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Saturday, September 26, 2009

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Here I go off-topic again from clean energy coverage . . . but not entirely.  This does tie in to free energy indirectly in several ways, which I’ll get to below.

I wanted to tell you about a little protesting I did Thursday, posting the phrase “MARTIAL LAW BY DESIGN —” via red drinking cups inserted into the chain fence on a pedestrian overpass over Bangerter highway near the 134th South intersection in the Salt Lake City metropolitan area of Riverton, Utah.  I then added a syringe image yesterday.

It took me from 2:15 pm to 9:15 pm — seven hours — to do the initial writing, taping the cups securely in place with packing tape so they wouldn’t blow away or jiggle out of place.  I wanted it to last for weeks, hopefully.  Then yesterday, I went back to take some photos and add a syringe image, which took me about an hour — a few minutes too long, though, because by the time I was done, a sheriff had come along to take care of things.

When I was done with the syringe artwork, with only about 15 cups left from the 1920 I purchased for $40.00 the day before at the Wal-Mart nearby, I started walking down the western ramp to go admire my work and take some photos.  That was when I saw the Sheriff at the bottom of the ramp.  I turned around and walked the other way, hoping it wasn’t what it looked like.  Maybe he was just waiting for the light.  I’d seen a good three or four police drive by while doing my art work, and none of them had stopped.  People do this kind of art work all the time — mostly cute stuff, such as on the bridge prior: “Eddie: Miss You [heart] — E.M.”.

I had called the city of Riverton earlier in the day to ask about such things, and was informed that it comes under the Utah Department of Transportation because it’s a state road.  The guy I talked to said UDOT “lightly” considers it “vandalism”, but the tone of voice indicated that it’s a minor infraction and not hotly pursued, so I thought I’d take my chances to go back and add the syringe.  Several cops had driven by while I was doing the posting yesterday, so I thought maybe I would get away with just one more thing.

I shouldn’t have, because what I had accomplished the night before could have lasted for weeks — maybe.

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