Shepard Fairey declared new Propaganda Czar

Alexander Meyer TrepaNation    August 20, 2009

I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw that headline on tomorrows MSNBC homepage. With the amount ofunconstitutional “Czars” created under Obama now topping 28, (second most ever, being 5). Until it is formally declared though, it can be the title of this article. Why such a biting sarcasm you ask? Well… I suppose there is an element of dramatic effect in my motives, but honestly it is more a result of my feeling of betrayal.

If you are unaware of who Shepard Fairey is, you may be more familiar with his enormously popular poster portraying President Obama is the harbinger of hope. Now Fairey has bridged his preference for a political spokesman with his other “hope”; a bright future of clean energy and responsibility to the planet. As a matter of fact, that is this author’s hope as well, but that hope comes with a strict requirement for it to be done in a way that is actually effective, built on a sustainable model rather than a bubble model, and not created for and by the banks as the current reform plan is.


Shepard Fairey is also known for his clothing line “Obey”. Now… this is where that aforementioned feeling of betrayal comes in. As a fledgling graphic artist in my days at the Art Institute of California/Orange County I emulated Fairey. Having battled my own trepidation of being another product pimp for Corporate America, I looked to Fairey and his work with Obey as my model for salvation. Being politically and socially minded, his message always struck a chord with me. His style (in this artists opinion) was a re-imagining of Soviet Constructivist and related era propaganda with a modern context. Combined with his flawless illustration, instantly recognizable style, sometimes tongue-in-cheek sarcasm (Andre the Giant has a posse) and in your face message, the idea of his work seemed to actually be anti-propaganda. Needless to say… he had a fan.

Rather than dropping out I was re-energized by art with a true message and noble purpose. I graduated with honors, attaining my Bachelor’s degree in three years. I was on a mission. Flash forward to today and here I am with this little web site and my humble attempt at making political statements with my art. Though sadly, along the way I lost respect for the person who drove me to where I am.

It is not out of differing opinions that I lost respect for this talented communicator. I can respect the opinions and perspectives of others no matter if I agree with them or not. It has more to do with Fairey’s seemingly oblivious transformation into the very thing he spoke out against. After all, from someone who makes a living questioning the status quo you think he would be more discerning and skeptical of political hype. Though instead of heeding the massive mountain of evidence that Barack Obama was just another Wall Street mouthpiece, and that he would continue the ambitions of the Bush administration, Fairey not only bought into the hype, he brought the hype it to a whole new level.

The Obama “Hope” campaign successfully detached the reality of who Obama is and what he stands for and bundled him up as a neat little answer to our problems; what most people hoped would be the deliverance from the countries empirical aims. Toward the end of the Bush administration many did have hope of the possibility of changing our ways. Obama looked new and different, and with the help of Shepard Fairey he was there to reap the rewards of a hypnotized youth culture.

Looking back on it I still defended Fairey. I was convinced that he must just be uninformed. Busy designing album covers, running Obey, DJing and skateboarding he must have just bought the hype. I am willing to forgive mistakes. I too am human and therefore subject to error.

Sadly, the nail in the coffin on this matter came on the morning on the 10th of July. I received an email from (One of Billionare Globalist George Soros’ many alternative media, or rather controlled opposition outlets.), a political action organization notorious for pushing through every agenda Obama puts on the table. Their initiatives play to the “hopes” and desires of the average American for reform in DC. But always with just enough information for members to feel implored to act, yet not enough information for them to have a true grasp on the ramifications of the policies they are rooting for. This “special” email was to inform me that Shepard Fairy and have partnered to bring me the newest bit of propaganda, a sticker campaign to show my support for “clean energy”. It appears that the public really is ready to OBEY anything that comes out of the Obama administration without question… or understanding.

Before you label this a simple partisan issue let me make some things clear. I am a major advocate for conservation and respect for the planet. I believe we need to combat pollution and minimize our dependence on foreign oil. I recycle and monitor the amount of water I use. I even drive a highly fuel-efficient car. Though since has aggressively campaigned for immediate passage of the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, a highly flawed bill that has only Wall Street profits in mind; and Fairey’s existing stance at the right hand of Obama, I have come to only one conclusion. Shepard Fairey is the newly appointed Propaganda Czar (or he had might as well be?).

Though to be fair since Edward Bernays, the father of the modern psycologically driven consumer culture, rebranded “Propaganda” as “Public Relations” for the domestic market to swallow, Fairy would likely be the “PR Czar”.

Granted the images in his latest work of art is incredibly positive, as is the message; a soaring row of wind powered generators framed by a majestic mountain landscape, and the inspiring words “Clean Energy for America”. The reality of the issues presented on the other hand, is something entirely different. It once again helps build the unstoppable momentum of hype that is only possible when a LOT of ill-informed citizens, with the best of intentions in mind, are strategically placed behind corrupt politicians and legislation and told to push.

If too many useful idiots push for HR 2454: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 (ACESA) what we will get is a far cry from a renewable-energy powered America. For argument sake lets omit the fact that Wall Street and the banksters love Cap-and-Trade. Forget that it will create a new trillion dollar derivatives based bubble economy. Don’t concern yourself with Al Gore’s convenient establishment of Generation Investment Management , the largest Carbon Offset Firm with three bigwig execs from Goldman Sachs. Don’t mind the chatter by high-level political opponents and proponents alike that the bill will usher in Global Government [more]. Disregard the governments very own documents that layout how a manufactured crisis, specifically global warming will be a deciding factor in the population accepting a new world order. (This is only scratching the surface.)

For the sake of relevance lets focus on two issues. First consider the fact that this bill is stated to be a key measure to combating global warming. Now consider the fact that global warming is BY NO MEANS a proven theory. In fact Gore is currently being sued by the founder of the Weather Channel, as well as over 30,000 scientists for fraud. Additionally the EPA has recently been caught trying to suppress a credible study disproving global warming. With that said lets just agree that the book is not closed on the science of global warming. Next, take into account the financial ramifications of the plan. Even Obama stated:

“Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket … because I’m capping greenhouse gases — coal power plants, natural gas, you name it — whatever the plants were, whatever the industry was, they would have to retrofit their operations. That will cost money; they will pass that [cost] on to consumers.”

The result is an estimated raise in energy cost of $1,241 a year for a family of four. Apply the raising cost of energy to commerce and we will be paying $4,609 more a year in “pass to the consumer” cost.

So, is an unproven (and likely fraudulent) theory worth the skyrocketing energy and tax costs, especially in a time when most Americans are having trouble paying their mortgage due to the last Gov’t. developed bubble? My answer to that is an emphatic “HELL NO!”.

Question is, will and Shepard Fairey be able to rally enough mindless support to pass the yawn inducing 1,510 page bill? It is up to the free-thinking and questioning Americans to decide what’s right for this country. So don’t buy into the hype and remember that a pretty picture and a positive sounding one liner cannot sum up the reality of a complex issue.

As is taught in Buddhism; Suffering is ended by the light of awareness. So too is the influencing effects of propaganda… err… P.R. After all, what is propaganda; but a ploy to persuade through sensationalism and emotional triggers rather than logic and contextual insight?

With as much momentum as the bill has, having already been passed in the House, the only thing that can be done is to lift the veil of propaganda off the Climate issue and inform others as to what is under the fanciful façade. Luckly we have seen a small victory on this front. The bill has been stalled after months of irresponsible fast-tracking by Dems. A vote will now have to come after the August recess, allowing our elected officials more time to actually read the bill and speak with concerned informed citizens. Be one of those citizens!

Initiatives and Petitions to oppose the Climate Bill are at the bottom of the page. As always, don’t just take my word for it… Do the research yourself.


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