  So why is our society based upon competition and not co-operation?

The current economic system is based upon the masses competing with each-other for limited resources for one reason; to keep them enslaved to the system. In addition to bondage our rulers choose to keep us, in the majority, impoverished slaves.  The reality is the masses have have had to work harder and have had less than the few at the top since the days of the pyramids.

Economics is simply the latest word for a pyramid shape slavery control system.  Pyramid schemes and structures favor the few and control enslave and rip off the masses.  They have been using the same structure for thousands of years.

Why do you think there is a pyramid on our money with the top cut off.  Money is the control system and it states their formula right in plain view for all to see.

It shows the elite at the top, and the masses at the bottom.  The slave masters and the slaves.


Economic laws of supply and demand = Scarcity

They use economics to keep us impoverished by having profit based upon scarcity.  Scarcity for the masses is built into economics by the law of supply and demand. The more there is, the less you can charge. The less there is the more you can charge.  This rule breeds scarcity.  Scarcity is a key feature of economic control.

The question is why? Why is this law in place if it breeds scarcity?  That sucks for the masses!  Its not in there for our benefit.

That law was chosen and built in on purpose to keep us slaves with little financial resources to break free from bondage.

Economics is just a word for a set of monopoly game rules that we have been told we must follow.  We could simply choose to build a different set of rules that states; We all co-operate with each-other to provide for every man woman and child, whatever they want.  The best of everything.  Build that rule into a new system and we all would benefit.

Why do we have to have a system that favors the few at the top?  Why do the masses have to suffer?  The reason we don’t choose another set of rules is because the ones in control, the ones at the top of the pyramid tell us to accept their system of economics.  They tell us this is what life is all about and deal with their set of rules.

Its time for us to choose a better model.

The Current Financial Crisis

The ones in control are telling us that the current economic crisis is just a bug in the system that needs to be fixed and the OS upgraded.   When fixed however the essence will be the same.  We will still be enslaved. We will still be forced to compete for money in order to thrive and survive.   A profit based economy will continue to breed scarcity.  The ones in control will stay in control.

The bug in the system is actually more like the end of a 100 year pyramid scheme by the fed.  Which has been designed to shift large amounts of wealth accumulated by the masses into the hands of the international bankers.    At the end of every pyramid scheme the ones left holding the bag get ripped off the most.  Then you have to start again.  The fed is failing as its 100 year pyramid scheme of fractional reserve banking system is coming to an end.  Its failing.  It is hitting the critical point and the math does not make sense any more.  Thats why banks are failing.  And there is no fixing them.  The pyramid scheme is done, time to start a new one.   Any money thrown at the failing system is speeding up the process to system shut down.  Which is exactly what they want.  Plunging us into the abyss with taxes around our necks.




The death of the FED and birth of the IMF as supreme controller

They will let the Fed die, and replace it with the IMF, the next pyramid scheme.

Same people, same idea, same control system, different company name.   Don’t be fooled.  We need to drop their entire system. We need to gain true freedom.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. J Wplfgang Von G. 1749-1972.

The truth will undo this rule

Time For Revolution

Lets choose a system that favors everyone and the greedy bastards that deprive us on purpose can still have every luxury of life they want, just we get to have them too.

Collectively we outnumber the few in control and the few who hold all the monopoly money.  I say a simple revolution of co-operation is in order.  We the people unite in the pursuit of peace, love, wealth, health, liberty and abundance for all.

The slavery system must be exposed and thrown out the window.  True freedom is very easily possible.  The truth exposed will set us all free from bondage.