Seek Truth and Pursue it Steadily

Watch your freedom, Watch your Constitution, Watch your wallet

Seek Truth and Pursue it Steadily

By Jim O’Neill Wednesday, August 12, 2009

image“There is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.”—George Washington

I’d like to share with you a couple of quotes by dictators from the Far Left.  First, “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it” —Adolf Hitler

And here’s one by Lenin: “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

Can you imagine George Washington, or any of the other Founding Fathers saying such things?  Of course not, but to the Far Left those two quotes are gospel.

After watching Obama’s fake “town hall meeting,” filled with kool-aid drinkers, I have a few things to say.

Defending the status quo: Defending individual rights, the Constitution, and American freedom

Obama said today that those who oppose Obama-Care are merely “defending the status quo.”

If Obama defines “defending the status quo,” as defending individual rights, the Constitution, and American freedom, then d–n straight I’m defending the status quo.

I resent Obama implying that I’m merely a shill for “special interests,” and denigrating my patriotism as nothing more than an impediment to constructive change.  I won’t even go into “Madame of the House” Pelosi calling me un-american.

Don’t tell me that my resistance to your attempt to make America into a socialist/fascist collective, is motivated by hard-heartedness towards those who need health care.

Obama’s eloquent way of obfuscating and misdirecting

Almost every conservative is behind health care reform.  We are simply bright enough not to confuse health care reform, with a socialist/fascist takeover hiding under the guise of Obama-Care.

Obama is the Far Left’s chief snake-oil salesman, and as such, his expertise at verbal smoke and mirrors is justifiably renowned.  His ability to mix truth with lies in a seamless whole, would have made Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Goebbels, go green with envy.

He is so good at what he does—but so was Hitler, so was Lenin, so was Robespierre.  So is every demagogue who has successfully pushed the Far Left’s collectivist doctrine—from the terror of the French Revolution, up to the present day..

A few weeks ago I saw Newt Gingrich interviewed, and he talked about hearing an eloquent speech by Obama about health care that, while entertaining, left him no more informed about the details of Obama-Care than he was before.

Newt compared Obama’s speech to President Reagan’s speeches, and he noted that whereas one of Reagan’s gifts, was the ability to explain and clarify, Obama’s “gift” lay in his eloquent way of obfuscating and misdirecting.

This was a less than surprising observation, as the Far Left has historically made a science, if not an art, of obfuscation, misdirection, and just plain lying.

Roger Kimball made the following observation almost twenty years ago, when discussing what Far Left professors were teaching American college students.

“As anyone with even a passing acquaintance with the products of the new academic scholarship knows—writing [and rhetoric] no longer means attempting to express oneself as clearly and precisely as possible, but is rather a deliberately “subversive” activity meant to challenge the “bourgeois”…faith in clarity, intelligibility, and communication.”

Far Left has no firm moral foundation

I believe Obama was a college student around that time, associating with, in his words, “Marxist professors.”

The philosophers that the Far Left adore—from the French Revolution’s, Rousseau, to the card carrying Nazi, Heidegger, (darling of the radical French philosophers of the 1960s), are all atheists.  Marx, Engels, Nietzsche, et al.—all atheists, everyone.

The Far Left always promotes a religion of the state, because they have no spiritual life of their own.

They smugly dismiss a belief in God as being fit only for clueless sheep.  They refer to religion as being “the opiate of the people.”

This means that the Far Left has no firm moral foundation whatsoever.  They would have us believe that just because all of the philosophies that they read and espouse are atheistic, that it doesn’t mean that they are spiritually bankrupt.  Yeah, right.

Among other things, the fact that atheism permeates the Far Left, means that they have no reason to be honest—other than personal preference.  They believe that lying has no consequences—only getting caught lying is bad.

Pardon me if I cast a jaundiced eye, upon the idea that the Far Left are such sterling examples of moral rectitude, that they have no need for spiritual beliefs, in order to rein in the baser elements of their nature.

If you catch a fascist/socialist in a lie, they’ll fall back on another lie (or the truth, if that will serve as well).  They will keep falling back, and falling back, until finally cornered.

Watch your freedom, Watch your Constitution, Watch your wallet

At that point, with no further fall-back positions available, they’ll retreat to their ultimate fall-back ploy.  They’ll tell you that logic and reason are meaningless, and ask, “What’sthe truth, anyway?” Everything is relative to these people.  Except one thing.

They are adamant about installing all of us in a Collective—a Rousseauian dream of a people’s “utopia.” That their dream always turns into a nightmare, is of absolutely no significance to these people.

The Fascist/Marxist Far Left is a toxic waste-dump of nihilistic sophistry and lies.  The closer you are politically to them, the more tainted you become.

You absolutely cannot trust anything they say.  They might be telling you the truth, or lying straight to your face.  You just can’t tell.

What you can be sure of, is that “the end always justifies the means” to such people, and they will use any means at their disposal to further their agenda of building a people’s “utopia.” The fact that such “utopias” have historically ended in failure and bloodshed notwithstanding.

So don’t listen to their words, instead watch what they do, watch their actions.  Dig into their past, like Michelle Malkin does in “Culture of Corruption.” And watch your freedom, watch your Constitution, and watch your wallet.

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