Carbon Trading Giants and Big Energy Are Both Trying to Steer the Global Warming Debate Away from REAL Solutions

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Goldman Sachs and the other financial giants who brought us the economic meltdown and manipulation of the economy argue that carbon trading will solve all of our problems. If we just let them make out like bandits off of carbon trading, then everything will be fine. Not only is this an awfully convenient for the banksters who conned us into an economic crash, but many environmentalists don’t even buy that carbon trading is the best way to reduce carbon emissions.

On the other hand, big oil and king coal argue that keeping the status quo is best for everyone. You know, let the giant energy conglomerates produce all our energy and make out like robber barons. These energy giants buy up and then bury promising alternative energy technologies so that cheap alternatives don’t challenge their monopoly on energy-production.

But neither the carbon trading or the energy giants want us to look at real alternatives or solutions . . . like microgeneration.

Microgeneration of energy could reduce our bills, decentralize power away from the giant corporations, and help protect our freedom (and see this).

Saving money and protecting freedom are bipartisan goals that everyone can rally around, whether you believe in global warming or not.

Microgeneration would also significantly reduce carbon output by substituting wind, solar and other types of clean energy for conventional energy sources, and so it would have a significant impact on reducing CO2 while empowering people at the local level, and reducing our energy bills.

So if global warming is, in fact, a threat, a major switch to microgeneration would be a lot more effective than carbon trading.

If global warming is not a threat, microgeneration can still help to break the monopoly of big energy, and return power back to the people (and a little money back into our pockets).

We all know that the powers-that-be try to divide-and-conquer us so as to make sure we don’t organize for change, to keep us off-balance, and to ram through their agendas. They do this on every important issue.

They are going to continue to try to divide us on climate issues as well. We have to empower ourselves, and microgeneration is a good start.

To those who say that global warming is such a dire threat that we should “geoengineer” the earth’s climate, please remember that many cures have ended up being worse than the disease. If we are to act, we must act in a smart way which has a net benefit. Microgeneration is smart.

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