“Democracy Is Dead… Politicians [In] The White House, Senate And Congress [Are] Mere Puppets, Pawns For The … Oligopoly”

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Guess who made the following statement:

We refuse to believe in this new Orwellian America. We prefer the world of
magic, myth and illusion.

Democracy is dead. Oh, the illusion will be kept alive in our history books,
in the rhetoric of politicians, in the manipulated minds of America’s 95 million
Main Street investors. The propaganda machine works. Like a child’s fairy tale,
democracy has been deeply imbedded in our brains for decades; we prefer
believing old, familiar stories. They comfort us, even when no longer true. The
real democracy, what so many fought and died for since 1776, is dead.

Lobbyists now run America, own America, rule America. Forget the 537
politicians you thought we elected to the White House, Senate and Congress to
run America for us. No, they’re mere puppets, pawns for the “Happy Conspiracy,”
an oligopoly, plutocracy, cabal, monopoly all-in-one — a private club of
America’s richest few on Wall Street, in Washington and in Corporate America.

Voters and elections are irrelevant. Lobbyists decide what’s in the best
interests of this elite club…

Most voters are destined to live in denial, trapped in mind-numbing illusions replaying over and over as they sit passively, dazed … they aimlessly drift, unaware of how lobbyists rule America, how lobbyists help the “Happy Conspiracy” rob them blind. ..

Stop kidding yourself. Wake up, you’re in denial, in fantasy world, dreaming of a new “American Democracy.” Wrong, you no longer live in a democracy. Lobbyists run Washington.

Do you think an anarchist or a hippie or a Venezuelan citizen or a radical alternative blog wrote it?


It was an American investment advisor, who writes a regular column on one of the most popular financial news sites (owned by Dow Jones), MarketWatch columnist Paul Farrell.

The Founding Fathers would not recognize modern America.

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