IBM, UNISYS And Partner Corporations Push Supply Chain Eugenics

Chris Paine
Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The global elite sure love to flaunt their intentions in front of the masses. Take the recent IBM propaganda push for the Global Information Grid (GIG) (ad 1ad 2ad 3) technology or “Smart Grid” as they call it. Their most brazen push so far is blatantly showing how all of your personal information would be accessible from a single database that is connected to multiple agencies around the world. They even push their eugenics propaganda when they talk about “tailoring vaccines to your DNA”.  These ads run multiple times a day on national television right now!

UNISYS, an international computer security firm that has ties to virtually all sectors of the government, is actually taking on the eugenics agenda from a technological perspective called “Supply Chain Eugenics”. According to their recent propaganda video, they describe the many facets of industry that their security technology can protect or control by using Artificial Intelligence software that can determine problems or attacks before they occur. This software is oddly familiar to the capabilities of the AI software recently coming back out into the spotlight known as Ptech. They also specifically make the point multiple times in their video that those who do not comply with the system “get left behind” and will die.

The major example of a modern day place using this technology is the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. During the bridge collapse over the Missouri River in 2007, the City’s Information website was being “bombarded” by traffic and needed attention in order to help notify the general public of the disaster. The Chief Information Officer, Lynn Willenbring, states that UNISYS called her and offered to take over all of the IT functions of the city immediately in order to “fix” their problems, free of charge! Today, UNISYS runs all IT functions of transportation and security in the City of Minneapolis, with street cameras and database “protection” software. They also have wireless broadband anywhere in the city, accessible by businesses and citizens alike.

However, while all of those things may seem like nice “perks” and benefits, do not be fooled. They are all tools of control used by the NWO to suppress the population. They will have the power of  all of your personal data and total control over the use of the internet at their fingertips allowing them to make sure that people only travel where they say we can and only use what they provide for us and only hear what they want us to hear. It will be used to totally monopolize the markets and make everything function in their favor.

The video provided by Anti-Illuminati Film Productions, shows how the UNISYS video is linked to Indira Singh’s testimony on Ptech, as well as accounts by John Zachman, the “father” of enterprise architecture (aka free thinking AI). It also shows how even 14 years ago in the Hollywood movie, “The Net” starring Sandra Bullock, the entire concept with Ptech (Gatekeeper in the movie) and the GIG going on right now, was thrown right in our faces and we didn’t even know it! In the wake of potential catastrophic events, lets hope that the majority of the world wakes up about this before its too late because the price of remaining unaware  is nothing short of slavery.

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