Obama has saved America!… NOT!

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Obama Has Saved America!

Canada Free Press By Nancy Morgan Monday, August 10, 2009

Thank God! Oops, I mean, thank Obama. The economic crisis is almost over, the ‘war on terror’ is a thing of the past and, by his own words, Obama and his administration have saved America from catastrophe.

President Obama used the occasion of a 1/10 of 1% drop in the nation’s unemployment rate to claim both success and validation for his economic policies. He has valiantly brought America back from the brink of the economic chaos that was caused by his predecessor. But as is often the case with Obama, the devil is in the details.

In July, 247,000 jobs were lost. Inquiring minds question how theunemployment rate could experience even a slight drop when the stats show Americans are still losing their jobs. John Lott gives us the answer:

“The reason is simple—the number of people who stoppedlooking for work rose dramatically.  637,000 additional people no longer consider themselves looking for work. This is by far the largest drop in the number of people who consider themselves in the labor force during the last year– almost twice the 358,000 increase in the people who left the labor force during June.”

Using Lott’s calculations, our actual unemployment rate stands at 16.3%, not the trumpeted 9.4%. Obama would have us believe this is good news. Our president would also have us believe his claim that the $1.2 trillion health care reform proposal is just the ticket to jump start the economy. (Hey, didn’’t he just say he already jump started the economy?) I digress…

Now I’m not an expert, but I question how adding unsustainable debt to a record deficit to supposedly fix a non-problem is going to deliver us from financial Armageddon. But Obama says he can add 12 million illegal aliens and app. 25 million uninsured Americans to government health care rolls and this will somehow result in cost savings.

Oh, and despite his own words to the contrary in 2007, Obamanow assures us that the public option proposal most assuredly won’t put private insurers out of business. Whew.

Since we all know Obama doesn’t lie, Americans will, once again, just have to accept the word of our Organizer in Chief. Hey, he’s entitled to some slack. After all, he just ended the war on terror.

‘Jihad’, ‘war on terror’ and ‘global war’ are no longer acceptable terms

That’s right. A mere six months after taking office, Obama has officially ended the war on terror. From now on, Obama has decreed that we’re only at war with Al Qaeda. All our brave warriors in Afghanistan can relax now that global jihad has been vanquished.

How did Obama accomplish this amazing feat? He did it in the Democrat’s time honored way. He merely redefined the terms.

‘Jihad’, ‘war on terror’ and ‘global war’ are no longer acceptable terms. They have been banished from the polite society the liberals, oops progressives have claimed as their own exclusive province. Case closed.

When I look back at all of Obama’s accomplishments of the last six months, I feel pretty stupid for not voting for him. Had I know he had the unique ability to actually redefine reality to his own specifications, I wouldn’t have spent so much time dwelling on his criminal cohorts, his socialist buddies and his terrorist ‘acquaintances’. I would have had blind faith in him and not pointed out his utter lack of any real accomplishments, experience or character. Boy, do I feel silly.

I’ve decided that I’m finally going to jump on the Obama bandwagon – right after I check out the pig that just flew right by my window.

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