On Chumps, Corruption and Government

Warren “Bones” Bonesteel / Author and Researcher / Sgt USMC 1976-1983

The powerplayers in the Beltway are playing a game of “Let’s you and him
fight.” How long will it be until Americans from both parties figure out
that they’re being played for chumps by their own government? Left vs right,
Republican vs Democrat, this ‘-ism’ vs that ‘-ology.’ We’re all being played
for the chumps that we are. Yeah. “Let’s you and him fight.” Meanwhile, the
powerplayers hold all the bets and set all the odds. Americans are chumps
when we play that game.

Whether you are left or right of the aisle, whether you consider yourself to
be ‘red’ or ‘black’ or ‘brown’ or ‘white,’ or even green with purple
polka-dots, this is no longer about political or religious affiliations or
about social or fiscal ideologies.

It is about freedom.

In the monograph, “Memetics: 4GW ideas – An interlude in two
parts,” (attached below) you get a glimpse, just a glimpse, into the depths
of political and corporate corruption in America.

In the attachments below, you’ll gain some insight into just how bad the
problem actually is. Start with “A Blackwater Quiz.” Orginally designed and
presented for a specific demographic, it still offers addtional insights into
political and corporate corruption in America. The pdfs on Deloitte are a bit
unorganized, but with a close examination you’ll see even further down the
rabbit hole. …and they aren’t alone in doing what they’re doing. There are
hundreds of organizations and corporations who are doing the exact, same

See attached file: “Political Corruption,” for additional background
material. Even as raw data, that material is a bare glimpse into the true
depths of political corruption in America.

Basically, over the last one hundred and fifty years, the political system in
America has been ‘re-designed’ in order to encourage and aid and abet
political corruption.

Just remember, people: This is no longer about party affiliations or
ideologies. This is about freedom and liberty.

Also attached is a folder on “Intellectual Swamps.” The primary focus of the
material therein is directed toward achieving some clarity of thought and
reaching some form of un-biased accuracy in our research. It is worth your
time to at least skim that material.

(NOTE: While I don’t agree with some of the interpretations of some of the
data at the enclosed urls, they do have solid data to examine that is directly
and indirectly related to the topic of political corruption in America.)


PART 2: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3646269681869498474
PART 3: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6662360609055240423


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