Unity Voting System / A tool for the first global revolution and freedom self management

Dylan Eleven / Truth11

Untied we stand.

Unity for the masses.  One global voice.  One voting system where we all choose our own destiny.  Self government.

We are launching a voting system website that will enable us all to ask, and answer questions and have people vote on the best solutions.  We then make our united voice heard.  We advertise, organize, mobilize and implement the will of the masses.  United we stand.  To unite we have to first communicate as a whole.  The Unity Voting System (UVS) is the tool we can use to do just that.  We can use this to unite and revolt against our oppressors and use it to self manage true freedom for all.


Truth11 films presents new short film Techno Revolution + Self-Government System.   The latest film is a call to action. Peacefull instant global techno revolution, followed buy a system that is already in place for global self government.

Utopia is possible.  Lets organize, unite and build it.

Armed with the truth, united we stand, connected and organized.



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