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The Horizon Project Episode1.2006.DVD.1 hr, 22 minutes (Pole Shift)

The Horizon Project relies on multiple sources for each piece of information from resources past and present. If any information does not agree with the rest, it is resolved by scientific committee with all known information. Never before has a research team with this level of effectiveness and capability been utilized solely for discovering answers to life’s most crucial questions. These are but three of over a hundred researchers and contributors.

The Horizon Project uses an unprecedented approach to deciphering the answers behind life’s most puzzling questions; breaking through the flawed explanations of fragmented modern theory that compound each year to further mask the truth. See the overwhelming scientific evidence previously lost and re-discover the shocking answers that have been under our noses all along. No matter your belief system or your professional background; The Horizon Project will change the way you look at everything!

Episode 01 of The Horizon Project begins with a frightening bang. Newly discovered scientific evidence shows that the world as we know it is about to come to an unexpected end; however, knowing what’s coming over the horizon is only the tip of the iceberg; understanding WHY presents a picture far greater than you could have imagined.

Global catastrophic events throughout our past have severed the flow of information from one generation to the next, creating permanent gaps in history and knowledge. Civilizations that came before us knew of the upcoming inevitable catastrophe, leaving behind major clues that have just been recently discovered. The knowledge that was once lost is the missing link that provides a clear understanding of how our world truly operates. Ironically, these clues also inform us that time is running out; sooner than you may believe.

Understand what is about to happen but more importantly HOW and WHY. In Episode 01, The Horizon Project Research Team will identify some of the signs that are scattered all over our planet and reveal a shocking truth!

The Horizon Project’s charter is to gather and cross-check vast amounts of knowledge in many dozen specialized fields from scientists and researchers around the globe in addition to studying hundreds of historical documents spanning back to the dawn of history. These fields include archeology, geology, astro, geo & quantum physics, ancient languages & civilizations, paleontology, ancient history, genetics and others.

The emphasis is on solving the puzzles that each field is unable to solve individually because of overspecialization and their focus to advance their own specialized knowledge. The knowledge to explain many of these anomalies had been unknowingly found by other fields of study, but the very nature of most commercial research today does not support the unlimited exchange of information between fields since there is no overtly apparent connection between most of them. As a result, these anomalies remain unsolved until now.

By better understanding a much broader scope of scientific research covering many fields of study, and our own history from multiple vantage points, we are able to derive an overall picture of our past. This goal is monumental in scope and ongoing; however, the research has uncovered an unnerving understanding that the world as we know it is about to come to an unexpected end in our near future. The findings will not only shock you, but will change the way you look at life forever!

Earth Under Fire.Galactic Superwaves.Paul LaViolette.VIDEO & AUDIO+PDF.1998.2006.6h
Earth Under Fire.Survival of the apocalypse.Mythology as Science.1998.avi
Earth is about 23,000 light-years from the center of the galaxy

Sagittarius’ arrow misses galactic center by 2.5 degrees of longitude. Was on target around 14,000 BC

Harlow Shapely, Mt. Wilson Observatory, 1917 was off the mark by 3.3 degrees of arc (the ancients are 8x better)

The core of an active galaxy can shine brighter than the galaxy itself. Cosmic ray electrons streaking away from the core at close to the speed of light produce a bluish white light so bright that it masks the light from the spiral arms and surrounding mass of stars. When in an active phase such as this, spiral galaxies are called Seyfert galaxies. Astronomical surveys show that about one spiral galaxy out of every 5-to-7 presently exhibit Seyfert-like characteristics. Astronomers have come to realize that galactic core explosions occur in all spiral galaxies, even our own. And, athough the majority of galaxies have a normal appearance with no sign of major core activity, they are simply galaxies with cores that happen to be in their quiescent phase.

Blue star
The Hopi people have a legend that there were 3 other worlds before this, the present world. Each of these worlds was terminated by a great catastrophe. The Hopi believe that this ending will be heralded by Sas-qua-so-ha (phonetic) the blue star spirit, and will shine brighter than all the stars in the heavens.

The cores of distant exploding galaxies are observed to have a bright blue starlike appearance. Since we cannot see the core of our galaxy due to intervening dust clouds, most of the blue light would have come from the cosmic ray electrons emitted from the core. During this 23,000 LY journey to us, these electrons would be generating a bluish light. It would have appeared suddenly without warning, and would hve remained in the sky for several hundred or several thousand years. During this ancient superwave passage, the star studded sky would have been transformed into a ghostly scene of variously shaped amorphous nebulae and dust clouds overlying one another. The Sagittarius-Scorpio region would have taken on an ominous appearance; within minutes of it appearance of blue star, superwave cosmic rays would have begun impacting the solar system’s magnetic sheath. This would have caused a network to form of faintly luminous cobweb like filiments stretching outward in the sky from the vicinity of the blue star. Perhaps the most frightening phenomenon to occur at this stage would be the prompt arrival of the electromagnetic pulse, and perhaps shortly afterward, the onslaught of a giant gravity wave with its ensuing crustal torque, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

Many legends share a common theme of a period of darkness that lasts many generations, and the sun moon and stars become dim or even disappear from view behind dark clouds in the heavens.

Our solar system is surrounded by a cloud of dust and frozen cometary debris. Normally the solar wind keeps the solar system free of much of this dust. This outward breeze or wind of ionized hydrogen and helium continually emitted by the sun exerts a pressure on these dust particles, keeping them at bay. However, upon its arrival, a superwave cosmic ray volley would have countered the solar wind’s expelling action and would have begun to push this dust back into the solar system.

The Old Testament’s portrayal of the Lord as an angry father who inflicts cosmic catastrophe on mankind to punish him for his sins, perhaps originated during the last ice age when humanity endured what may have been the worst global disaster of its entire history.

Several hundred years after the appaearnce of the blue star, earth observers would have become aware of lighting effects resulting from the superwave’s passage throught the galaxie’s central bulge. Synchroton radiation [radiation emitted by high-energy charged relativistic particles (as electrons) when they are accelerated by a magnetic field (as in a nebula) emitted by the superwave’s cosmic rays would have illuminated the dense gas clouds in the galaxy’s nucleus to create an oval luminous form abound the blue star. This apparition would have appeared somewhat like an eye.

Dr. Paul La Violette first pondered the idea of a galactic superwave in 1979 while studying at Portland State University.
15,860 years ago: a major superwave
Interstellar dust, high in iridium would be found in ice core samples.

Saturn’s ring consist of 100,000s of fine ringlets (indicates the rings are young and haven’t had time to smooth out).


Project Camelot Bob Dean Interview.2003.DVDS.2h
We have met many remarkable people in the course of our work for Project Camelot, but meeting Bob Dean
was one of our greatest privileges. As an elder statesman he is charming, eloquent and dashing, and we
are proud to present this as what may be one of our most memorable interviews.

In Part One, Bob shares with us his knowledge of the UFO phenomenon and what he encountered while working
at SHAPE in Europe in the 1960s: an inch and a half thick detailed official report on the extraterrestrial
‘problem’ called at that time simply “The Assessment”. Having the clearance to have free access to the document,
he read it and re-read it many times, and he tells us how that changed his life. Later, after retiring from the
military, he made the courageous decision to defy his Oath of Secrecy and began to speak publicly about what he had learned.

In Part Two of the interview, Bob tells us that this is probably his last interview… and having done so, he pauses,
takes a deep breath, and reveals on record for the first time that he has been contacted, and has been on board the craft.


THE GREAT YEAR.2003.DVD.mp4.46m (Narrated by James Earl Jones)

Walter Cruttenden – Walter is a history theorist involved in the study of ancient myth, folklore and megalithic structures. As director of the Binary Research Institute his main focus is the science and celestial mechanics of the precession of the equinox and its link to changes in consciousness over long periods a time. Cruttenden has authored a number of papers and articles on these subjects including the book “Lost Star of Myth and Time,” and the award winning documentary, “The Great Year”, narrated by James Earl Jones. At CPAK 2008 Walter will give an overview of the cycle of the ages as depicted in Giorgio de Santillana’s and Hertha von Deschend’s “Hamlet’s Mill” and discuss several new finds that display the character of higher age knowledge.

The Great Year, is the term that some ancient civilizations use to describe the slow precession of the equinox through the twelve houses of the ancient zodiac, a period that takes about 24,000 years. Different cultures refer to this cycle by different names including: the Platonic year, Perfect year, Yuga cycle, Ages of Man or just the equinoctial cycle, but one thing is clear, it was known to virtually every ancient culture throughout the globe. In their epic work Hamlet’s Mill Giorgio de Santillana and Hertha von Dechend document the great year tale and point out it was the number one topic woven into myths and folklore around the ancient world. Why were our ancestors so fascinated by this subject that they memorized stories that were passed down for thousands of years and built megalithic structures on every continent to monitor this movement? We think it is because the tales are true! That is, as the Sun curves through space carrying the Earth with it, our bodies and our planet move to a region where they are affected by different cosmic forces that indirectly result in the rise and fall of civilization. As mans consciousness expands and contracts, and the cycle plays out, just like a solar year with its seasons, it results in great ages of enlightenment and dark ages of misery. Indeed, the archaeological record shows a broad decline of ancient civilizations beginning about 5000 years ago, a long world wide dark age and then finally a rise in consciousness with the renaissance continuing to the present day. Were the tales and myths and stone henges really just for amusement and farming? Or is Hamlet’s Mill correct: folklore is the scientific language of ancient times, and they were trying tell us of the dark days to come, and trying desparetly to preserve knowledge in the pyramids and megaliths and temples so carefully aligned to the heavens incorporating sophisticated mathematical principles.This is the story of the Great Year and new scientific evidence to support it. Recent solar system studies seem to indicate that precession is indeed caused by a curving motion of our sun through space. While not yet widely accepted, if true it a startling finding confirming the wisdom of the ancients.


A View From Space.Gary Bell.01-03-2009.2h27m:
Symbolism of the color red. End time prophecy’s illuminati world collapse

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Braidey & Mowgli – Double Martini.1997.side a&b






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Gather and cross-check vast amounts of knowledge in many dozen specialized fields from scientists and researchers around the globe in addition to studying hundreds of historical documents spanning back to the dawn of history. These fields include archeology, geology, astro, geo & quantum physics, ancient languages & civilizations, paleontology, ancient history, genetics and others.

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