Proposed legislation in the Canadian parliament (Bills C-6, C-52) which is threatening some of our most basic liberties

There is currently proposed legislation in the Canadian parliament (Bills C-6, C-52) which is threatening some of our most basic liberties which many of us we take for granted.  If you haven’t heard about this you can learn all about it from a lawyer Shawn Buckley in this video:

No that we are aware, what can DO about it??

Here’s what each of us can do, right now (and it only takes a moment!):

1. Go to this website:

and punch in your postal code and get the name and email address of your federal MP.  Open your email editor and compose an email message to your MP demanding that this legislation be killed.

Here’s a sample letter you can use:

Dear [your MP’s name]:

I have recently become aware of Bills C-6 and C-52 and I do not agree with or support this legislation.  I am a free citizen and I choose to make my own choices with regard to my own health care.

I am also opposed to giving our government the right to invade my home or place of business without just evidence of a crime being committed therein, and I do no agree with giving our government the right to confiscate and hold my possessions indefinitely.  This is completely unacceptable.

I have every confidence that you will honour my wishes when you vote NO to these bills.  Thank  you.

Your constituent,

your name
your address, postal code
your phone number

(note: all contact with the gov’t requires your full name, address, and phone number.  If you omit this information you’ll get an email back saying that your letter was rejected because you did not properly identify yourself).

2.  Please forward this information along to everyone you know.  This will make a HUGE difference. Awareness is the key to defeating this legislation.

3.  Sign these petitions:

Above all, do not think you are powerless to do anything about this, and that you just have to accept that some of your most basic rights are being taken away and there’s nothing you can do about it.  That’s not true.  We still have a democracy in this country and that means each of us still has a SAY.  So it’s very important that we exercise our existing rights to preserve them.

Every little bit helps.  If we lose the rights this bill intends to take away from us we may never get them back.  So if you currently enjoy freedom of choice with regard to what herbs, vitamins, etc. which you choose to put into your body to make you healthier, you owe it to yourself, your friends, and your families to do your part to help stop that freedom from being taken away forever.

Please stand with us and encourage others to do the same – before it’s too late.  Thank you SO much for your anticipated concern and action.  Together we can beat this thing, but only if enough of us contact our MP’s and DEMAND it.

Together we are strong.

Thank you.

PS: please forward this email along  to other concerned Canadians.

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