Police need to stop using Tasers to bring down people who pose no threat

Dylan Eleven | Truth 11

Tasers can kill someone, so why are they used to bring down people who pose no threat?.

I have seen countless reports of police using tasers to bring down people for no reason.  One video on the stupid show cops showed a naked man running around a parking lot.  He started to spin in circles and was getting dizzy.  He was about to fall when a cop, who could have simply waited one more second until the person fell, or if he really wanted to speed up the process of gravity he could have simply put out a foot to trip the person, but no instead decided at that moment to taser him.  If that person had a heart condition or other complications it could have killed him.   For what, for being naked? Something that we were all born to be.

The list goes on: Tasering an old man in a wheel chair for waiving his cane, and this story:  Deputy Tasers Mom In Minivan

John O’Brien The Post-Standard Thursday, August 13, 2009

The deputy, Sean Andrews, accused her of talking on her cell phone. She said she could prove him wrong.In January, an Onondaga County sheriff’s deputy pulled over Audra Harmon, who had two of her kids with her in her minivan. A routine traffic stop escalated quickly.

He said she was speeding. She denied it and got out of the van. He told her to get back in. She did, then he ordered her back out.

He yanked her out by the arm, knocked her down with two Taser shots and charged her with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. His rationale on the disorderly conduct charge: She obstructed traffic when she got out of the van. The speeding accusation: going 50 mph in a 45-mph zone.

The scene along Hopkins Road in Salina on the afternoon of Jan. 31 was captured by a camera on the dashboard of Andrews’ patrol car. Harmon, 38, says the video is proof of police brutality.

She plans to sue the sheriff’s office today, claiming Andrews was improperly trained in the use of his Taser. It’s not supposed to be used to take down people who pose no threat, she said.


You can see the video here

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