Economic Depression, Students, Jobs and Swine Flu

The Coming Depression
Friday, July 10, 2009

Depression could last for years. There are a multitude of problems occurring today, that could extend for years to come. The Emerging Student Loan Crisis”, kids are borrowing for their future at alarming rates. 50% of the students today are borrowing money for their education. Unemployment rates are standing at 19% today and growing, according to These poor kids honestly hope that an education will get them a job, it probably won’t. They should have calculated that there are literally MILLIONS of 25-70 year olds looking for employment, now, and more when they graduate.

College and universities will be flooded with new graduates looking for a job in a few years, all at the same time. This new generation of students will have more worries tomorrow then we have today. There’s always food stamps, at least you can pick up a macaroni dish with margarine and a glass of water.

It’s not enough that these kids will have to be inoculated with a rare concoction of fluids produced by pharmaceutical companies that will probably KILL (listen) them/us, anyway. (US Pledges 8.5 Billion for Swine Flu Shots) Of course this money will be coming from thin air produced by the common key stroke. Hey kids if you do live through the flu shot you have another bill to pay, by the way. (School Opening Flu Shots)

Banks will help you along the way guaranteed. Miss a few payments? Good luck getting a job. Companies are also checking your criminal record along with your credit history, blood type, drug and alcohol habits, job history and IQ. Its possible you won’t have access to a normal bank in the future. The government owned banks will have access to all your files, habits and history right there, when the teller pulls up the screen, how convenient!

Just don’t get a check written on Chase Bank, today they are refusing to honor checks written on its bank. Tomorrow? They probably won’t be here. Chase Bank

Wake up kids get out of school, study to become a mechanic, shoe cobbler, farmer, appliance repair, tv repair, plumber, electrician, things that people need. Forget teachers, social workers, police (the military will take over that job),accountant etc.. You will NOT get a job, get OUT of college/university!

Although there’s always a Fema camp guard with 1000’s of openings… soon.

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