Charlie Sheen EXTREMELY POWERFUL Video Address To Obama, Demands Transparency, Truth On 911

Chris Killz

Friday, Sept 11th, 2009

Extremely Powerful Video Message To Obama regarding the most important issue of our time.

This follows the extensively sourced and referenced, open letter to President Obama explaining the incongruity of the official bogus 911 report, and irrefutable evidence of a massive cover up.

Sheen speaks on behalf of the families of the victims of the 911 attacks, demanding a response to their still unanswered questions about that day.

He calls for the American people to put aside their differences, and stand as one to finally bring a legitimate investigation to the table. 60% of the original 911 commission investigative panel members themselves aren’t satisfied with the fake investigation of 911.

All Charlie Sheen is asking is that you read his letter, and think about the facts presented in it. Do the research. The truth, however horrible it may be, must come to light for America to find closure on the most traumatizing single event of this nations history. We are on the wrong track and a good deal of it started after 911.

Our domestic and foreign policies were directly built upon a shaky foundation of fairy tales and lies foisted upon us by the absolute highest levels of operative power globally. The ones who orchestrated this unbelievable crime are the people that really call the shots at a level far beyond Bush and Obama.

The only thing crazy about this is the ridiculous courage, of a level almost unseen in present day, that it must have taken for Charlie to pull this off. Unfathomable.

All we want is what Obama already promised us, the truth and transparency, no more no less.

I present to you the video that will change the world.

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